Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh

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What to do and see at the Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh, the 30 April 2019

PERIOD: April 30 2018
PLACE: Edinburgh, Scotland

Il Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh, is a traditional event held every year a Calton Hillin the Scottish town. The popular event is a modern revival of an ancient festival of Scottish and Irish Gaelic origin, held on April 30 to celebrate the arrival of the Summer. The ceremony takes place during the evening.

During the celebrations it will be possible to see the undressed Celts raising light torches in order to increase the fertility of the soil for humans and the animals that live there.
Fire is the predominant element; the fire of the local timber, of the food and of the flowers and the flames which, raised in the sky, have healing powers. In ancient times, animals were also brought into the flames!

The ceremony, as mentioned, takes place at Calton Hill, a hill located in the center of Edinburgh. Here, there are numerous architectural elements of historical and tourist interest that have earned the mention of "site of scientific interest"From the Scottish Natural Heritage. Today, Calton Hill is a rather popular public park.

The place of departure is the National Monument of Scotland, also known as ACROPOLIS. From here, the procession proceeds counterclockwise along the path, to the rhythm of the drum. At the head, the Queen of May (May Queen) and the Green Man (Green Man), followed, then, by a group of people related to them. After a dramatic performance, the two characters trigger the spark from which the fire flares up. And then…. dances, songs, and dances will accompany you throughout the night.

If you are in Scotland during this period, do not miss the Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh. It is also an opportunity to discover legends and traditions of peoples so distant from us. Today, the festival is finding increasingly successful. Beltane Fire Society is a community of artists, born in 1988, which deals with the organization of the event.

Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh 2012
Photo, 2012 Stefan Schäfer, Lich


There are many public transport that allow you to reach, in all comfort, the place where the Festival takes place. By bus, the stop is Leith Street; here, many buses arrive, including 7, 8, 14, 22, 25.

Being in the city center, Calton Hill is easily accessible on foot from the main sites of the Old Town.


The plane is, without a doubt, the fastest and most convenient way to reach the city. Edinburgh Airport is only 9 kilometers from the center, and is Scotland's largest airport for passenger traffic. Numerous daily flights connect the city with London.

The shuttle bus Airlink 100, connects the airport to Waverley Bridge (near Princes Street and the main train and bus stations.

All about Edinburgh, how to get there and how to get around by public transport, are available at this link.


Tickets to attend the Beltane Fire Festival Edinburgh are available from mid-February 2019.

Coupons can be purchased in advance until the 29 April, at the special price of 11.00 £ for adults, and 5.50 £ for children from 2 to 16 years. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased directly on the spot, at the cost of £ 15,00. In this case, the main ticket office is located in the Castle of Hill, Edinburgh. Children under the age of 2 not completed, enter free.

Disabled people who need assistance will receive a free ticket for the companion.

The ceremony starts exactly at 21: 00.

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