Kanamara Matsuri

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What to do and see at Kanamara Matsuri, the 2019 Penis Festival

DATA: April 01 2018
PLACE: Kawasaki, Japan

If you are looking for an absolutely unique party, you can not miss Kanamara Matsuri, literally "Iron Pest". This is an incredible ritual that takes place every spring on the first Sunday in April.

This year, the feast falls on the first of April, a day in which, traditionally, in many parts of the world love to celebrate making jokes.

The first edition of the festival took place in the 1969. Kanamara Matsuri, however, is an event dating back to the distant 1604. It represented an opportunity for prostitutes to pray for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. The penis, symbol of fertility: women pray that they may have a child. But it is also an opportunity to pray for luck and harmony.

Despite the tourist value and folklore, the party remains firmly anchored to the basic principles. The party, in fact, is an opportunity to promote greater awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, and to raise funds for research on AIDS.

Today, you will see crowds of tourists and curious about the city of Kawasaki, literally invaded by fouls of all sizes, carried over the streets of the city. His majesty the penis, is revered in all forms: illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations and, of course, a large parade. Guaranteed show for one of the most incredible and curious parties in the world.

Fire to dust, therefore ...


Photo ©, stealth3327


BHChamberlein, in his "The island of women", Resumes an ancient legend in the Ainu language, according to which a sharp-toothed demon, in love with a girl, hid inside her vagina and bit the penises of two young men, on their wedding nights. The young girl then asked for help from a blacksmith who created an iron phallus with which he managed to break the demon's teeth.

From here, Kanamara Matsuri was born, and the veneration for the phallus! In honor of the Blacksmith built the Shrine of Kanayama


Kawasaki, in Japan, can be reached from Narita International Airport using the Keisei Railway, Toei Asakusa Subway Line and Keikyu Line trains. This is the cheapest way to get to Kawasaki. The journey time is about two hours.

The fastest and most expensive alternative is to use the JR Narita Express for Shinagawa and, from here, with the Tokaido Line train, you arrive at your destination.

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Kanamara Matsuri

Photo, 2007 elmimmo

Attending Kanamara Matsuri is completely free. The real beginning is around the 11: 00, with the ignition of the huge bonfire, however, already from the previous evening the preparations begin for Kanamara Matsuri. Ceremonies and parades, take place practically since the morning. The most awaited moment is the big parade of the 16. Three large faults, made of iron or wood, are placed on as many altars, supported by men and women, and parade through the streets, between songs and dances. The climate is really festive and joyful.

Until late in the evening, there will be lots of entertainment with shows, dances and incredible races. The best sculpture, obviously depicting a penis, and the fun Rodeo race. In this case, it is easy to imagine what the participants have to ride!


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