Festival of Lights Berlin

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Practical information Festival of Lights Berlin 2017

PERIOD: 05 - 14 October 2018
PLACE: Berlin, Germany

In October, Berlin is ready to amaze with extraordinary special effects, turning into a real enchanted city. The most beautiful places, museums, monuments, squares and attractions will be visible in a different light, thanks to the Berlin Festival of Lights. This is one of the most anticipated events of the year, now in its 14th edition.

The best international artists will be present, with extraordinary 3D effects and magnificent installations. An event that combines tradition and innovation, with a careful and alert look also to the social aspect. About two million (!) Visitors will be expected at this event. Review that, in terms of effects and installations, is one of the most interesting in the world, with Lyon, Moscow and Sydney.

During the ten days of the Berlin Festival of Lights, the city turns into a huge open-air stage. You can admire the greatest artists of the illuminations; listen to them as they tell stories, draw attention to detail, and present their cultures, arts, crafts and messages. The historical sites of Berlin, the streets, squares, and all the most fashionable and interesting neighborhoods will be set up with extraordinary light installations. Furthermore, the strong civic commitment and social responsibility on the part of the organizers, with important charitable projects, should be noted.

Festival of Lights Berlin



Thanks to the presence of two international airports, the German capital can easily be reached by direct flight from the main world destinations.

Both from Shonefeld, Which by Tegel, you can reach the center, quite easily, by public transport.

You can easily go by metro, bus or on foot, and attend the main installations of the Festival. Click here for info on how to get around in Berlin by bus, timetable and tickets.


Berlin Lights

Starting from the 19: 00 hours, until midnight, it is possible to watch the light shows. There are so many installations between the center and the suburbs. However, some of them are only available for certain dates of the event.

Here are some dates to remember during the 2018 Berlin Festival of Lights

05 / 10. The grand opening at Alexanderplatz / Neptunbrunnen. Appointment to 19: 30 for an evening of lights, sounds and music.

06 / 10. The official way to the Night of Lights, with installations and lots of special effects starting from 19: 00 in point. The installations at ZDF, Askania, and Experience Europe should not be missed for the 2018 edition.

From the 10 to the 14, appointment at 17: 59 in point at Immersion Shapertrasse 24 for the incredible special effects of Extraordinary Alien.

12 / 10. Appointment to 19: 00 in Ministergärten for a fantastic evening of Jazz, pop and folk. Unique experience in the company of great German artists.


Admission is free, unless otherwise indicated. In some cases, where provided, you have to pay the entrance fee for a specific structure.

There are incredible bus tours and, above all, by boat. It is really fantastic and evocative, to see the main attractions of Berlin, letting oneself be carried along the river's waters. One way to see the 2018 Berlin Festival of Lights, from another perspective.

A bus tour lasting around 2 hours costs 15.00 € per person. A boat tour, instead, 25.00 € per person. Even more exciting could be renting a fantastic Lightbike taxi; it is a sort of illuminated bike with which to sail the waters of Berlin. The rent for an illuminated bike, for two people, costs 95.00 € for 90 minutes.

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