Folsom Europe Berlin 2016

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CSD Berlin 2007 - Partytruck 1 - Folsom Europe Berlin 2016

Photo, 2007 Jörg Kanngießer

PERIOD: September 2016
PLACE: Berlin, Germany

Are you a fetish lover? Of leather and whips? Vinyl, latex ... sado, and all the practices of BDSM ... sexuality, eroticism and seduction in its most extreme forms? So, you can not miss the Folsom Europe Berlin.

The biggest "gay-fetish" event in all of Europe. With this premise, the Folsom Europe Berlin 2016, is ready to invade the streets and premises of the German capital. Five days during which incredible fetish parties, demonstrations and exhibitions take place. Five days of party and extreme fun in the most important gay clubs in Berlin. And not only ... a maze of clubs, markets, and bars will literally transform the streets of Berlin. And of course, incredible performances and live music.

Il Folsom Europe Berlin, born in 2003, and, to date, is a cornerstone of gay and leather BDSM culture. The Festival represents the European edition of the Folsom Street Fair, the event that takes place in San Francisco on the last Sunday of September.

Every year, it collects an impressive number of visitors. Number that grows exponentially in an edition edition. Every year in Berlin, it takes place the first week of September and finances associations in support of HIV-positive people and those involved in the fight against AIDS in Germany and the Netherlands.

However, if you think that the event is the exclusive prerogative of the gay community, you are wrong. Folsom Europe Berlin 2016 is much more. It is a cultural event in which they take part, heterosexual, bisexual and single. All united by the same passion; interested in listening to music and learning about clothing, machinery and everything that revolves around this world. A world that plays on a sexuality full of imagination, seduction and extreme eroticism. Let yourself be transported. You will also have the opportunity to see a beautiful city

Perverts, Pig Party e Sneakfreaxx, are just some of the most popular parties. Saturday is the highlight, with the fair that affects the area between Martin-Luther-Straßeee Ansbacher Straße in the gay district of Schöneberg.

AXEL HOTEL, in the heart of the capital, is the official hotel of the event. Just get off the building to be catapulted to the heart of Folsom Europe. KaDeWe, the best fetish bars, clubs and shops are concentrated in the area and a few minutes on foot. From this link, you can book the hotel at the best price available!

And do not forget to read the official Kanoa guide on the city. Many valuable tips and practical information on how to get from Italy and how to move with public transport.

Folsom Europe Berlin 2016

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