Burning Man

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What to do and see at the Burning Man 2018 in the Nevada desert


Burning Man 2017

PERIOD: 26 August - 03 September 2018
PLACE: Black Rock City, Nevada, United States.

Black Rock City it is a kind of ghost town, located in the expanse of the desert BlackRock in the State of Nevada, which every year, for only eight days, is populated by thousands of individuals; a sort of temporary metropolis dedicated to the community, art, self-expression and self-confidence; a place of creativity where everyone is welcome.

In this "no man's land" the Burning Man, an event that, thanks to its characteristics and expression, is unique all over the planet. An incredible event that, over the years, is finding more and more aficionados.
The name of the festival, which literally means "human torch", comes from the Saturday night ritual, when a wooden puppet is burned. No concert or event with recall names, and no events advertised mediately. Each participant can organize exhibitions, art exhibitions, workshops, performances, games and entertainment, possibly signaling them to the organizers.

Freedom is the keyword.
Freedom of expression, of initiative ... This is the Burning Man.

Thus, it is quite easy to see walking men or women completely naked or in particular clothes. It is, as mentioned, a very unusual and unconventional festival; for this reason, except for coffee and ice (the only things for sale inside the temporary city) there is nothing, because everyone has to provide by himself bringing tent, food, water, generators and so on. And if someone had not brought it? In the city, donation and bartering are allowed (in extreme cases you could even get to offer your body in exchange for a nice shot of rum !!!).

Burning Man 2009

Photo, 2009 Mindaugas Danys

Cell phones do not work here, and some sudden sandstorms may occur; during the day the temperatures exceed 40 ° C and at night they can drop by several tens of degrees; for this reason, most events take place after sunset.
Finally, please note that all video / photo equipment must be recorded at the entrance and, for some shows, it is forbidden to shoot.


The only way to reach the Burning Man Festival is by car. The possibilities are really numerous: Los Angeles, New York City, Canada, are just some of these. This does not mean that you can use other American airports as a base for your trip.

Once landed, you can rent a car to continue your journey. Through our official page, you can book your vehicle at a special discounted rate.

Interstate I-80 will, in all likelihood, be your faithful traveling companion.

GPS coordinates to reach Black Rock City are: 40 ° 45'13.83 "N, 119 ° 16'37.20" W.


The organizers recommend to use, during your journey, the maximum civic sense and respect of the communities you will meet; maximum respect for property, local customs and habits. It is recommended to respect the speed limits and .... always wear clothes!

Above all, avoid leaving dirt and throwing waste.

The future of the Festival depends on everyone's behavior and respect!


The cost to participate is not really within reach: well 425 $ to which must be added additional 80 $ plus taxes (not shown) for your vehicle. Only on the official website, through this link, Tickets can be purchased from the end of January, with a limited pre-sale. Everyone can purchase a maximum of two tickets and a car pass, at certain times.

For all the info and updates on the Burning Man Festival we invite you to consult the official website


It is from the 1986 that the Burning Man has opened its doors to children and families in Baker Beach. All children within the 12 years not completed, enter for free with their parents or guardians. It is mandatory to have a specific KIDS TICKET

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