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Fallas de Valencia

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PERIOD: 15 - 19 March 2019
PLACE: Valencia, Spain

The Fallas de Valencia are the most incredible and spectacular festival that combines, to perfection, satire, tradition, art and feeling for their land. In March, you will experience a truly unique experience in a truly incredible atmosphere. Tradition becomes art, and all of Valencia is an open-air museum; a riot of lights, colors and sounds.

Between music, fireworks, and fashion shows in traditional clothes, you can admire the beautiful Fallas de Valencia. These are real artistic monuments, consisting of wooden structures, covered with spectacular, and colorful, papier-mâché figures. The colossal creatures are made by artists and artisans throughout the year; in general, they are inspired by current figures and compositions of the whole Region.

What to do and see in the Fallas de Valencia

Every year, the festival attracts thousands of visitors. From the 2016, UNESCO has included the Fallas de Valencia, in the intangible heritage of humanity!

Attending this extraordinary event, offers the opportunity to appreciate, more, the beauties of the city, and the character and friendliness of the Valencian people. A party that invites everyone to participate, burning everything that is negative, to be reborn from its own ashes. In this way, we welcome a new season of the year.

The party is particularly loved by the locals. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the preparations take place many months before March. The Fallas de Valencia officially take place from the last Sunday of February to the 19 March. The culmination of the festivities, however, is during the Fallera Week and, in particular, during the last 4 days.

The Fallas de Valencia are much more than a simple carnival parade. They are the very essence of a land full of charm and traditions. One of the absolutely unmissable events of the month.



Valencia is well connected by air to many European and non-European destinations. From the airport, you can easily reach the center with the excellent underground network. Alternatively, you can arrive by train, car and even ship.

The city is served by an efficient public transport service, which allows you to reach every area of ​​Valencia. Including the center, which you can easily walk around.


Fallas de Valencia

Here is the billboard of the main events of the Fallas de Valencia 2018, starting from the last Sunday of February.

Sunday February 24

At 20: 00, at the Torres de Serranos, the official route to the Fallas de Valencia 2019. There Fallera Mayor, queen of beauty, from the balcony of the city municipality, gives way to the show of lights, colors and fireworks.


Every day, at the 14: 00 in point, at Plaça de l'Ajuntament, the long-awaited show of the Mascletà. Fantastic fireworks await you, with many rows of firecrackers creating a deafening effect. At the end, head towards the numerous bars in the area, for the traditional aperitif.


In the night from 15 to 16 March the plantà takes place, during which the falleros gather to work all night and build the monument (the flaw), which must be ready in the early hours of 16. The 17 March, at 09: 00, the falleras appear in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to receive the corresponding prize.

On 15, at 09: 00, Plantà of Fallas infantiles. Awarding the best Fallas infantiles, the following day, at 16: 30, at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.


The nights of 16 and 17 March, the sky of Valencia is filled with light and color thanks to the impressive Castles of fireworks.

At midnight, a multitude of people gather in Paseo de la Alameda to enjoy an unmissable spectacle of light and color. Not to be missed.


This is the most important religious moment of the festival, with the traditional parade of women with typical costumes and their offer of flowers at the Virgen de los Desamparados

The event starts around 16: 00, until dusk. All the flowers are placed on a huge wooden construction, creating a spectacular floral composition that serves as a cloak to the Madonna. The work is placed in front of the main facade of the Basilica, in the Plaza de la Virgen


The most anticipated event by tourists and inhabitants. During the early afternoon, you will come across many people intent on firing firecrackers and improvising fireworks. At 01: 30, in Paseo de Alameda, all with their upturned nose to watch a show, unique in the world. Magnificent fireworks, in a fantastic blaze of lights and colors that illuminate the night of Valencia


Cremà Fallas de Valencia

On the night of 19 March all the monuments, big and childlike, are set on fire, giving life to spectacular bonfires. At 22: 00, the Cremà of the children's monuments is started. Two hours later, at midnight, it's time for the Fallas de Valencia fire.

The only one to be pardoned by the fire is the so-called Ninot Indultat. This is the puppet chosen by visitors to the Ninot exhibition.

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