Getting around Edinburgh by public transport. Info, timetables, ticket prices

Move to Edinburgh

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The Scottish Lothian manages the road network with which it is possible to move to Edinburgh. From the 2014, next to the buses, it is also possible to use the tramway line, although the tramline has been criticized for the excessively long times, and the high costs for the construction.

Obviously, the best way to get around the city center is on foot. The historic center, quite concentrated, is ideal for walking and admiring the surrounding beauty.


Besides 50 bus lines, active from early morning, ideal for getting around Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian. Of these lines, there are the express lines and the 4 Airlink and Citylink lines, which serve the airport. To the traditional lines, we add the East Coast buses, which serve the areas of Macmerry, Haddington, Dunbar, North Berwick, Ormiston and Pencaitland.

Buses are generally active every day, from 04: 00 approximately, until midnight. After this time, night service is active. 12 bus lines, perform service from 00: 15 to 04: 00, with a frequency, even, of 10 minutes. A truly remarkable service. Night buses are identified by the letter N before their numbering; serve the center and the suburbs, including the airport (N22). IMPORTANT: night buses have different rates.

Move to Edinburgh


Despite the criticism, the tram is an excellent solution to move around Edinburgh, with many positive elements. The only tramway operates from the airport to York Place, with a total of 16 stations.

The tram, by its characteristics, is accessible by all people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users and, of course, families with strollers. Each tram stop can be used at 100% by the disabled, thanks to the presence of lifts and moving walkways.

The first tram leaves from York Place to the 05: 30, while, in the opposite direction, from the airport, leaves at 06: 15. Last ride from York Place to 23: 30; last run from the airport, at 22: 48. The frequency is 7 minutes.


Taxis and tourist buses are an alternative to traditional public transport. There are, among other things, several buses that make special tours within the city.


There are different types of tickets, suitable for different uses and needs. For those who occasionally used public transport in Edinburgh, the SINGLEticket It is the ideal solution. In this case, the ticket is different for buses and trams; the cost is the same: 1.70 £ per adult and 0.80 £ from 5 to 15 years. On buses, it allows you to make a single run on the day lines. On trams, you can take a trip from York Place to Ingliston Park; It must be used within 30 minutes of validation.

Il NIGHTticket, allows the use of night buses. It costs 3.00 £, and is purchased exclusively on board the vehicle. In this case, there is no reduced rate.

Il DAYticket - City Zone, is the equivalent of a day ticket, and allows unlimited travel during the validation day, on all city buses and trams, except the airport and East Coast Zone; costs 4 £ per adult, and 2 £ for children from 5 to 15 years. For families, the FamilyDAYticket could be quite convenient; a single ticket, valid for the whole day, for two adults and up to 3 children within the 15 years. Costa 8.50 £. The DAY & NIGHTticket, instead, it allows unlimited use of buses (including at night) and trams in the CITY area from 18: 00 to 04: 00 in the morning. Costa 3.50 £.

Il SINGLEticket AIRPORT ZONE, costs 6.00 £ (adult), and allows you to make a ride on the entire tramway line, from the airport to York Place; children from 5 to 15 years, pay the reduced rate of 3,00 £.

Il Network DAYticket, in our opinion, it is an excellent solution. It costs 9,00 £ per adult, with 50% discount for children from 5 to 15 years, and allows you to use all the media of the entire network. Also included are airport transfers with trams, Citylinks, night buses, East Coast buses.

The best solution, however, for those wishing to move to Edinburgh by public transport, is RIDACARD. It is a sort of real subscription, really convenient, ideal for those who use the media in a non-occasional way. It costs 19.00 £ per adult, and 9.00 £ reduced, in the one-week version. With the RIDACARD you can use buses, trams, night lines, airport transfers with Airlink, and Skylink for the entire period. It can be purchased, as in the case of tickets, at the numerous sales outlets and agencies that display the brand.

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