Electric Castle

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What to do and see at Electric Castle 2019 in Cluj Napoca, 17-21

DATA: 17 - 21 June 2018
PLACE: Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Not a simple festival, but a real long 5 experience entire days. The splendid, evocative, Banffy Castle, opens its doors to visitors for Electric Castle, a festival at 360 degrees with extraordinary guests, street performers, cabaret, and a large and elaborate production.

The frame is Cluj Napoca, a beautiful town in Transylvania. A truly unmissable opportunity to combine a visit to this truly beautiful place. Maybe, combining it with a fantastic tour in Transylvania.

Electric Castle combines an eclectic musical education with the arts, technology and a visually innovative concept. But above all, it is one of the very few European festivals that entertain visitors from day to night. The Festival, now in its fourth edition, is cutting, overwhelmingly, a leading role among European alternative festivals. Merit, also, of an interesting musical lineup, with great artists of the electronic scene and alternatives. And, by taking a look at the 2019 guests, it is clear that the organizers wanted to do things big!

It should be noted that part of the proceeds will be used for the maintenance of the Banffy Castle.

Electric Castle is a worthy alternative to the renowned summer European festivals. We are sure you will not be disappointed at all.

Electric Castle 2017 - Festival view

Photo, 2017 Electric Castle



From the main European destinations, you can get to Cluj Napoca by direct flight. From this link, you can book your flight.

The Banffy Domain, with the Castle, is located in the small village of Bontida, about 30 kilometers from Cluj Napoca. By car, you have to travel about 30 kilometers on the E576. From the airport, the distance is 23 kilometers.

Alternatively, for the duration of the festival, a regular bus service operates from Horia Demian Sports Hall and Iulius Mall. On the way back, the buses stop at Piata Marasti and Horia Demain Sports Hall. The service is active throughout the day, including the night. The last bus leaving from Bontida is scheduled for Monday at 13: 00. Tickets can be purchased from the bus stations.

You can also get to Bontida by train from the central station of Cluj Napoca, or by public transport. The 101, 102 and 9 buses stop in the Romanian village.


As per tradition, the lineup is quite varied and contains different musical genres. Unlike other years, the 2019 edition can boast three prominent headliners. Friday, Florence And The Machine. Saturday, it will be up to bring me The Horizon and, Sunday, great closure with Jared Leto and his Thirty Seconds To Mars. Culture Shock, Loadstar and the Special Guest, Macky Gee, for Ram Records Takeover. The Hospitality Night, however, will touch Spy, Danny Byrd, London Electricity and Dynamite Mc. And, of course, many others on the scene.


Compared to the previous edition, the price of the coupons has risen a little. The standard ticket to attend the single day, from Thursday to Sunday, costs 299LEI (about 69 €) per person. Only Wednesday, the price is 249LEI.

The ticket in the version PREMIUM DAY TICKET, valid for one day only, instead costs 469LEI per person; offers access to the festival for 24 hours, from the 08.00 in the morning, to the 08: 00 of the following day. Includes, separate priority entrance, and access to exclusive PREMIUM areas.

GENERAL ACCESS PASS is the complete ticket to attend the 5 days of the festival. It does not include camping. Costa 599LEI (127 €) per person. By adding 100LEI to the subscription, you can get access to the campsite for the duration of the festival. You can choose between the REGULAR CAMPING, or the alternative QUIET CAMPING in an exclusive area away from the chaos and noise. Ideal for those who want to disconnect from the plug!

ELECTRIC CASTLE PREMIUM PASS is the complete subscription to the festival with, annexed, benefits. Among these, perfect view in elevated position on the Main Stage !. And, moreover, iseparate priority input; private toilets; exclusive private bar; lounge and shaded areas, and much more. Costa 899LEI (just under 200 €) in the version without camping, and 999LEI in the version that also includes access to the Camping.

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