Champions League final

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Information and guide to the Champions League final, the 26-05 2018 in Kiev


2018 Champions League Final

DATA: 26 May 2018
PLACE: Kiev, Ukraine

One of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. All in one night. The Champions League Final is the final act of the football season. Twenty-two players in the field, ready to fight for the coveted trophy.

Born from the ashes of the old Champions Cup, the Champions League is the most prestigious football trophy of the Old Continent. For the spectators, it is the long awaited moment of the festivities or, so feared, of despair.

Seat of the Champions League Final 2018 is the splendid Kiev. Impossible not to take advantage, and spend one or more days, visiting this beautiful city.

Kiev can be considered the real Soviet capital, with streets, squares and fascinating churches with golden domes. Guests can visit Pečerska Lavra and the Hagia Sophia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And for the evening, certainly not lacking the nightlife. If your favorite team has lost, you can console yourself in one of the many clubs in the lively neighborhoods of the capital. The lucky ones will find comfort in some beautiful Ukrainian girl!



Kiev is easily accessible by air from the main European destinations. Thanks to the presence of two international airports, the plane is the fastest, most convenient, and cheapest solution to arrive. More info from here.

The 2018 Champions League Final will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, a playground that hosted the final of the European Football Championships in the 2012.

The sports complex is easily accessible by public transport. The metro stops a short distance from here. To get there, you have to take the 2 Line, and get off at the Olimpiiska stop. The journey by metro, from any destination, costs only 5UAH (about 0.15 €). Alternatively, you can use the 3, 12, 14, 40 bus lines, or the convenient taxis.
From this link, all the practical info to move to Kiev by transportation.


The Champions League Final will take place on Saturday 26 May at 20: 45.
We recommend arriving a couple of hours in advance from the start time.

It is not recommended to arrive by car, due to the usual traffic jams and congested traffic.

Tickets, of course, vary depending on the sector. Obviously, close to the event, the lack of availability makes the price of the few coupons rise to the skies.
The advice is to move well in advance, buying tickets before knowing the names of the semi-finalists. You only have to bet that your favorite team will get to the end; just like that, you could save a lot of money.


Whoever attends a Champions League final does so with only one aim: to support his favorite team. Despite this, a stop in the city should not be disdained. Do not limit yourself, if possible, to a simple "touch and go".
Kiev is a particularly lively and beautiful city, with lots of green spaces, attractions, monuments, and clubs to spend your evenings. In good weather, you can sunbathe and dive along the Dnipro.

Furthermore, it is a low-cost city. Transports have a ridiculous cost, and you can eat with a few euros.


The only caution, is to move with enormous advance. Book immediately, from queI'm linking, a room available, choosing according to your tastes and, above all, needs.

Book, right away, a room that provides free cancellation. If your favorite team had not arrived, and you did not want to leave, you can cancel your reservation without paying anything.

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