Feast of San Firmino

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Feast of San Firmino and Encierro, from 06 to 14 July 2019. Info and guide

WHERE: Pamplona, ​​Spain
WHEN: 06 - 14 July 2019

"Pamplonesas. Pamploneses. ¡Viva San Fermín! (¡Viva!) Gora San Fermin! (Gora!) ".

With these words, the Festa di San Firmino begins in Pamplona. One of the most awaited events in all of Navarre, and of which even Ernest Hemingway wrote in his famous Fiesta.

The San Firmino Festival takes place every year from the 07 to the 14 July. It has ancient origins, which date back to the Middle Ages, when it was born as a trade fair. Over the course of six centuries, it has evolved, assuming the current forms. Although the activities are not lacking, the most awaited moment is, without a doubt, theConfinement. A moment that attracts, by now, many visitors.

Six bulls and eight oxen are launched in a mad dash, along a route of just over 800 meters towards Plaza de Toros. In the midst of hundreds of people. A journey of a few minutes, for those looking for adrenaline and strong emotions. With more than a touch of madness. Because, it doesn't always happen to go out all whole from the Encierro. Unless you decide to watch the show, quietly from the stands.

Feast of San Firmino

The feast of San Firmino, however, is not only linked to the running of the bulls. Of events and attractions are not lacking, during the 8 days of the event. With the celebrations that already open with Vespers, the evening of the 6 July. Do not miss the procession in honor of the saint, the 7 July, and the parades of Giants and Testoni, much loved by children.

Therefore, the Festa di San Firmino is the ideal opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of an entire region.



Coming from the Iberian Peninsula, the train is the best solution to reach Pamplona. The train station is well connected to the main Spanish destinations.

From Europe, however, the plane is recommended, calling at Madrid-Barajas, or Barcelona El Prat, and taking a flight to Pamplona. The small airport of Pamplona, ​​offers connections only with Barcelona, ​​Madrid Frankfurt, Tenerife and the Balearic Islands. Book, from here, your flight at the cheapest price.

In the city, and in the center, you can easily get there by bus and travel on foot.



Encierro and Festa de San Fermin

Photo, 2014

As mentioned, the most popular attraction is renowned for the Festa di San Firmino. The Encierro starts every day, from 07 to 14 July, at 08: 00 in point. A rocket is thrown into the air: the fence is opened, and the herd is ready to run. Behind the bulls and the oxen, there are expert pastors. We accept that the animals follow the path and do not go backwards.

The journey of about 820 meters, runs along Calle Santo Domingo, Plaza Consistorial, Calle Mercaderes, Calle Estafeta and, finally, Plaza de Toros. Here, the bulls will enter the arena for traditional bullfighting.


Every day, for the duration of the event, there will be numerous parades through the streets of the city.
Caballeros en plaza, is a traditional, and showy parade, which takes place every afternoon from Plaza del Castillo to Plaza de Toros.
The parade of the Giants and Testoni, always in the streets of the center, is much loved by children, for the presence of these huge figures that parade through the city.

Do not miss, in the late evening, the pyrotechnic shows, where, in a special competition, the skills of the participants will be judged. Insured spectacle near the Castle, with these extraordinary fireworks.


For your safety, we highly recommend that you attend the Encierro, as mere spectators. Along the way, wooden fences are installed from which you can watch the bulls.

Anyone can enter the enclosure with the herd, provided it has completed 18 years. To participate, simply enter the enclosed route. Do not throw yourself into the fray. Encierro requires some experience, and physical preparation.


Pamplona has a good accommodation offer. However, given the huge following of the Festa di San Firmino, from the 6 to the 15 July the availability is very limited. It is better, therefore, to find some accommodation in the surrounding areas, moving, where possible, by car or train.

From this link, you can find the available facilities at the best price.

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