United Islands of Prague

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Practical information on United Islands of Prague 2018, 22 and 23 June in Prague


United Islands of Prague 2017

PERIOD: 22 and 23 June 2018
PLACE: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague celebrates music, art and culture with one of the most interesting events in the Czech landscape. United Islands of Prague 2018, is an event of absolute charm, in the Czech capital. A festival that has all the numbers to entertain. Add us that entry is FREE and ... you're done.

Since last year, United Islands of Prague is held in Karlin, near the famous Cathedral Ss. Cyril and Methodius. Also this year, the program will propose some of the most interesting discoveries of the European music scene. And of course there will also be space for international music.

United Islands of Prague is, as mentioned, a real musical and artistic meltin pot. The proposals range from rock, jazz to alternative and techno music. It is no coincidence that opening events take place, like every year, in the clubs of the Capital.

There will be space for the dance-provocative of Throes + The Shine; the group of well-known Prague optimists The Tap Tap; the fast but dreamy guitars of Farewell Dear Ghost Austria; an original combination of jazz and pop of Tamir Grinberg, and so much more.

The festival will also have its own relaxation area, a varied program for children and services for mothers. There will be workshops and exhibitions. Visitors can also test their athletic and sporting abilities with some sports from different continents. You can try the African Mancala, the Sepak Asian Takraw, the American softball, the Chinese jianzi, the jogo de malha or the Australian cricket.

And, as the United Islands of Prague highlights the social aspect and humanitarian values, you will find stands focused on human rights. In this regard, the XXVI anniversary of the humanitarian organization People in Need!


Please note that access to the shows during the United Islands of Prague 2017 is free.

The Festival takes place on 22 and 23 June days. Prologue of the Festival, as in previous editions, will be the night of clubbing. Appointment on 22 / 06 day, where you can dance and unleash yourself among some of the most interesting places in the Prague scene. The Club Futurum, Rock Café, Jazz Dock, 007 Strahov, Palac Akropolis, Potrvá, and many other clubs, will welcome you to entertain you until late at night.

2018 LINEUP.

At the 2018 edition, you can attend over 100 performances over the two days. Among the international names, Leoniden, AT Pavillon, Vama and Alex Mercado. Vypsaná Fixa, Buty and above all David Koller the hottest names in the Czech scene.


The district of Karlin is located in the 8 district of Prague, easily accessible by public transport. You can arrive by subway, getting off at the stop Křižíkova.


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