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How to get to Dijon via Paris by plane. Arriving by car, train.

Welcome to the legendary Capital of Burgundy.

At the foot of the heights of the mythical Côte d'Or, where the Route Des Grand Crus, Dijon is a wonderful and lively city that combines art, history, and culture and excelling gastronomy, and at the same time, enology.

It is no coincidence that, in early November, the International and Gastronomic Fair is held which welcomes almost 200 thousand visitors each year. Not just food and wine. Dijon is an important commercial, industrial and cultural center. It possesses first-rate artistic beauties and marvelous medieval buildings.
University town, very lively and youthful and with a unique character, with many students who, in the evening, move the various clubs around the city. It is considered by many to be one of the most livable cities in France. So, prepare yourself for a journey that, of course, will not disappoint you.

Reaching Dijon



The airport Dijon-Bourgogne It is located about 6 km away from the city center. After hosting some civilian routes, it is currently used exclusively as an air base for business flights and flights for health needs.

For those wishing to arrive by plane, the best solution is to land in Paris and rent a car. You have to travel about 300 km to get to your destination. The alternative could be the Geneva international airport, about 280 kilometers away.

The airport of Dole-Jurainstead, it is just 50 kilometers away. Unfortunately, air traffic to the latter is limited to 3 direct connections only: Fes, Marrakesh and Porto. In high season, flights from Cagliari, Brač, Corfu and Rhodes also land.

So, by offering, Paris is the best solution. Paris-Orly airport it is 305 kilometers. The Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, about 350 kilometers. Paris-Beauvais, instead, over 400.


From Switzerland, it takes around 250 kilometers to get to your destination, starting from Basel or Berne. From Munich, in Germany, you have to travel a little less than 700 kilometers; in this case, passing through the French territory alone in Mulhouse, you avoid the crossing of Austria and Switzerland and the relative payment of the stamp.

To get from Milan, in Italy, you travel about 510 km passing through Aosta - T1 Monte Bianco and T2 Gran San Bernardo; therefore, after passing the Mont Blanc Tunnel, and entering for a short distance in Swiss territory, you have to take the Autostrada Geneva-Paris, direction Chamonix, and finally the A391 following the directions for Dijon.

Recall that the French motorway network is highly efficient. Controls, especially at toll booths, are quite frequent. Respect, above all, speed limits for which the police are rather intransigent.


Dijion-Ville it is the Central railway station of the city. It is mainly connected to the main French and Swiss cities by the TGV high-speed line. Links to Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Zurich are guaranteed.

From Germany, you stop in Paris or Switzerland. From Italy we stop at Gare de Lyon and, from here, in 1 now and 40 you get to Dijon Central Station. On the official SCNF website in Italian it is possible to find all the information.

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