Exhibition of the Venice Film

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All about the Venice Film Festival, 29 August 08 September 2018

Lion Of Venice - Venice Film Festival 2017

Photo, 2008 Tryphon

PERIOD: 29 August - 08 September 2018
PLACE: Venice, Italy

The Venice Film Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world, after the Academy Awards, or the Oscar. The first edition took place in the distant 1932.
The aim of the exhibition is to spread cinematographic art in all its forms, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue.

As usual, the Venice Film Festival is part of the Venice Biennale, as part of an annual event that combines art, architecture, dance, music and theater.

The Golden Lion is the most important prize of the kermesse and, from the point of view of film criticism, is considered more important than the Oscars themselves. The animal was chosen because it is a symbol of the city. Like, after all, the Bear is the symbol of the Berlin festival.

For many, the Venice Film Festival is the best opportunity to see the stars of the big screen from close up. And, of course, for cinephiles, it represents an opportunity for a healthy feast of films. At the turn of the months of August and September, the city becomes a great film set. Difficult not to be transported by the atmosphere that reigns at the Lido and throughout the Lagoon.

The most daring can challenge the heat and crowd, waiting for their idols to parade on the red carpet. Every year, the film festival offers a rich program of films and events. There will also be interesting exhibitions, projections, activities and workshops.

There will be six, the sections that make up the official selection of the kermesse. Official selection, will propose the 21 feature films, in world premiere, which will compete for the win. Who will be the worthy successor of the wonderful "La Forma dell'Acqua", winner of the Golden Lion 2017?

Will open the kermesse, The First Man by Damien Chazelle. Among the guests, Ryan Gosling, Lady Gaga and David Cronenberg who will receive the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.


66ème Festival de Venise (Show)
Photo, 2009 nicolas genin


Venice it is easily reachable, by direct flight, from the main European destinations. The Venice-Marco Polo international airport is located only 13 km from the center and is well connected by public transport. All the info is available on our special page, from this link.

The 2018 Venice Film Festival takes place, as usual, at the historic Palazzo del Cinema, on the Lungomare Marconi, on the Lido of Venice.
From Venice city, you can reach the Lido in a short time, by sea.


It will be up to Guillermo Del Toro, the last winner, to preside over the jury of the 2018 Venice Film Festival.
Here are the main official sections of the 75a edition of the Venice Film Festival:

  • VENICE 75 - A maximum of 20 feature films in the world premiere. To the winner, the prestigious Golden Lion
  • OUT OF COMPETITION - Original works by established authors of great cultural interest.
  • HORIZONS - Films dedicated to new trends in world cinema.
  • CLASSIC VENICE - Documentaries and great classic films restored during the last year.
  • Sconfini - works without any restrictions. Most diverse genres can be part of it.


The 2018 Venice Film Festival is not just for journalists and employees. You can watch various film screenings, buying tickets and subscriptions.
The cost varies according to time and room. Obviously, being a world-famous kermesse, tickets are literally snapped up.

Some projections, in certain rooms, are available only by invitation and accreditation. On the official website, from this link, find the complete list and the price of tickets to the public.


Venice it is, without a doubt, one of the most visited and most touristic cities, especially in conjunction with events like this. In this period, it is very difficult to find accommodation, both at the Lido and in the center. The prices, moreover, rise so incredible by booking a few days before the event.

The advice is to move well in advance. Do not underestimate even Mestre, an excellent alternative to the most expensive Venice. From here, you can see the list of the best facilities at a special price, not far from Venice

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