Getting to Malta by plane and ship. Guide, connections, distances

Getting to Malta

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Malta is an island country, located in the Italian geographical region. From the Sicilian coast, it is about 80 km. Furthermore, it is located at 284 km from Tunisia and at 333 km from Libya.

The best way to get to Malta is undoubtedly by plane.

Across the archipelago, there is only one airport, located about 8 km from the Maltese capital.
The international airport is well connected with direct flights, in high season, with numerous European destinations.
By car, taxi and bus, you can easily reach the main points of interest of the island, from the airport.

The buses are highly efficient, practical and economical. They work from early morning until late, with prices of just 2.00 € per person. The airport is the terminus of three of the four lines X1, X2, X3.
Then, there are two rapid lines, called TD, which make a loop around the airport, pass through some important island destinations. On these lines, the price is 3.00 €, paid on board the vehicle.

By taxi, or by renting a car, you can move and reach any destination.


Getting to Malta

A rather suggestive method to arrive in Malta is, undoubtedly, by sea. The charm and the suggestion, in this case, have no correspondence in terms of practicality.

You can get to Malta, in fact, exclusively from Sicily, thanks to the connections of the Maltese company Virtu Ferries.
In high season, there are one or more fast connections from Pozzallo to Valletta, in less than two hours.
The small Italian port is located south of Sicily.
The prices are quite high. In the middle of summer, from Pozzallo, the cost is 129 € per adult, and 79 € for children.
You can also use a transfer service by sea from Catania, at the cost of 14 € per person.
All the info can be found on the official website

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