What to do and see at the 2019 Lemon Festival in Menton

Lemon Festival

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DATA: 16 February - 03 March 2019
PLACE: Menton, France

From a small village party, dedicated to one of the most appreciated citrus fruits in France, to an event of international appeal. 85 years have passed since the first edition, but today, the Menton Lemon Festival is one of the most anticipated annual events on the Côte d'Azur. Like the Nice Carnival.

A festival that has seen the number of visitors grow exponentially from year to year.

There are many reasons why it is worth spending one or more days in Menton during this period. Starting, obviously, from the beautiful and evocative location.

In fact, the Lemon Festival is a triumph of lights, colors and fun. Dances, songs, parades, parties, and exhibitions: there is, really, everything and more waiting for you. The program is rich and varied. A festival that combines beautiful scenery, images and unique exhibits, the colors and the magic of Carnival. Because, this is also the moment to witness the beautiful allegorical floats, potatoes and parades.

The 86 edition of the Lemon Festival will revolve around the theme of "Fantastic Worlds". Parallel worlds inhabited by strange creatures. Incredible characters. Magic mirrors, enchanted castles ...

Everything, of course, always with a single common denominator: the splendid Lemon of Menton!


Fete Du Citron Menton

Here, below, the main events of the 2019 Lemon Festival in Menton, with the price of tickets to attend the various shows.


For 3 Sundays, appointment on the promenade, at the Promenade du Soleil, to attend the wonderful parades of citrus wagons. An authentic riot of colors, songs, dances and dances, for one of the most awaited events of the Carnival of Menton.

Available only on 17 and 24 February days, and 03 March, from 14.30 to 16.00. The ticket for adults (from 15 years upwards) for a standing place costs 10.00 €; reduced, from 6 to 14 years, costs 6.00 €. For seating, the fare is 25.00 for adults and € 10.00 reduced.


All the charm of the parades ... in the suggestion of twilight. On Thursdays, for only two evenings, you will witness a truly unique and wonderful show. In our opinion, really unmissable! Fanfare, orchestras, folk groups, dancers, entertainers will give life to one of the greatest street shows! The pyrotechnic fireworks to which you can attend the 22: 30 are worthy of conclusion.

The parade takes place along Promenade du Soleil, the 21 and 28 February days, from the 21: 00 to the 22: 30. The ticket for adults (from 15 years upwards) for a standing place costs 10.00 €; reduced, from 6 to 14 years, costs 6.00 €. For seating, the fare is 25.00 for adults and € 10.00 reduced.


For the duration of the Festival, at the Giardini Biovès, splendid compositions and decorations of golden fruit await you, which shine in the sun. Really unique and incredible sculptures, in which over 15 tons of citrus are arranged, wisely, one by one! Yellow and orange are the predominant shades.

From the 16 / 02 to the 03 / 03. From Monday to Saturday from 10 to 18. Thursday from 10 to 19.
Sundays from 9 to 19. The access gate is located opposite the Casino.

The ticket for adults (from 15 years onwards) costs 12,00 €; reduced, from 6 to 14 years, costs 6,00.

For just 3 days, the Biovès Gardens are illuminated in the evening with fantastic shows and lighting, where light and sound create a truly magical place. THE GARDENS OF LIGHT the 16, 22 February and 01 March 2018 days are open exclusively, from 20.30 to 22.30. It is advisable to arrive within one hour of closure. The ticket costs 13.00 € at full fare, and 8.00 € reduced.

Lemon Festival of Menton


All events of the 2019 Lemon Festival take place in closed and supervised areas. For this reason, an entry ticket is always required. Only children under the age of 6 do not pay the ticket, provided they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

The prices are those indicated above, and are purchased directly on the spot. By purchasing the ticket online, on the official website, you get discounted rates up to 15%.

For reasons of hygiene and safety, the animals are not allowed in the gardens, in the parade circuit and the Palais de l'Europe. Furthermore, it is done FORBIDDEN to access, if in possession of the following objects:

- Large suitcases and bags
- Disguises that can cause confusion
- Weapons, even fake ones
- Blunt, sharp or pointed objects
- Firecrackers and pyrotechnic fires
- Glass or metal containers


Staying in the center could be quite expensive. Menton is, as a rule, a rather popular city; during this period, the request increases dramatically. The first advice is to book well in advance. From this link, you can book your accommodation at the best price.

If available, Hotel Palm Garavan, It is the best solution to stay in the center. Prices are in line with the city, but you will enjoy the excellent location, excellent hospitality, spacious and clean rooms and the charm of the sea.

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