Chianti Classico Expo

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Chianti Classico Expo, 05 - 08 September 2019. Info Wine fair in Italy

WHERE: Greve in Chianti, Italy
WHEN: 05 - 08 September 2019

Italy, a land of prestigious and beautiful monuments, archaeological sites and enchanting landscapes. The place of fashion and haute cuisine. The land of prestigious wines.

Chianti Classico Expo is the right occasion to organize a holiday in the beautiful country of art, culture, nature ... and wine. Four days in which he will be protagonist of this 49a edition of the kermesse, his majesty the wine. The historical enogastronomic review, dedicated to the wine excellences in the sign of the Chianti Classico, that is, those that can boast of the legendary "Gallo Nero".

Chianti classic wine festival

The Chianti Classico Expo is not a simple event focused on wine. Chianti represents the identity and culture of a whole Region. The Festival is articulated on a particularly varied program of moments of tastings and events, characterized by various forms of culture and music street that will alternate in the places of socializing Greve in Chianti. This beautiful town is the base, or the point of arrival, of a wonderful journey to discover Tuscany. A real ... trip in the glass!

Tasting stands and direct sales of wine from the Chianti Classico producers will await you. Extraordinary Chianti producers will be present. Art exhibitions and fantastic dance shows. And, again, thematic meetings and tours of artisanal workshops, Pievi and Castelli, Excursions on foot. A sensory Festival that will certainly conquer you.

This is also a land of extraordinary food and wine productions. You will have the opportunity to try the excellent olive, cold cuts and tastings of cheese of extraordinary goodness. And if this is not enough, you can always reach out to wonderful cities and villages, less than 50 km from here. Siena, San Gimignano, Certaldo, Florence: you will be spoiled for choice to spend a fantastic holiday.



Greve in Chianti is about 30 kilometers from the center of Florence and 39 km from the Amerigo Vespucci international airport. Considering the beauty of the area and the whole region, we recommend renting a car. In our opinion, the best way to see the Chianti Classico Expo 2019, and discover the surrounding beauty. You can book your car at the best price, making a comparison between the different rental agencies, from these links.

Alternatively, from Florence city center, the 365A bus leaves for Greve in Chianti every day.

Chianti Classico Expo 2017


Thursday 05. At 17: 00, inauguration at Piazza Matteotti with ribbon cutting and opening of the Tasting Stand and Pavilion. You can taste, up to 22: 00, the wines on show with the possibility of buying at the stands of the producers.

Friday 06. From 11: 00 to 22: 00, tasting at Piazza Matteotti. At 21: 00, a Piazza Angelo Vassallo, Will host the Feast of the Rificolona. From the 21: 30 to the 01: 00, at the Pool Park, live concert.

Saturday 07. From 11: 00 to 20: 00, tastings at Piazza Matteotti. From the 10: 00 to the 20: 00, opening of the Church of Sito Stefano with an exhibition of artefacts of Sacred Art. At 16: 00, in Piazza Trento, guided tours to Pievi and Castelli di Greve in Chianti and tour of the artisan workshops. From 21: 30 to 01: 00, you dance to the rhythm of 80 music with the Chianti Classico DJ Show al Pool Park.

Sunday 08. From 11: 00 to 21: 00, tasting at Piazza Matteotti. Also in the square, at 16: 30, do not miss the show of the Flag wavers of Fivizzano. At 18: 00, there will be the Super Tombola.


Apartments, cottages, b & b, and beautiful houses surrounded by greenery. The whole area is dotted with beautiful facilities in which to relax and, where possible, enjoy the excellent local cuisine. Tuscany is an excellent Region, with an extraordinary welcome. From this link, the best offers in the region to sleep.

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