Torta dei Fieschi

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What to do and see at the Torta dei Fieschi, the 14 Agosto 2019 in Italy

DATA: August 14 2019
PLACE: Lavagna, Italy.

The tragedy of the Morandi Bridge of Genoa, in the 2018, has extinguished any desire for celebration. Thus, what should have been the recurrence of the 70 years of the famous Torta dei Fieschi did not take place. Maximum solidarity with the victims, and with an entire region tormented. Today, however, it is time to recover and roll up our sleeves. Taking up an ancient tradition every year, the 14 Agosto, the Ligurian town of Lavagna dresses up for a party, offering one of the most incredible folk events.

From 1949, you can attend a fantastic historical parade with incredible characters. Between challenges and duels, flag games, dances and medieval music, it will be a bit like going back in time. And, last but not least, in the square from which the Tower dominates, a mega wedding cake awaits you: the Fieschi cake; over 13 quintals of cake, expertly prepared by the best pastry chefs of Lavagna, according to an ancient, secret recipe.

The Fieschi cake, and the festivities linked to it, recall the sumptuous wedding of the thirteenth century between the Count of Lavagna, the feudal Fiesco family, and the noblewoman Bianca dei Bianchi. On that occasion, the newlyweds decided to offer a giant cake to the entire local population.

After centuries, we continue to celebrate. Today, the highlight of the evening, is the game of Torta dei Fieschi. Each person must obtain, at the ticket office, a particular ticket, light blue for the males and pink for the females. A fancy name is printed on each ticket. After reading the wedding proclamation, all the people with a coupon will be able to go to the square, and look for the twin ticket of a different color in the crowd. Only after having found the soul mate, you can go, in two, to the bench to eat the cake.

Fieschi Blackboard cake 2014 - 02

Photo ©, Alessio Sbarbaro



Lavagna is located only 50 kilometers from Genoa and, across the border, about 230 from the French Nice.
The best way to get there is by plane, calling at Genoa or, alternatively, at the Tuscan airports of Pisa and Florence. Book, from here, your plane at the best price.
From the Genoa airport, every day a regional train connects the Lavagna station with that of Genova Cornigliano; the latter, located about 15 minutes walk from the airport terminal.

By car, from Milan, you have to travel a little less than 200 kilometers to get to your destination.


The Fieschi cake is the culmination of 4 days of shows and events that animate the beautiful village of Lavagna.
Do not miss MEDIOEVO IN THE VILLAGE on 11 August. Many gastronomic delicacies, jugglers, shows and lots of costumed characters await you. Blackboard will bring you back in time


It starts at 21: 00 from Piazza Marconi, from which it seems the parade that will run through the streets of the city until you get to Piazza Vittorio Veneto. The arrival is expected around the 22: 00.
In Piazza, there will be the cut of the cake and the beginning of the game. Only those who have the ticket can take part.

During the evening shows on stage and, at the distribution desk, delivery of the cake to the couples who were formed in the square.

After midnight, the Notte (di) Bianca begins, with the open-air disco.


The Torta dei Fieschi is a great way to spend an alternative evening during your holiday.
Conversely, the event could be a good excuse to visit the wonderful Ligurian coast with all its wonders.
Of course, keep in mind that this is the central week of August!

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