Dijon weekend

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What to do and see in a Dijon Weekend. Museums, monuments and places

The Capital of Burgundy, can be considered as the starting point (or on the contrary, the worthy conclusion) of a wonderful journey within this fascinating region; a land of sumptuous wines, beautiful landscapes and places to discover. We, we want to propose a hypothetical itinerary for a Weekend Dijon; nothing removes that you can stay more days, indeed .... The city really deserves a really thorough visit.

1 Day Dijon Weekend

Dijon Cathédrale Saint Bénigne & Eglise Saint Philibert

Copyright, 2013 François de Dijon

Palaces, Museums, Churches and Parks: the city offers more than the visitor can imagine. That you are veterans from Route Des Grands Crus, or you are about to start this journey, maybe coming from the beautiful Paris, you will probably have a half day to visit in this first part of the Tour. We recommend starting from the historical center, dedicating a more comprehensive visit to the museums and the Palace of the Dukes for the following day.

Walking in the wonderful alleys, you can breathe history, tradition at every corner. You can not remain indifferent to the beauty and elegance of all the buildings and ancient buildings that you will review; starting from the elegant Hotel de Vogué in Rue de la Chouette, in Italian Renaissance style. And one can not remain indifferent to the characteristic Rue des Forges, behind the Palais Des Ducs. It is all flanked by marvelous stately buildings: theAubriot hotel, with the thirteenth-century façade; Morel-Sauvegrain with its splendid Renaissance courtyard; or, again, the beautiful Maison Milsand, always in Renaissance style.

Eglise Notre-Dame de Dijon

Copyright, 2004 FRED

Copyright, 2004 FRED

Among the alleys, tearooms, shops and cafés, you will find yourself in front of the marvelous Église Notre-Dame de Dijon; is a true masterpiece of the Burgundian Gothic with, inside, the wonderful wooden statue of the Virgin of the eleventh century. In a spur of the Chapel is carved an owl that the inhabitants have the habit of caressing with the left hand; according to tradition this gesture will grant one's own desire!

Do not miss, in this first part of the Dijon Weekend, the famous "Jacquemart", Consisting of four figures that beat the hours.
In the Church, built in the thirteenth century, Holy Masses every day at 08, Saturday also at 17: 30 and Sunday at 10: 30 and 18: 30. For all other practical information you can consult the official website.

Dijon, as mentioned, should be experienced with tranquility, perhaps stopping at one of its beautiful gardens or sipping a glass of wine in the alleys of the center. Calm, tranquility you can find at the Le Bora restaurant; we recommend it for your dinner for excellence in quality / price ratio. The property is located at Petite Rue de Pouilly 8, about 10 minutes walk from Notre Dame; It can therefore be reached with a splendid walk in the direction of Place de la Republique.
Here you will find alternatives, many bistros, and local, in which to stop for after dinner. The Piazza is very beautiful and, above all, lively; in the center you will find a beautiful fountain with water features and a memorial to President Sadi Carnot, assassinated in 1894. Here, in ancient times, fairs and important markets took place.

2 Day Dijon Weekend

Password: tranquility! Let yourself be carried away by the slow pace of time, in these magical places, It is the best way to fully appreciate the Dijon Weekend. Have breakfast with what you want and reach the city center again; from here start to discover the wonderful Palais Des Ducs and the Museum of Fine Arts housed inside the building.

Dijon weekend

Il Palais des Ducs et des États de Bourbogne, located in the city center in Place de la Liberatíon, is actually a complex of buildings built during about 500 years, and, consequently, of different styles. The project to make the Piazza and Palazzo a unique, harmonious whole, was the work of Hardouin-Mansart, architect of Versailles. Today, the Palais hosts theHotel de Ville (the town hall) that occupies almost three buildings that overlook the square; in addition, the splendid Musée Des Beaux Arts, one of the most important museums in all of France!

The entrance to the museum is located at Cour de Bar, says the ancient kitchens of the Palais are to be found. It hosts rich art collections and interesting galleries; above all, there are the rooms that house the tombs of some great rulers of Burgundy, including Giovanni Senza Paura and Filippo il Bello, "hosted" in the splendid Salle Des Gardens, with decorations from the 14th and 15th centuries
The Museum is open every day of the year (except Tuesday, closing day, 01 / 01, 24 / 12) from 09: 30 to 18 in summer (May - October) and 10 to 17 in other months. The entrance is ALWAYS FREE!
For more information, we invite you to consult the official website.

For lunch we suggest you stop at one of the bistros in the area: you must try the Moutarde de Dijon, renowned throughout Burgundy; it is a type of mustard produced with very strong seeds that give it its unmistakable taste. Do not forget to taste how good the Burgundy gastronomy can offer; and here, you will really find an unparalleled offer!

A little further on, coming out of the beautiful alleys of the historic center, embarked Rue Michelet, we reach the Cathédrale Saint Bénigne de Dijon; It is a Gothic-Burgundian building of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. built on a previous Roman Basilica of the eleventh century and whose remains are visible in the crypt.
For all the practical information and timetables of Holy Masses, we invite you to consult the official website.

Dijon - Jardin de l'Arquebuse - Temple d'amour 4

Copyright, 2010 Christophe.Finot

Dijon is a city with numerous gardens and parks; if you are interested in spending a few hours, not far from the Cathedral there are the Jardin de l'Arquebuse. It is a park of 5,5 hectares in the city center, with a rose garden of almost 300 square meters 200 different varieties of roses, and a beautiful stream; the varieties of plants are also noteworthy. Inside the gardens you will also find loggias, statues and a small "temple of love".
Access to the garden is free and free, as well as that to the botanical garden. It is open every day from 07: 30 to 17: 30 (in summer open up to 20).

May this be the icing of your journey in Burgundy, or the entrée, it does not matter; you will leave with a smile, for discovering a city of unique beauty, and a bit of nostalgia ... because surely you would like to stay here again!

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