Wacken Winter Nights

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What to do and see at the Wacken Winter Nights 2019

DATA: 22 - 24 February 2019
PLACE: Wacken, Germany

Wacken, in the context of hard rock music, is considered a guarantee. Always. Since the year of its foundation, the greatest artists of the metal and hard rock scene, have trod the scenes of the prestigious summer festival Wacken Open Air.

Given the huge success of the summer festival, the organizers decided to create a winter edition, parallel to Open Air. Same location of the older brother, with a different period. Wacken Winter Nights is a unique concept for the winter season; an incredible musical and artistic festival, lasting three days, inside the Palazzo del Ghiaccio.

Who can think that Wacken Winter Nights is just a music festival .... you're wrong. Wacken Witer Nights is a real journey to magical worlds and shows, in which Un music is the catalyst. A place where you can find yourself in front of mythical creatures, musicians, magicians and storytellers, in an enchanted forest. You can stroll through the historic village and the old village church. Or, again, watch amazing shows in the Teatro delle Grazie.

You will be able to attend workshops and workshops, in the presence of great artisans. Taste local and organic delicacies and delicacies.

Wacken Winter Nights is an event suitable for everyone. Also to the family. On Sunday, in fact, is the Family Day. Hurry up though: the tickets are limited and, as for the Wacken Open Air, they tend to end in a short time.

Wacken Winter Nights



The small town of Wacken is about 70 kilometers from Hamburg. The international airport of Hamburg, represents the starting point for reaching the Wacken Festival.

From Hamburg, by regional train, you reach the nearby Itzehoe, from where the shuttles to the festival depart. The ticket for the shuttle costs 10,00 € per person and can be purchased directly on board the vehicle.

LINE-UP 2019

There are so many guests who will perform at the Wacken Winter Nights 2019. The line-up includes, in alphabetical order, Apocalypse Orchestra, Arkona, Bannkreis, Cemican, Eluveitie, Ereb Altor, Faun, Feuerschwanz, Forgotten North, Grimner, Haggefugg, Harpyie, Heilung, Helsott, Holly Loose, Huldre, Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Saltatio Mortis, Serenity, Skiltron, The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Trollfaust and Trollfest.


After an initial presale phase, with limited number coupons, you can buy tickets at standard price on the website. Tickets are available in single or combined versions.

The ticket for Friday 22 / 02 costs 39.00 € per person. Saturday 23 / 02, 49.00 € per person. Sunday 24 / 02, on the occasion of Family Day, the ticket costs 29.00 €.

Combined tickets for two days cost from 65.00 € to 75.00 € per person. In this case, the ticket for the camping can be combined with the two-day ticket. The full subscription to attend the three days of the festival costs, instead, 89.00 €.

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