What to do and see at the Nice Carnival 2019 2020

Nice Carnival

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PERIOD: 16 February - 02 March 2019
PLACE: Nice, France.

In a scenic and evocative setting, over two weeks of shows, flower battles and absurd characters await you. The Nice Carnival is one of the most anticipated winter events of the entire Côte d'Azur; certainly, among the most evocative of all Europe.

Besides 1000 musicians, dancers and artists from every corner of the world, will animate the traditional parades, day and night. From Place Masséna to the Promenade du Paillon, will be a succession of floats decorated with beautiful floral arrangements, characters dressed in incredible costumes and ... much more.

Guaranteed fun for the whole family.

Nice Carnival

The protagonist of the Nice 2019 Carnival edition will be Roi du Cinéma, that is, the King of Cinema. This year, in fact, celebrates the centenary the legendary Studio Victorine, a symbolic place of the film industry of the French Riviera. The French studios have welcomed the likes of Marcel Carné, Roger Vadim, François Truffaut, Jean Cocteau, Jacques Demy, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen ... just to name a few!

During the 6 day and night runway shows, a total of 17 wagons will make you experience the event at its best. Each wagon will be set up according to its own theme; the height varies from 8 to 16 meters. Official designers and important carristi, will give free rein to their imagination. The show is really guaranteed. Furthermore, at the Nice 2019 Carnival, designers and collaborators of major international newspapers (Soleil de Québec, Sincho or Wall Street Journal ...) will contribute, experts in local culture (Moya, Broquet ...).

Because, in these parts, Carnival is a vocation, a passion.


Photo, 2013 Mark Fischer

La Battle of the Flowers is the most awaited event of the Nice Carnival. It represents one of the highest points of carnival creativity in these parts. The event dates back to the distant 1876, when Andriot Saëtone created the first parade along the famous Promemade des Anglais.

Since then, the ceremony has become increasingly magical, beautiful and evocative.

Absolute stars are the flowers of the Côte d'Azur. The 85% of those used are, in fact, locally produced. On each wagon, models are launched to 100.000. The realization of the stands is the result of a meticulous work of real artists.

La Parade of Illuminated Chariots is another unmissable event of the Nice Carnival. Every evening, all the wagons are illuminated and the parades light up the heart of Nice with a thousand lights. Guaranteed magic and atmosphere.



Photo, 2013 Jesmar

Saturday 17 and 24 February

14h30 Battle of the Flowers
€ 26 in tribune / 12 € in entry (zone B)
21h00 Parade of illuminated carriages
€ 26 in the tribune / 12 € in input (zone A) / 5 € in entry (zone B)

Tuesday 19 and 26 February
21h00 Parade of illuminated carriages
€ 26 in the tribune / 12 € in input (zone A) / 5 € in entry (zone B)

Wednesday 20 and 27 February
14h30 Battle of the Flowers
€ 26 in tribune / 12 € in entry (zone B)

Sunday February 24
14h30 Wagon Parade - Nissarda Parade
€ 21 in the tribune / 12 € in input (zone A) / 5 € in entry (zone B)

Saturday March 02
14h30 Battle of the Flowers
€ 26 in tribune / 12 € in entry (zone A)
21h00 Parade of the illuminated wagons and incineration of the King
Place Massena
€ 26 in the tribune / 12 € in input (zone A) / 5 € in entry (zone B)

Through the official nicecarnival website, you can book your tickets with the secure payment system.


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