Puck Fair Killorglin

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King puck fair killorglin

Photo, 2004 ITUB

PERIOD: 10-12 August 2017
PLACE: Killorglin, Ireland

If you were to be in Ireland from 10 to 12 August, you will be able to attend the ... strangest Royal wedding in the world, or Puck Fair Killorglin.

In general, the protagonists of Royal marriages are two beautiful young men; slender with eyes of ice and a nation to govern! At Puck Fair Killorglin, you will not witness a Royal parade; you will not hear trumpet blasts, but above all, you will not witness the classic royal wedding where the prince arrives on horseback. The one who will take the hand of the beautiful young woman of the country will be King Capra!

Yes, you read that correctly; from 10 to 12 August, in Killorgin, an Irish village a few kilometers from the city of Cork, there is a wedding between the King and a young goat in the country. Because a king can not remain alone! Precisely for this reason, every year, a girl chosen among the most beautiful in the country, will accompany the king goat during the festivities.

It is a popular, colorful and lively celebration that has always characterized the town; the celebration is exclusively symbolic. The goat is celebrated and nourished for three days; this party is born of a legend ...

It is said that at the time of the invasion of the Irish lands, led by Oliver Cromwell, an English leader and politician, a goat abandoned the herd. Frightened by the arrival of the soldiers, he headed for Cill Orglain (Killorglin). His arrival made the inhabitants aware of the danger; thanks to the warning of the animal, the people managed to fight the invaders and in large part to save themselves.

Killorglin turns completely to kick off the party that is held every year from 10 to 12 August. To date, the event is among the most important.

Ireland is a wonderful and hospitable country; the locals love to celebrate and welcome the many tourists who come from anywhere in the world.

The official website of the event:

The small town of Killorglin is located in the south of Ireland, not far from the beautiful Killarney National Park, about 100 kilometers from Cork. Have fun with

Puck Fair Killorglin

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