Events August Copenhagen

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Events August Copenhagen

With summer coming, so many travelers choose Greece or Spain for the sea. Many others decide to visit the European capitals; city ​​like London and Paris, in fact, they have always been a must. Others, thanks to the advent of Low Cost companies, choose the cities of Northern Europe, trying above all to escape the heat of the summer months.

If you have chosen the beautiful Copenhagen, here are a series of very interesting events, which will be held during the month of August.

Odense Flower Festival 18-21 August

On the streets of Odense you can admire, breathe a unique scent and photograph more of 180000 flowers, plants and vegetables, all arranged in original compositions, according to a specific theme that changes every year; the Festival of Flowers annually attracts thousands of visitors to the city where the famous writer was born Christian Andersen.

Cooking and Food Festival 19-28 August

This is one of the biggest culinary festivals in Northern Europe, that transforms Copenhagen in a large restaurant, able to present local products and excellent raw materials.

A sort of reinterpretation of Nordic cuisine will be presented; Gourmet restaurants at affordable prices, cooking experiences and events spread throughout the city.

In particular the Meat Hacking district; will host for three days the Cooking and Food festival, with competitions between chefs, sensory experiences and very picturesque Gastronomic stalls.

Hans Christian Andersen Festival 22-28 August

Parades, orchestras, artists, all in the spirit of Andersen.

Other Dates:

The Shakespeare Festival at Kronborg Castle is scheduled from 1 ° to 21 August; while the Aarhus Food Festival will be held from the 2 to the 4 September; a popular event for food lovers and conscious consumers, Danish and international chefs, producers, researchers and critics.


Kanoa recommends renting a bike to feel like a Dane, jostling through the quaint streets of the center; this city has an incredible charm ... we are sure you will love it!

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