Mumbai color Festival

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What to do and see at the Mumbai Color Festival, the 05 May 2018 in Utrecht


Mumbai Color Festival

DATA: May 05
PLACE: Utrecht, the Netherlands

The most incredible, crazy and colorful event there is. The 05 May, the day on which the Dutch National Day of the Bevrijdinsdag, Utrecht hosts the incredible Mumbai Color Festival 2018; an event in which Liberty is the watchword.

We celebrate freedom in a crazy and incredible way. One of the most interesting and creative festivals on the European scene. The face is painted; he throws colored powder on the party crowd; we dance and dance in a cloud of bright and swirling colors. But there is nothing to fear. The colored powder, widely tested, is totally biodegradable and not harmful. The organizers will make sure there is always enough for the duration of the Mumbai Color Festival.

The event is celebrated, every year, the 05 May, on the occasion of the Day of Liberty. The whole of Holland celebrates the anniversary of liberation during the Second World War. A day in which values ​​such as freedom, equality, human rights and democracy are exalted.

A party that combines the highest values ​​with the Holi tradition. You paint and cover us with colored powder so that all the differences disappear. All are the same: poor, rich, young, old, people of different colors. And of course, we dance. In the beautiful setting of Fort Vechten, in Utrecht, La Fuente, Lucas & Steve and Mr. Belt & Wezol will literally set you going.


Mumbai color Utrecht

TheAmsterdam-Schiphol international airport it is just under 50 kilometers from Utrecht. The airport is well connected with daily direct flights to the main European and extra-European destinations.

Schiphol train station is located right under the airport. Frequent intercity trains connect the airport with the Utrecht Centraal Station in about 30 '. The second-class ticket, one way, costs 8,70 €.


The location of the 2017 Mumbai Color Festival can be easily reached by car or public transport.

From the Central Railway Station, shuttle buses depart from the 11: 45 to the 16: 00. The return ticket costs 5,00 € and can be purchased directly on board. For those who arrive by car, the address is: Marsdijk 2, Bunnik - Utrecht. After leaving the A12, at the correct exit, you will find an indication of a large parking area near the Festival


Through this link Tickets for the Mumbai Color Festival 2018 can be purchased as soon as they are available. The cost should be aligned to the 2017 edition, equivalent to € 32,50 per person. Alternatively, you can buy the coupon at the entrance, at the appropriate ticket offices.


Entry to minors of 18 is strictly forbidden. Before entering you must show a valid identity document.

The organizers invite to use protective creams, especially on the face. Although the powders are biodegradable and dermatologically tested, allergic reactions are still possible. Therefore, it is not recommended to enter asthma or suffer from skin allergies.

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