United States East Coast North Tour

East Coast North ... Starting from the Big Apple

Kanoa proposes the tour of the East Coast, in 21 days we will take you to the landmarks of America, including New York, the inevitable starting point for all the itineraries of the East Coast, kanoa offers the tour of the most popular places to those less publicized, large expanses, farms, mountains, lakes, excluding New York we will tell you a different side of America, where you will feel, together with the locals, a strong territorial identity.

We will leave from the famous New York, walks in the neighborhoods of Soho and Chelsea, visit some museums inUpper West Side and in 'Upper East Sidevisit Central Park the green lung of New York, take a look at Wall Street and feel like in a movie.

Do not miss the famous walk on the most famous bridge in the world, go to Brooklyn which today boasts millions of visitors compared to a few years ago.

Kanoa advises to dedicate at least 4 days to New York, where 10 would probably not even be enough to visit it well but your tour can not wait ... and then leave the city to take you to Long Island to see the Hamptons, then come back to New York and take the train or the car for Boston dedicating 2 days visited the historical places, not forgetting for the gourmets the pubs of Cambridge, then move to Cape Cod, peninsula punctuated by beautiful dunes, forests and beaches, make a stop at Provincetown, the most lively town on the peninsula, return to Boston and rent a car to spend 3 days along the streets of New England, admiring the spectacle of nature and the colors soils, we point out not to lose the towns of: Salem and Concord in Massachusetts, Bennington, Vermont and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

If you still have a little 'time, do not miss the Maine (the best stars are waiting for you on the planet) with its jagged coastline and an episode in Portland where you can stay a couple of days.

New York

top of the rock

Kanoa offers you the tour of the East Coast that could not leave from New York, dedicated 4 days, upon your arrival, after hurrying the usual practices at the airport, run in the hotel or in your apartment, put your luggage and pour into the "Center of the world in Times Square".


Enjoy the energy that emanates from this place, travel Broadway and its lights, visit the Times Square MegaStore, feel like real New Yorkers eating a Hot Dog at the famous kiosks along the Avenue.

Il second day in New York you can not not visit Central Park (photo below), take a walk, feed the squirrels, then decide whether to visit the one found at the Metropolitan Museum, with more than two million works of art divided into 19 sections, we can say that it is one of the most impressive museums on the globe, a real "labyrinth of culture"; the permanent collection presents works dating back to classical antiquity and ancient Egypt, paintings and sculptures by almost all the greatest European masters and a vast collection of American and modern art.

central park

Or if on the other side of Central Park you want to visit the Museum of Natural History, immense, located on the Upper West Side, one of the most important and rich natural history museums in the world.

Arrive at Columbus Circle and drive through the 59st where New York's most famous hotels are located, as soon as you get to the end of the road, you'll find 5th Avenue in one of New York's major crossroads, go shopping and shop along the most famous shopping street. in the world.

If you want to dine, Kanoa recommends the Joint Burger, you can find it inside the Le Park Meridien, one of the best burgers in town!

In the evening, if you want to spend a different evening, go and listen to the excellent Jazz al BB King, remember that this is a very popular place and that you have to buy tickets in advance.

Il third day take the metro and go to South Manhattan, get off at south ferry station, take the ferry and drop by Liberty Island to say hello to the statue of liberty.


Touch with hand what is the American icon par excellence, take a nice walk around, take a lemonade and after taking the usual photos return with the ferry to Manhattan.

Now go into the everyday life of Wall Street and take a walk through the Financial District, remember the movie with Leonardo Di Caprio? you are right here now!

After Kanoa, you are advised to walk very little towards East and you will begin to see the signs for the pedestrian crossing to sail ... gentlemen there ... The famous Brooklyn Bridge!


The most famous bridge in the world seen up close is impressive, it was built between the 1869 and the 1883 and connects Lower Manhattan, the Financial district, with Borough of Brooklyn, crossing the East River.

You can visit it on its entire length on foot, thanks to the wooden walkway that passes over the lanes reserved for cars. From Manhattan, walk to the bridge via Centre Street, while in Brooklyn the pedestrian entrance is on Tilary Street, at the intersection with Adams Street; calculate that the walk, round trip, commits about 5km.

Once on the opposite bank, relax on one of the many benches and enjoy the amazing New York Skyline, if you are hungry you can taste one of the city's best pizzas, Juliana's Pizza, is located just under the bridge, in Old Fulton Street; very nice place, in which there are many people, even if it is likely that you find a little 'row, the pizza, large, is good, although obviously it is not comparable to ours; recommended for those tired of eating meat and fries, try the Family Margherita, plentiful and simple with good ingredients, and also take the excellent local beer the Brooklyn Brewery; prices are average.

