When to go to Slovakia. Guide, climate info and best time

When to go to Slovakia

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Here are some valuable information, to choose the best time when to go to Slovakia. The climate of the country is temperate and continental, variable depending on the area and, above all, the altitude.

The Capital, and much of the area located to the west, is predominantly flat with cold temperatures in winter, and a few hours of sunshine during the day. In summer, however, the temperatures are quite pleasant, especially at night. There are, however, particularly sultry days, with temperatures perceived well beyond the 30 degrees. From May to September, the days get longer, and the sun shines quite often during the day.

Winter is particularly rigid at high altitude. The area of ​​the Carpathians, where the Tatra Mountains are located, is where the highest altitudes are registered. The High Tatras, on the border with Poland, are a rather popular ski destination for snow lovers. Here, the winters are freezing and full of snow, with average temperatures of -7 degrees. In the summer, instead, the afternoon thunderstorms are quite frequent, before leaving space to the sun.

Through our κ index, we provide an evaluation for every single month. In this way, you can evaluate the best time when to go to Slovakia according to the type of holiday. In addition to the climate, in fact, other factors are affected, such as events, festivals ....

When to go to Slovakia

January κκκκκ
February κκκκ
April kk
May κκκκκ
June κκκκ
July kk
September κκκκκ
October kk
December κκκκκ


September is the top month when going to Slovakia. A period that brings everyone together. Like the rest, May. Whatever may be your destination, the climate will never be too rigid or sultry. December, however, despite the cold weather, remains an ideal month for the Christmas markets: charm and magic guaranteed, despite the adverse temperatures.


Each period is good for visiting the country. Probably, March and November are the worst times. No major events or festivals. Temperatures are not too ideal for visiting or skiing.

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