Nowa Muzyka Festival

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What to do and see at the Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2018 Festival


Tauron nowa muzyka Festival 2017 fot marta ferens.jpg

Photo, 2009 Umkatowice

PERIOD: from the 28 June to the 01 July 2018
PLACE: Katowice, Poland

An event that combines, in a perfect way, the most modern and futuristic sounds, with the historical heritage of Upper Silesia.
The first festival in the world, which made its visitors dance and unleash in an old coal mine.
A relatively young audience, in constant and continuous growth.
It is with these premises that it is preparing to start the waiting XIII edition of the Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival, in Katowice.

It was the 2006 when some friends, linked to the band "Hypnoza" decided to organize a music festival. The evening was attended by DJ Krush, Swayzak and Cristian Vogel who made dancing and entertaining the audience at the coal mine "Wieczorek", Near the deceased Wilson tree.

From that moment on, from the niche event, Nowa Muzyka Festival has assumed its current form. Four days of music and fun. Electronic music, in all its variations, is the protagonist of the review. During the Festival, however, you will not miss to listen to jazz, alternatives and rock.

A festival to follow. In fact, despite its young age, the event has won the European Festival Awards, for the best 3 years, in the "Best Small Festival" section. An award that, in fact, has helped to decree its success even outside of Poland. The Guardian, however, has indicated him as one of the ten Festivals to which one should participate at least once in his life!



By plane and train you can easily reach your destination. The international airport of Katowice Pyrzowice, is connected with several European cities. The Low Cost companies operate mainly. A bus frequently connects the airport to the city center. The journey takes about 50 minutes. The ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle, at the cost of 20 PLN (about 5 euro).

Alternatively, you can land at the airport of Krakow, located less than 70 km from the center of Katowice. The latter can be easily reached by bus, in about an hour. Book, from here, your flight at the best price!

The Central Railway Station of Katowice, on the other hand, is well connected to several Polish and European cities. From here, many medium and long-distance trains run mainly from Polskie Koleje Państwowe.

For those arriving by car, a large FREE parking area is available.

Photo, 2014 Yarl


The program of the XIII edition reflects the perfect character of the Nowa Muzyka Festival. In fact, there will be 49 international artists, coming from 13 different countries. Spotlight on the Australian composer Ben Frost, one of the most anticipated guests, with his contrast between classic harmonies, minimalism and noise inspired by punk and metal. Space, then, to Burnt Friedman, one of the most appreciated musicians of the German electro scene, and Wolfgang Voigt.


2018 Nowa Muzyka Festival can only take part, only children aged 18 and up. At the entrance, the valid identification document will be asked.

There are different types of tickets, which vary only according to duration. Tickets are sold in different stages, at increasing prices. By buying them in advance, you can guarantee the best price.

The ticket for the single day (a day to choose between Friday or Saturday) costs 169PLN. On Sundays, with only the closing Concert on the bill, the ticket costs 100 to 160PLN.

Then there are the comfortable PASS, to attend two or more days of the event, and can also include camping. The pass valid for two days (Friday and Saturday only) costs 299PLN, in the standard version. The 3 days pass (from Friday to Sunday) costs 389PLN instead. Anyone wishing to add 50PLN to the standard PASS price will also have access to the Campsite. All the info, on the official website, from this link.


Dolina Trzech Stawów, that is, the so-called Valley of the Three Ponds, will welcome its visitors in a truly evocative place. Guests can put their own tent, and use the sanitary facilities in the area with hot showers, and an area with food and drinks. The professional security service will take care of the security of the tents and their owners 24 hours a day. Free buses will provide shuttle transportation to the Culture area and back.

The campground is open from 12: 00 28 / 06 / 2018, at 12: 00 02 / 07 / 2018. Tickets cost 60 PLN per person, for the entire stay, regardless of the number of days of stay.

A free shuttle service from the campsite to the cultural center (Strefa Kultury).

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