Dijon How to move

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How to get there and reach Karpathos by ship and plane. Connections

For the center of Dijon, you can move easily on foot. The bike, in these parts, is a much loved means, like public transport, fast and efficient.


The two-wheeler is a more comfortable and environmentally friendly vehicle. DiviaVélo offers over 800 rental bikes, in the short, medium and long term, with very competitive prices. For rentals up to 7 days, you will need to reach DiviaVéloPark, near Dijon Gare, and register your contract. DiviaVélodi, complementary, offers 400 bicycles in the heart of the city. You can use the bike at your leisure, taking it, and making it, in one of the 40 parking points in the city.


Divia ( is the company that manages public city transport, through an extremely efficient network of buses and trams. Thanks to public transport, moving around Dijon is really simple and intuitive.

T1 Dijon Gare - Quetigny Center, and T2 Chenôve Center - Dijon Valmy, these are the two excellent tram lines that run every day from 05: 30 at 1am; they also have a frequency of only 5 minutes at peak times. Five bus lines, identified by L3 to L7, running at the same times (except Sunday, from 07: 00 one), connect the city center. Furthermore, other 13 complementary lines are coming into operation in the peripheral areas.

PLEINELUNE, instead, is the new night bus service, active from Thursday to Sunday, from September to June. Thanks to the line Pleinelune, you can move to Dijon between University e Republic.

DijonCard-01 Dijon How to move

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The Carta Divia is a special name card that allows you to top up your credit for every type of ticket within the city: from the single ride to the season ticket. It costs 5 € and can be purchased at Central Station, information points or automatic ticket machines.

The types of tickets are:
PASS 1h, at the cost of 1.40 € you can use unlimited trams and buses within 60 minutes from the validation. The Carnet PASS 10 + 1 VOYAGES, instead, it offers 11 tickets from 1h, at the cost of 14.00 €. Also available in the reduced version, at the cost of 9.35 €.
PASS 24h at the cost of 4.20 €, for one person, 6.30 € for two people, 8.40 € for 3 people, 9.45 € for 4 people. PASS 48h sold to 7.35 € e PASS 72h at the cost of 9.45 €; PASS 7 DAYS, at a cost of € 13.00.
- with the PASS SOIRÉE, at the cost of 2.10 €, you can travel on all trams and buses unlimitedly from 19: 00 to 06 in the morning.
There are also types of subscription from 24 h for two or more fairly convenient people. For all information on how to get around Dijon, refer to the official DIVIA website. We underline that, if you do not want to purchase the RECHARGEABLE CARD, the paper version of the ticket includes an additional cost of 0,30 € per ticket. Please note that children under the age of 5 under-age travel FREE on the entire network.

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