Bohemian Carnival

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What to do and see at Prague's Bohemian Carnival, in March 2019

DATA: 02 - 06 March 2019
PLACE: Prague, Czech Republic

The people of Prague love to call it with the original name Masopust. Internationally, it is the Bohemian Carnival, one of the main winter events of the Czech Republic. An event that, little or nothing, has to envy the most noble European events like Nice or Venice. And it is precisely in Venice, and Italy, that the Bohemian Carnival draws its greatest inspiration. An event that combines colors, creativity and charm.

The whole Czech Republic dresses up during the Bohemian Carnival. Let yourself be carried away by dances, songs, incredible sets, costumes, masks and endless parties, through the streets of the various Czech cities. Prague is one of the most magical and evocative frames. Its wonderful squares. Its streets. Incredible and evocative monuments. His romantic bridges. A truly unique setting is as fantastic as a few others in the world.

And for an even more incredible and unique experience, do not miss the festivities in the small village of Hlinecko, about 150 kilometers from the capital. An event that has not gone unnoticed even by UNESCO, so much so that it can be included in the immaterial cultural heritage of humanity!

The origins of the Bohemian Carnival date back to the thirteenth century, probably related to the cult of the God of wine. Masopust, yesterday like today, was a time of celebration and fun. In many, eran9 used to organize their wedding during this period so joyful and cheerful. Even today there are those who follow the tradition.

The Prague Bohemian Carnival celebrations begin as early as January, to continue until the Fat Tuesday, the highlight of the event with extraordinary parades. The characters, are those related to the Czech tradition. Each, with a task and a well-defined meaning. You will find straw men, people dressed as horses, chimney sweeps, the boss's wife, and many others.

And to fully experience the magic of Prague's Bohemian Carnival, do not miss all the events that frame the Masopust and traditional festivals. In January and February, in fact, many concerts and dances await you in the city, carriage rides, and Venetian gondola trips along the picturesque Vltava waters.


Bohemian Carnival


Prague-Ruzyne It is the international airport that serves the city, located only ten kilometers from the city center. The airport is well connected to the main European and extra-European destinations. From the airport, the 119 bus, or alternatively the 100, allows you to get to the center.

The most important events of the Prague Bohemian Carnival 2019 take place in the streets of the center. The latter, well served by public transport, can easily be walked around. All the info to move in Prague, tickets, timetables and means, are available at this link.


The Baroque Palace Clam-Gallas, near the Old Town Square, houses the traditional masked ball which marks the official beginning of the Prague Bohemian Carnival. In this place, at one time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven performed. Right here, an entire Salone is dedicated to Carnival.

Classical music and elegant costumes await you in a masked ball of the past. Reservations are required. Obviously, it is mandatory to disguise yourself.

Alchemist cuisine, is a sort of event in the event that takes place during this period. It is a gastronomic review, in the city, where typical dishes of the Bohemian and Carnival tradition are offered.

On Tuesday 05, the grand conclusion of the festival with the traditional parade. Do not miss the traditional float parade on Moldova. Really nice.


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