Amsterdam Light Festival

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Info and program Amsterdam Light Festival 2018 2019

PERIOD: 29 November 2018 - 20 January 2019
PLACE: Amsterdam, Holland

There is no time of year for which it is not worth visiting Amsterdam. Beautiful, suggestive and fascinating like few others, this city never fails to catch the eye of visitors.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter and ... spring again. Always wonderful. If you are looking for a reason to visit it in winter, do not be afraid. For two months, from December to January, the city will reward tourists with its wonderful Amsterdam Light Festival. It is one of the most interesting events on the European scene, at least from a scenographic point of view.

An event in which light, lighting, become art. Artists, architects and designers from every corner of the planet bring their works and installations during this festival. Many works are made exclusively for the Amsterdam Light Festival. That's why, the festival is truly a must-see event.

Before they are exhibited, the works must be approved by a selected jury year. Talented artists, architects and designers present their cutting-edge ideas that will be exhibited during the two months of the event.

2018-2019 PROGRAM

Amsterdam Light Festival 2

Photo, 2013 UrbanUrban_ru

This year's theme is "The Medium is the Message", the famous statement by the Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan. The role of light in conveying a message, and the city of Amsterdam as a means of telling stories, are central to this edition.

The program of the 2018 edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is truly extraordinary. 30 works of art and installations, to which 600 artists from all over the world have contributed. Ten extraordinary stories, with the contribution of Koen Kleijn. And finally, an extraordinary guest of exception: Jeroen Henneman, autore di meravigliose sculture. Come da tradizione, ci saranno tre differenti itinerari, da compiere in barca, bici e a piedi.


Many itineraries, from 29 November 20 21 January, to be done entirely by boat. Along the Amstel waters, following the boat's route, you can admire unique and absolutely incredible works and installations. The works of art will be illuminated every day by 17: 00 at 23: 00, except for New Year's Eve, whose closing is scheduled for 20: 00.

You can choose the boat that best suits your needs. Thanks to the numerous partners of the event, you will be spoiled for choice. The nautical companies that offer official boat tours are easily recognizable by their "Official Partner" flag.

Rederij Koij, It is a solution with a good quality / price ratio. The ticket for the ride costs 19.50 € per adult and 10.00 € for children from 5 to 12 years, if purchased online; on board, an extra charge of 2.00 € is foreseen. Free for children up to 5 years old, accompanied by a paying adult.

Rederij Lovers is another excellent solution for quality-price; comfortable boat and prices at 21,50 € per person. The runs are active from 17: 00 to 22: 20, with a frequency of 20 '. All the info on the official website, from here.

Canal also offers interesting cruises on the Amstel. There are different options, with prices ranging from € 22,50 with hot drink included on board, to around € 30,00. All the info on the official website, from this link.


Thursday 27 December 2018, appointment for the unmissable Amsterdam Light Walk. A night walk of 10 and 15 km, where you can walk through the canals, admiring the Christmas markets, artistic installations and fantastic richly decorated works. A fantastic experience, also useful to dispose of the excess calories of Christmas!

The number is limited and therefore you are invited to register as soon as possible on the official website. The cost to participate is € 13 for the 10 km tour, and 17 € for the 15km tour.

A-BIKE TOUR, on the other hand, it offers the possibility to appreciate the installations through a fantastic bike itinerary lasting around 2 hours, up to 20 January. On the official website, from this link, you can book your tour. The price is € 24,95 and also includes a tour guide and a coffee.

Amsterdam is considered, for good reason, the Capital of fun. Between clubs, disco and clubs, the choice is really wide and varied.

In order to live the night of the city to the full and let loose between club and disco, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Light Festival, you can buy the special Nightlife Ticket. It costs only 10,00 € and includes free access to the well-known 11 of the most famous club / disco in the capital. Winstom Kingdom, Panama, Amsterdamned, Red Light, Prime ... just to name a few. And also many other conventions.


Amsterdam Light Festival 2017 2018


The plane is, without a doubt, the best way to reach the Dutch capital. The international airport of Amsterdam-Schiphol, is well connected with direct flights, with the main European and extra-European destinations. Moreover, the center is easily reachable with convenient and efficient public transport.

Furthermore, transport is highly rapid and efficient, and you have no difficulty in it move to Amsterdam by public transport.


Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in the world. This translates into a reduced availability of free accommodation facilities; especially near events such as the Amsterdam Light Festival.

The accommodation offer is really wide and varied. Budget hotels, luxury hotels, apartments, hostels; if you want to be original, you could opt to stay in one of the many houseboats, to live an electrifying stay. Amsterdam, among other things, is one of the cities with the highest average cost for accommodation. From this link, our valuable advice.

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