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Christmas Edinburgh

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DATA: by 16 / 11 / 2018 to 05 / 01 / 2019
PLACE: Edinburgh, Scotland.

Events. Concerts. Exhibition. Shows. Attractions ... and the inevitable markets. Who should think that Christmas Edinburgh does not fully represent the magic and the suggestion of this period, will have a chance to change his mind.
The Scottish capital, with its wonderful old town, is the ideal destination for families, couples and friends.

A truly beautiful place that, little or nothing, has to envy the other famous Christmas destinations. You can discover the symbolic sites, such as Princess Street, George Street, the Royal Mile and, of course, Edinburgh Castle. Everywhere you can breathe the magic and Christmas atmosphere.

The 18 November, with LIGHT NIGHT, will be the official inauguration of Christmas 2018 Edinburgh. Throughout the month there will be shows and extraordinary initiatives in the program. Events that will last throughout December, before the farewell to 2018. The New Year's Eve is an event very popular among the Scotsmen and, above all, by the tourists who come, more and more numerous, around here.

Prepare your suitcases and discover a fantastic city. We are sure that you will be pleasantly impressed by Christmas Edinburgh.


Literally, the Night of Lights. Appointment Sunday 18 November at 15: 00 on George Street, with one of the most anticipated shows, hosted again this year by Forth Radio's Arlene Stuart. Saskia Eng will officially turn on the lights and the big Christmas tree.

The show is free.



Edinburgh Christmas Market

Photo, 2010 Tony Austin

The traditional, romantic, street market in the heart of the city. East Princes Street Garden is one of the most loved and busy street markets in Edinburgh.
You can untangle yourself among the classic markets, inspired by the Christmas tradition. You can go shopping and buy handicrafts, souvenirs and decorations of all kinds.

Great protagonist is, of course, the gastronomy, with typical products and many sweets. To warm up, hot wine is what it takes.

The traditional flea market is open every day, from 18 / 11 / 2018 to 05 / 01 / 2018, from 10: 00 to 22: 00. The November 17, inauguration at 13: 00. The day of the eve, closing at 20: 00. Closed the 25 December.

There are also numerous attractions. It starts with the legendary STAR FLYER. How about admiring the city from its 60 meters? Sit back and take a seat to get an amazing view of 360 degrees of Edinburgh. Prohibited to children below one meter in height. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult. The ticket to enter is £ 7.50 per person.

What would Christmas be without the legendary Ferris Wheel? Every day, from the 10: 00 in the morning, you can get on one of the newest 25 spacecraft FORTH 1 BIG WHEEL. Weatherproof, and rainy, the spaceship host up to 6 people each, offering a spectacular view of the city. Not to be missed. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. The price is £ 6.00 per person.

For the little ones, the Carosello is the "classic that never sets". To access the carousel you pay £ 3.50. It is mandatory to accompany children with a height of less than one meter.


This year, for all the time of Christmas in Edinburgh, there will be a welcome surprise for whiskey lovers. In the East Princess area, the Johnny Walker Bothy Bar will spoil you with fantastic whiskey proposals. Cocktails and Hot Toddies ready to delight you.


Santa Land Christmas

The city's Christmas amusement park. In the beautiful green lung of East Princes Street Garden, have fun with the classic attractions.

Santa Land is a real paradise for adults and above all children, with games, rides and attractions. The Christmas Tree Maze, a Santa's Cave, and dulcis infundo await you ... Santa Train, the Santa Claus train; the latter will allow you to go around the park, admiring the lights, the colors, the decorations and the many attractions.
We are sure that your children will be thrilled to play in the Santa Land, for a Christmas Edinburgh .... absolutely unforgettable.

There is no subscription to access the rides. You will have to pay a ticket for every single attraction. Here are some examples: Santa Train, costs £ 4.00 per person; the maze of the Christmas tree, where you can visit the house of the Elves, costs £ 3.50. Helter Skelter, which allows you to climb a tower, having a fantastic view of the city, costs £ 2.00 per person.

On most of the rides, children below one meter in height must always be accompanied by an adult.


This is the second largest Christmas market in Edinburgh. You can spend a few hours among the typical houses, looking for the best deals. You will find souvenirs, handicrafts and all sorts of gifts, as well as many gastronomic offerings. Prices are not extremely cheap.

At George Street, at Santa's Grotto, Santa is waiting for you in person, ready to cheer children with a series of fairy tales and stories. The show lasts just under 30 minutes, for a maximum of 20 minutes per session.


Imagine singing and dancing to the rhythm of 60.000 lights synchronized with the music that you can only listen to in headphones. Here is the Silent Light, a unique and wonderful show on George Street. Appointment for the 19 November 2018. Admission costs £ 4.50 per person, and the show lasts about 20 minutes.


On West George Street, a very interesting traditional flea market where you can enjoy some of the best food and drink that Scotland has to offer.
The market is very vast and full of surprises. Entering it, you will discover an incredible gastronomic world, with specialties of desserts, typical cheeses, salami, hot drinks and, of course, Whiskey, pride and pride of the Nation. Among the drinks, you can savor the excellent brewed Scottish craft beer.

There are also jewels, precious objects, handicrafts, woodworking, lots of Scottish accessories and much more.

The flea market is open from 16 / 11 to 24 / 12, from Monday to Thursday, from 12: 00 to 22: 00. From Friday to Sunday, from 10: 00 to 22: 00.


There is no Christmas without ... an ice rink. Unfailing, even the Scottish capital is home to a wonderful, circular ice rink, which allows a round to 360 degrees around the beautiful St Andrew Square.

Open every day, from 16 / 11 / 2018 to 05 / 01 / 2019, from 10: 15 to 21: 30 (last input). Tickets cost £ 5.00 per person, and include skating hire. Children under the age of 11, only enter a paying adult.

St Andrew Square - Christmas 2014

Photo, 2014 MJ Richardson


The Edinburgh Christmas program is really rich. You will be spoiled for choice. Among other events on the bill, do not miss the show free 24 DOORS OF ADVENT. Every day of advent, a door opens from a new building in the city, from the 01 day to the 24 December 2018. It starts at Dovecot Studios on 01, and closes 24 / 12 on St. George Church.

From 09 to 30 December, at 13: 00, guaranteed fun for the little ones with the Baby Love Dance. Appointment at Festival Square Spiegeltent for two hours of entertainment and fun. The ticket costs 10.00 £.

Among the shows for the family, do not miss THE CLIQUE NÖEL - PART DEUX, at the Square Spiegeltent Festival, on Lothian Road. It is an award-winning theatrical show, really very beautiful. From the 16 / 11 / 2018 to the 05 / 01 / 2018, to the 20: 00. Ticket cost: £ 15.50 per person.

For a truly spectacular view of Edinburgh, all lit up, we suggest you to go all the way to Arthur's Seat. It is a spectacular promontory, located in Holyrood Park, from which you can admire the glittering and illuminated city. Really fantastic. We only recommend paying attention to the rather strong wind blowing around here.

On the official website, you can buy tickets for shows, shows and attractions.

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