April events

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April events. Guide and info to the best festivals of the month, in the world

The Iberian Peninsula is the undisputed queen of the April events. If you have planned a trip during this period, you will be spoiled for choice in Spain and Portugal. In April, you will find interesting proposals just about everywhere. Events and festivals of international appeal that, alone, are worth a trip. Just think about the King's Day, the Spring Festival, or, at the Beltane Fire Festival, just to name it some.

In Seville you can attend the renowned April Fair, one of the most anticipated and renowned events in the Region. The Feria de Abril is the most popular festival in Seville, without a doubt, one of the most important events of April.

Best events in April

From the 04 to the 11 Aprile 2019, impressive scenery, great shows, and parades await you. And a particularly cheerful and festive environment, with lots of people dancing in the street. A few days later, it will be the turn of the Easter celebrations, with the Semana Santa, event of international appeal, and maximum world expression, of the religious tradition.

About two hours by train from Barcelona, ​​the Medieval Setmana of Montblanc, it's a highlight of the April events. The event takes place every year during the two weekends during which the anniversary of the Patron Saint, the 23 April falls. The Setmana Santa program is really rich. Among the unmissable events, the representation of the legend of San Giorgio, and the splendid Medieval Market.

Of a different thickness, the spring Festival which takes place in Stuttgart from 21 April, until mid-May. It is one of the most loved parties by the Germans. A sort of spring Oktoberfest, more genuine and less touristy. A festival where you can taste the excellent beers proposed, taste the culinary delicacies and have fun with all your children. In addition to the food stands, in fact, you will find rides, attractions, games, dances, songs and events dedicated to children. In our opinion, one of the best events in April.

April Festival

About two million (!!!) of individuals, all dressed in orange, pour out for Amsterdam, to celebrate the King's. This is the King's Day, in honor of William Alexander, celebrated in this fateful date of the year, except Sundays.

During the Koningsdag, dancing, drinking, eating and having fun all day. In every place, street, city square. All strictly dressed in orange. If you have planned a trip, do not delay, e Book for the 27 April 2018: fun is guaranteed.

From 04 to 14 April, for those wishing to taste the best fish dishes, we recommend the Lisbon Fish Flavors Festival. Of course, one of the most popular April events, as well as one of the best gastronomic festivals in all of Portugal. The event is also the right occasion to appreciate a truly magical and evocative city.

Among the best events of April, Il can not miss Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh. This is a traditional event held every year in Calton Hill, in the Scottish town. The popular event is a modern revival of an ancient festival of Scottish and Irish Gaelic origin, held on April 30 to celebrate the arrival of the Summer. The ceremony takes place during the evening. During the celebrations it will be possible to see the undressed Celts raising light torches in order to increase the fertility of the soil for humans and the animals that live there.

New Orleans and Jazz: an indissoluble pair. We leave the worthy conclusion of the events of April, at one of the most important Jazz festivals in the world. The New Orleans Jazz Festival is a world-famous event for all fans of the genre. An event that celebrates not only the music, but all the culture of New Orleans and Louisiana.

It takes place every year between the last week of April and the first week of May. Really wonderful and unmissable. Dulcis in fundo, in this precious list, one of the most incredible, and absurd, events of April 2019, Kanamara Matsuri. Literally, it is the feast of the Iron Penis, and the 07 / 04 day will take place this year. A unique occasion, in which you will see crowds of tourists and onlookers for the city of Kawasaki, literally invaded by fouls of all sizes, carried on the shoulders through the streets of the city. His majesty the penis, is revered in all forms: illustrations, sweets, carved vegetables, decorations and, of course, a great parade. Really incredible!

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