New Year's eve New York

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All the magic and grandeur of the Big Apple ... at the stroke of midnight of the new year, you will spend New Year's Eve New York, that is, the most incredible event of your existence!

If you have planned to celebrate the new year in this wonderful city, know that you will live a holiday full of surprises; above all, the magic BallDrop (crystal ball that will give life to the celebrations in Times Square at the stroke of midnight).

Here is a series of proposals on what to do and see during the night of the New Year celebrations.



Booking a flight to New York during this period can be quite complicated. Often, although booking in advance, the number of seats available is really limited. Not surprisingly, millions of tourists literally storm New York at the end of the year!

We recommend that you act as soon as possible, with an advance of at least 60 days; just so you could find a flight at an acceptable price.

A good alternative could be to buy flights with a stopover; for example, for a city on the east coast. Or, from the nearby cities of Philadelphia, Toronto, Buffalo. Subsequently, from there, train and plane are the recommended means to arrive at destination.

Take a look on Expedia, to find the best solution, at the most affordable price.


The accommodation offer in New York is quite varied and suitable for all needs; staying in Manhattan is generally quite expensive. And, during Christmas and New Year, it is even more so.

Kanoa recommends staying in the North area of ​​Central Park; you will find hotels or apartments that are not expensive. Furthermore, the area is very well connected to the main attractions of the City.

Alternatively, if you want to save money and get away from the chaos of Manhattan without giving up on taste, with shops and pubs on your doorstep, Kanoa recommends Brooklyn.

Recall that for New Year's eve New York, Times Square hotels, they grant passages for guests. This could be an advantage!

To find the best accommodation, you can consult our special WHERE TO SLEEP NEW YORK, through this link.

Remember that, to enter the States, you will need an authorization that can be requested here: WWW.ESTA.US


Do not forget to buy the passes in advance. It is the ideal solution, which will save you time and money.

Organized Party: Balldrop

How to welcome the new year in New York

new year's eve new york

It's right on New Year's Eve that New York is giving its best. Like no other city in the world, you will have an innumerable choice between events in the square and parties in the many Manhattan skyscrapers.

Although in December it is very cold, according to us it is absolutely worth it to be in New York between Christmas and New Year. Keep in mind, however, that with you there will probably be hundreds of thousands of tourists ready to storm Times Square by the stroke of midnight. We recommend careful planning.


Times Square, that is, the center of the world!

First of all, let's say that spending midnight in the famous square is almost a business not for everyone.

If you want to attend this spectacular event, we recommend arriving from early afternoon, if not earlier. Keep in mind that, generally, many areas, and accesses, are already cordoned off by late morning.

Some areas of Times Square will be accessible only to those who own some very expensive pass types; who would like more info, can click here

Given the cold weather, the absence of baths and food vendors, waiting for midnight in the square could really be a difficult task; in any case, repaid by a unique show.

Kanoa remembers, that from the 18, big names of the international music entertain the crowd, in a crescendo of adrenaline up to 23: 59, when the New Year's Eve Ball starts the fast descent, and at 00: 00 lights up .

At this point, you will be covered with confetti and confetti, fireworks and colors, which will illuminate the early hours of the new year ... in a cinematic atmosphere!

If you want to dine in Times Square and take advantage of a Pass (some restaurants issue one) to enter or leave the area, you can opt for a non-traditional dinner, but certainly fun. All this, in the scenic setting of Times Square!

REMEMBER: TEMPISM WILL SAVE YOU! BOOK IN ADVANCE. Here is a list of pubs or restaurants that might be right for you:


If you have any particular choices, remember to book in advance; the tables, they run out tend to run out with incredible speed, especially in relation to the proximity to Times Square.

Through this link, you can find our official guide on New York. Many valuable info and advice on how to get from Italy, the connections from the airport to the center, is how to move with public transport.

Midnight on the Hudson River Cruise


Who was not interested in the show of the New Year's Eve New York, the alternatives are not lacking. For example, a New Year's cruise on the Hudson River with skyline in New York that will keep you company all evening. Not bad?

In our opinion, Kanoa is undoubtedly a good alternative. A cruise in New York Bay will give you spectacular views of the city lit by fireworks, without sacrificing fun and delicious musical entertainment.

Of course, a rather charming and romantic solution.

Prices starting from 100 $. Try to take a look at this site:

Midnight in Central Park

Much quieter, away from the crowds of Times Square, is the New Year's Eve which takes place in the beautiful, historic, Central Park.

Central Park New Year's Day will allow you to attend a highly respected fireworks display, with fireworks from the Naumburg Bandshell area (entrance between the 69th and the 72nd East Side of Central Park); the duration is about 15 minutes. The show is really impressive.

Kanoa recommends that you have dinner before midnight in one of the many restaurants nearby. The choice is quite broad and varied. Shortly before midnight, you can head to the park for the festivities, and toast the new year.

The Tavern on the Green, for example, offers the opportunity for those who take part in the dinner to attend the Central Park festivities from a privileged position.

The cost includes: good food, live music and an open bar; moreover, this location allows midnight to attend the Central Park fires.

We recommend that you book well in advance.

If you are gods Runners, you can take part in the famous NYRR MIDNIGHT RUN. It is a singular marathon around the city; part to the 23.59 from the place of the celebrations of Central Park. In this way, you can enjoy the wonderful Fireworks of Manhattan from a truly incredible perspective; last year, the Runners who participated in it were over 4.000!


Another valuable alternative is to reach Columbus Circle to enter Central Park, on 72a street, towards Bethesda Fountain.

You will find a very authentic and less touristy party setting. Even from here, fireworks are fired; moreover, every year, from this side of the park, parties, concerts and shows are organized.

Midnight in Brooklyn


Not just Manhattan. Brooklyn, in the splendid setting of Prospect Park, celebrates the arrival of the new year. Get ready to witness the wonderful fireworks show, in the company of many locals.

The best viewing points for the fireworks are Grand Army Plaza (fireworks are fired from here) and, in the park, along West Drive.

Recall that, spending the New Year outdoors, often, presents many contraindications, such as the cold. If you are allergic to low temperatures and cold, you will not have to worry. Brooklyn, in fact, has a huge selection of clubs to dance, listen to jazz and toast the new year.

In this practical guide on New Year's Eve New York, we have presented many solutions for which you will be spoiled for choice. Indeed, New York is a large and very well organized city. As always, our invitation is to follow our advice, keeping faith with what your rhythms and tastes are.

Happy New Year's Eve New York.

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