Saint Patrick's Festival, 14 -18 March 2019 in Dublin. What to do and see

Festival of Saint Patrick

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WHERE: Dublin, Ireland
WHEN: 14 - 18 March 2019

The 17 March is Saint Patrick's Day, one of the most popular parties in Ireland. And, like every year, the country is a riot of festivals. From Cork to Donegal, from Galway to Kerry, there is no area where the Saint is not properly celebrated.

The St. Patrick's Festival was officially established in November 1995, with the aim of enhancing the numerous skills and achievements of a Chinese folk. The first edition took place in just one day. Later, it was decided to opt, with reason, for a longer edition of 4 or 5 days.

Today, in fact, the St. Patrick's Festival attracts an increasingly impressive number of spectators ... not just Irish people. All, attracted by the extraordinary energy, creativity, and fun that only this party can transmit. Because, after all, everyone feels a little "Irish" during this period.

For the occasion, too Dublin, in this circumstance, dresses up for a party. The whole city is an open-air stage where street performers and bands play and revel in every corner of the capital, improvising concerts. TO Parnell Squareinstead, the day of St. Patrick, part of the 12 in point, what is considered one of the most spectacular parades in Europe.

Ireland is a magical, truly wonderful land. The Festival of Saint Patrick is the best time to get involved by the strength and joy of a whole nation. Whether you choose the suggestive Dublin, or other cities.



St. Patrick's Day, Ireland

The plane is, without a doubt, the most convenient, quick and cheap way to reach the Irish capital. The international airport is only 10 kilometers from the center of dublin, and is well served by public transport. The city can be reached comfortably by bus. Info, tickets and prices through this link.


The St. Patrick's Festival, in Dublin, takes place from 14 to 18 March 2019. There are numerous events on the bill.


A five-day program with shows that combine traditional singing with storytelling. Abair Series, highlights the richness and beauty of Irish traditions of the past.

An Irish violin music awaits you, dance, storytelling with stories hidden behind the historical monuments of Dublin: from Georgian buildings to the city's monuments. Appointment from 14 to 18 March 2019, in Temple Bar area, near the Smock Alley Theatre. Lo spettacolo dura 90 minuti circa e il biglietto costa 12.00€ a persona. L’area è accessibile ai portatori di handicap.


St Patrick Day Dublin

The event par excellence of the St. Patrick's Festival. At 11: 00, from Parnell Square, the traditional Parade leaves. You can watch memorable performances and fantastic performances, with extraordinary street performers. Obviously, in order to guarantee you a front row seat, you need to reach one of the parade points at least a couple of hours in advance.

There is also the possibility of being able to attend (to pay) at the Parade, from one of the stands set up at Parnell Square, Westmoreland Street, Christchurch and St. Patrick's Cathedral; in this case it will be necessary to purchase the special ticket at the rather high price of 68.00 € per person. You will guarantee a seat and, of course, a unique view on the parade


For the duration of the Festival, at the 17: 00 in point, the main monuments of Dublin will be illuminated ... green.

A light show on the facades of the main buildings of the city.


One of the symbols of the city, as well as a place of greatest appeal, such as the Guinnes Storehouse, carries out a series of initiatives; among these, theFREE ENTRANCE FOR EVERYONE WHO CALLS PATRICK for a whole day. To get the free ticket, just show up with ID that certifies their personal details.

Furthermore, live events, tastings and a special opening time from 09: 00 to 18: 00 are scheduled for the entire period. If you do not have to call yourself Patrizio, you will have to pay the entrance fee: we recommend buying it directly from this link to avoid the row.


There are many facilities to stay in Dublin during your holidays. TO Parnell Square you can enjoy the Festival of St. Patrick at its best, with all the energy is the "Irish" entertainment.

Temple Bar it is the ideal area for those wishing to fully enjoy the nightlife of the capital. Finding available facilities in this period, however, is a difficult task. Especially in case your budget is quite limited.

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