Reeperbahn Festival

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What to do and see at the Reeperbahn Festival, from the 19 to the 22 September 2018, Hamburg


Reeperbahn Festival 2017

PERIOD: 19 - 22 September 2018
PLACE: Hamburg, Germany

The entertainment district par excellence of Hamburg, opens the door to one of the most anticipated events of the year. The Reeperbahn Festival It is one of the most important meeting places of the world music industry, as well as one of the most interesting festivals on the European scene, thanks to the presence of an impressive number of emerging artists.

And equally impressive is the program of the festival that, for 4 intense days, will host a total of 900 events, with concerts, conferences and meetings dedicated to professionals in the sector. Much space also for art: films, shows and literature, for a total of about 50 events.

Also this year, space will be given to a partner country. After Canada, a space for France, which will offer an interesting overview of the French music scene, through performances, shows and workshops.

At the Reeperbahn Festival, you can join the 40000 visitors and witness incredible live performances. The music ranges over different styles and genres: pop, rock, folk, electro, hip hop, soul, jazz. "Main course" will be, as always, the concerts at the Grand Hall of Elbphilharmonie. Great expectations also for the performance of the British Jess Glynne, who with her "Rather Be" won the Grammy.

Reeperbahn is the hub of Hamburg's nightlife. Lots of red lights, sexyshops, night clubs, theaters, casinos, bars. Really everything, and more, to spend your nights in the name of the most unbridled fun.



TheHamburg international airport it is connected, with direct flights, to the main European and extra-European destinations. The airport is well connected by public transport to the city, easily accessible by the efficient S-Bahn. Book your flight at a special price, from this link.

You can get to the Reeperbahn Festival, using the convenient and efficient U-Bahn, or alternatively, by bus. Tickets, timetables and practical information on public transport, available from here


Tickets can be purchased for one or more days. The ticket is purchased exclusively for the selected day and is non-refundable. Tickets include, up to possible availability, the concert at Elbphilharmonie. Of course, in this case, you will have to hurry because the coupons tend to run out in a short time. Prices for a single day vary from a minimum of € 35.00 to a maximum of € 55.00.

Subscriptions for two days (Friday and Saturday) cost 79.00 €. Three days, 89.00 €. The full subscription costs, instead, 99.00 €. Up to availability, you can choose, with your subscription, which concert of the Elbphilharmonie, you can attend.

By purchasing the ticket, you will have access to all the concerts, shows, workshops, parts and events for the selected days. You can also take advantage of public transportation (round trip) for the Festival.

You can buy tickets on the official website.


During the 2018 Reeperbahn Festival, there will be only three shows on Saturday 23 / 09, at the Grand Hall. Here is the detailed calendar:

20: 00 - 21: 00 Ibeyi
23: 00 - 00: 30 David August

18: 00 - 19: 00 Her
21: 00 - 22: 00 Lewis Capaldi
00: 00 - 01: 10 Bear's Den

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