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What to do and see in La Tomatina 2018, the 2019 August in Bunol

PERIOD: August 28 2019
PLACE: Buñol, Spain.

The orange is in Ivrea like ... the tomato is in Buñol. There Tomatina it's one of those holidays, which you would like to attend at least once in your life.
As incredible as it is absurd, this festival is inspired by an event dating back to 1945. That year, during the festival of the Giants and big heads, a fight broke out between young people who literally challenged themselves with tomato strokes. Only the police intervention managed to disperse the troublemakers.
"See you next year!"Was the warning of some of the protagonists.

And they were speaking.
"Gather me an army worthy of Buñol"Said the chief. The boys trained every day with the sacred tomato, from that moment revered vegetable.
The scene, so, is repeated the following year, with the demonstrators who arrived loaded with tomatoes from home, ready to fight each other. History became a legend. The legend became myth. And after the initial objections, the party received the approval of the local authorities.

La Tomatina is an absolutely incredible event, not to be missed. The beginning is set at 11: 00. Before the fateful hour, the most daring will try to grasp the appetizing ham, planted on a huge pole, in the middle of the square. A shot will start the contest. You will see the first 5 truck tick, ready to unhook the long-awaited red bullets. The contenders can then throw tomatoes for a challenge ... the last sauce! From the balcony, even buckets of water will rain!

The turnout is constantly growing, so that, from the 2012, you must book the ticket with a reasonable advance. Also born, side events at the party, like Tomatina After Party!




The kilometers that separate Buñol from Valencia are just 40. The international airport is a good starting point to see Tomatina. The Iberian airport is well connected to the main European destinations. Info and flight booking, from this link.


To participate in the Tomatina 2019 you must follow mandatory provisions. Keep in mind that the rules exist to safeguard the participants.

- It is forbidden to introduce bottles and blunt objects.
- It is forbidden to tear off one's shirt and that of others.
- We must keep a safe distance from the trucks.
- It is preferable to crush the tomatoes before throwing them: the shot will be less strong.
- We must follow the instructions of the present staff.

At the end of Tomatina, you will have clothes and shoes practically "to throw away"; take, therefore, the worst clothes from your wardrobe, and use them for this occasion!
For photos, use only waterproof machines.
Arrive early in the morning: access already takes place from 07: 00; so you will avoid the long crush.


Appointment in the square the day 28 August at 09: 00 in point. The start is set for the 11: 00 hours.

Tickets must be booked in advance. The individual ticket costs 12.00 €. There are, however, packages suitable for all needs that include transportation, entry to the after party and one or more nights at the hotel.


Finding available facilities during the Tomatina period is quite complicated. Especially if you do not book well in advance. Valencia is an excellent solution, considering the wide choice. All the best facilities at the best price, available at this link.

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