Match in Chess of Marostica

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Match in Chess of Marostica

DATA: 07 - 09 September 2018
PLACE: Marostica, Italy.

In the Italian town of Marostica, on the edge of the Asiago plateau, from the fifteenth century one of the most incredible and followed events is renewed: the chess game with living characters.

The event takes place in the even years, in the setting of Piazza Castello, during the second weekend of September.

The chess game probably originates from a story dated 1454, a period in which Marostica was one of the "most loyal" of the Venetian Republic.
At the center of the story, two noble and brave warriors, and the daughter of the Castellano di Marostica.

The two young women, determined to conquer the young damsel's love, challenged each other in a single fight; however, the Castellano, referring to an ancient edict, forbade the duel and decided that the two challengers would face each other in a noble game of chess. To whom he had won, Lionora's hand would have gone; the loser, on the other hand, could have been consoled with his younger sister.

And so, Marostica's chess game was born with living characters. An event in which everything has been repeated for centuries, according to tradition.
Curious and incredible costumes. Picturesque characters. Fanti and Cavalieri. Songs, dances, dances and fires. And, the extraordinary elegance that distinguishes this event.
Really beautiful and magical, especially at night.



Marostica is located in Veneto, in northern Italy, about 30 kilometers from Vicenza, and less than 100 km from Venice.
The best way to get there is by calling at nearby airports Venezia Marco Polo, or Verona, and, from here, rent a car.

It is also possible to reach the town by public transport. In this case, you must arrive by train in Vicenza. The Vicenza-based company SVT guarantees daily connections with Marostica. In this case, you will have to use the extra-urban line number 5 which operates from Vicenza Autostazione to Bassano FS. More info on the official website.


There are over 600 characters, including actors and actors, of the scene. The actual chess game, today, must follow precise criteria. It must last around 20 minutes and end with a number of moves between a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 20. The spectacularity is one of the strengths of the event.

Today, the game at Scacchi di Marostica is one of the most interesting historical-folk events on the Italian scene. It is no coincidence that it has been requested, and represented, even across the border.


The chess game takes place on the large marble chessboard in Piazza del Castello, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21: 00. Only on Sundays there is a further reply at 17: 00.

One can attend one of the 3600 seats, on numbered armchairs. Prices vary depending on the day and location. You go from a minimum of € 40.00 per person for the Silver and Curve Tribune, to a maximum of € 80.00 in the Platinum forum.


Coinciding with the event, it is quite unlikely to find available facilities due to strong demand and limited availability.

A good solution could be Bassano del Grappa, about 8 kilometers away and, moreover, also connected by bus.
The Cristoforo Colombo Residence is an excellent solution for quality-price ratio. Located at the entrance to the historic center of Bassano del Grappa, the Cristoforo Colombo Residence It offers fully furnished apartments, a parking garage and a bike rental.

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