Sziget Festival

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Sziget Festival 2019: what to do, what to see. Info, tickets, program

WHERE: Budapest, Hungary
WHEN: 07 - 13 August 2019

Who said that August is synonymous with beach holidays?

Sziget Festival it represents the best answer to those who are looking for an alternative destination to the classic summer holidays. For a week, in the middle of August, you will discover the evocative charm of the Island of Liberty, or Obuda; a fluvial island surrounded by the waters of the Danube.
A spectacular location in the heart of Budapest. The island of Obuda is a natural park that, during this period, turns into a parallel world made of music, theater, visual arts, installations and much more.

Art and music are, therefore, the extraordinary protagonists of one of the most popular summer events. It is no coincidence that, every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors take part in this event. Boys and girls from all over the world, all united under one banner. In fact, Sziget Festival is characterized by the spirit of peace and brotherhood, which makes the atmosphere truly unique and magical.

Sziget Festival 2017 Magyar Dal

Photo, 2008 Gergely Csatari

Sziget Festival boasts the presence of around 60 structures, and more or less large stages, which host world-renowned artists and great international promises. Precisely on these stages, during the previous editions, figures such as David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Oasis, The Cure, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Lou Reed, Muse, Manu Chao, Radiohead and many others have risen.

The festival, born in the 1993, reaches its XXVII edition. He has been honored, over the years, with numerous awards, reflecting the quality of the event. In the 2015 he won the European Festival Awards for the best line up. In the 2012 and 2014 it was voted best European Festival in the "big festivals" category.

Art Of Freedom, is the collection of visual and spectacular installations; colorful sculptures and stunning artistic projects. Art Of Freedom contains the creative projects of all those who want to show off their talent on the island of Liberty.

Sziget Festival is a wonderful experience. It's the best opportunity to have fun, listen to good music and experience a beautiful city like Budapest.



Thanks to the Budapest-Ferihegy International Airport, the city can be easily reached by direct flight from major European and non-European cities.

The center is just 16 km, and can be reached by bus and train. Through our official page all the practical information on the airport, connections and tickets for public transport are available.

Getting around the city by public transport is convenient and economical. From the center, with the H5 line of the suburban train, you arrive at the entrance to the island of Obuda. The nearest stop is "Filatorigát". The frequency of runs varies from 10 to 15 minutes (in the evening). Info and tickets to move, from this link.

Sziget 2012 (7)

Photo, 2012 Derzsi Elekes Andor


Dave Grohl & Co., will be back on the Szuget Festival scene. A throne more than welcome, for a planetary band. In addition to the Foo Fighters, among the prominent names of the 2019 edition there will be Macklemore, Ed Sheeran, Martin Garrix, Twenty One Pilots, Florence + The Machine, The 1975, Richard Ashcroft.


As per tradition, and in line with the main world festivals, tickets will be sold in limited sequences, with increasing prices. First purchased, and less paid! It would be ideal to buy the ticket in the SZITIZEN PRIME version. These are tickets offered in the first 25 hours of the opening of the sale; the price is really discounted. If you do not have to be among the lucky ones, you can buy tickets, however, at a special price.

The ticket to attend one single day, by choice, costs from a minimum of 75.00 €, maximum of 89.00 €. The ticket only allows you to participate in the festival, for the selected date. By purchasing two tickets for as many consecutive days, you will have access to camping and showers for the day.

3 DAY WEEKEND TICKET provides access, at choice, to the Sziget Festival 2019 for three consecutive days. Includes basic camping, with the possibility of camping in all areas intended for the use of bathrooms and showers. Cost 219.00 € per person. The 5 DAY PASS, valid for 5 consecutive dates, it costs 299.00 € instead.

7 DAY PASS is the solution to fully enjoy the Sziget Festival 2019. Access for all days of the Festival and camping base included (you can camp anywhere on the island and also use the showers and toilets). The price is 339.00 €. By adding 50 €, you can expand your 7DAY PASS with the MOVING PASS that will offer you the opportunity to access the campsite first of all: from 04 to 06 August.


Every day, for the entire duration of the festival, you will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive parties on the Danube, aboard suggestive boats. From here, you can go wild, dance, taste delicious cocktails and sunbathe. And of course, admire the beautiful buildings and monuments of the Capital. Tickets on sale for the single party of the day, at the full price of 29.00 € per person. Limited tickets available at special price of 24.00 €.


The Campsite is the best solution for those wishing to fully experience the Sziget Festival, 24 hours on 24. Solution that, of course, also allows you to save money. An experience that, in our opinion, is advisable.

Sleeping in Budapest, however, is by no means an option to be overlooked. You can always go to the Festival in the early afternoon, and enjoy the city by day and by night. From this link, the best offers on hotels, apartments, guest-houses in Budapest.

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