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Krampus 9 and 23 shows December 2018 in Munich

DATA: 09 and 23 December 2018
PLACE: Munich, Germany

Have your children been good this year? Better for them, because otherwise they could get to know Krampus.

Well, make sure they do not get scared!

These are the diabolical, and disturbing, helpers of St. Nikolaus, who parade next to the benevolent Saint, during the holiday season. Their passage is always followed by a sound of cowbells and chains. Their faces are covered with disquieting and diabolical masks. The clothes are dirty and dirty. The Krampus roam the streets of the city, to scold the bad and disobedient children, while St. Nicholas tends to "turn a blind eye".

Krampus Munich

The show is a truly incredible moment. A sort of Carnival in full December. It has very ancient origins, which date back over 500 years. Generally, the traditional parades take place in some areas of Italy (Tyrol), Austria and, above all, in Bavaria and Southern Germany.

The Krampus fashion show, in Munich, is undoubtedly a sort of event in the event, not to be missed, during the Advent season. The parade takes place on two Sundays (09 and 23 / 12). To draw, around 300 scary masks, particularly elaborate, representing different characters. Some can get to weigh over the 10kg. Other costumes, on the other hand, can cost several thousand euros.

This is a truly incredible parade that, however scary, attracts both adults and children.


The Krampus parade in Munich takes place on two Sundays in December, in different places.

Sunday 09 December 2017, from 15: 00 to 17: 00, the masks parade in Traditional Christkindlmarkt market.
Sunday 23 December 2018, from 16: 00 to 17: 00, the historical group Krampus Sparifankerl Pass, will parade through the streets of central Munich.

The shows are free. We recommend, especially on 09 / 12, to arrive at least one hour in advance, given the high turnout.


Krampus fashion show

Saturday 08 December, as usual, there will be an interesting initiative dedicated to children starting from 6 years, entitled "Krampus is not scary!". It is a kind of creative workshop to bring the little ones closer to the traditions and customs of the Krampus world.

Children can create, with their own hands, "Mini-Krampus" with stones and wood. Older children can give free rein to creativity, creating collages of Krampus masks.

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