Now we recommend to the dock under the Brooklyn Bridge to take one of the catamarans (East River Ferry company) that offer connections to Manhattan and bring you to the Pier of 34St, walk this way for 7 / 8 minutes and you will find yourself at the foot of the legendary Empire State Building.

Empire State Building

What is the symbol of the Big Apple, with its 443 mt. in height (considering also the antenna), from the 1931 year of construction to the 1967, it was the largest skyscraper in the world, subsequently surpassed by the Twin Towers up to the 2011.

After the tragic attacks, the tallest building, from the 2014, is the One World Trade Center.

For info on timetables and prices click here you will be directed to our in-depth New York page.

The next day is the time to say goodbye to the Big Apple, we start to discover the famous Hamptons of Long Island, the United States East Coast North Tour can not wait!

Hamptons long island

Halfway between Sex and the City and the Great Gatsby ... away from the chaotic New York there is this tongue of land with a timeless charm, little more than 150km of scenic road, if you want to enter ... Kanoa advises keep your Ray Ban and hair in the wind whiz on a convertible in the direction Hamptons!

Villas with beautiful gardens close to the fine sandy beaches, the best way to enjoy this place is to relax on the beach, long romantic walks and why not, throw yourself into one of the best luxury restaurants like the Serafina, in the case, as always, our advice is to keep a profile based on your tastes, you could organize one Picnic which by the way is always in fashion, you can buy great food Take Away from Spring General Store for an excellent fast sandwich or the Loaves & Fishes (excellent seafood salads).

Substantially this tongue of land is made up of the towns of: Southampton, Bridgehampton, Wainscott and Montauk.

The locals ensure that here, always pull a light breeze and then you breathe the best air of New York, this area has always been appreciated, since 600 when the British settlers chose Long Island to live, but today mainly in Hamptons, famous people, building mega villas, have chosen to establish themselves permanently in these parts, is the case of Paul McCartney and Steven Spielberg.

Bridgehampton it is the area where Aston Martin dart and other luxury cars, where the only parking areas are reserved for super villa owners.


Montauk Lighthouse

Montauk that preserves a soul Hippie and relaxed, Kanoa advises to take a long walk at sunset, push yourself up to the lighthouse (pictured above), admire the Ocean and we are sure you will be thrilled, in the evening if you are lucky you could sneak into one of the party that go crazy over the weekend, among the funniest of Lond Island, Kanoa recommends that you spend at least one night in Montauk.

The next morning, take a seat at one of the many bars on the beach and enjoy a typical rich American breakfast. Montauk is very popular, the locals but also tourists, they love being on the beach, eating a lobster(Lobster Deck) and furrow the high Atlantean waves.

Just over 2 hours drive from New York in order to reach the Hamptons(traffic permitting), with the trains of the MTA Long island rail road for example, you can use from Penn Station (NY) to Montauk about a little less than 3 hours, if you prefer the train, instead the company Hampton Jtney operates connections from New York by bus.

After visiting these beautiful places, Kanoa advises to return to New York, from here take the train to Boston.


AMTRAK offers a fast and comfortable service, starting from the very famous Penn Station, the duration of the journey to Boston fluctuates between 3h 30 minutes if you take the express, 4h30minuti if you take the trains that make more stops, choose also based on prices, which per person per route are around 70 Dollars each.

Tour United States East Coast North represents the opportunity to experience the USA the real ones, the authentic ones!



Boston a few hours from New York is the capital of Massachusetts, it resembles a European city in that the spaces are more or less contained, rises on a series of peninsulas connected by several bridges and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, Boston is one of the most visited cities of the States, in winter dominate the cold temperatures, while in spring this city is very enjoyable thanks to the numerous parks, outdoor activities and the many channels that flow into the ocean.

Boston in American culture and training over the years has played a primary role, in fact here many of the battles for US Independence took place.

On the tour that we present, we recommend that you stay in the city at least 3 nights, you can do interesting excursions along the coast, take relaxing walks in the middle of a lot of green, walk through the Freedom Trail of the most exciting routes in America, visit the university complex that is among the most important in the world, Harvard, MIT, Boston University have always been the flagship of the United States.

How to Move in Boston

map of Boston transport system

Boston is a city that does not offer distances like New York for example, the main attractions are concentrated, walking around could be an excellent solution and not even very tiring, but in any case you can use the transport system (T) citizen that is efficient and capillary, together we will see how to move and which means to prefer according to your needs.


The Metro is in service from 5 in the morning to 24 or one in the morning according to the days, you can consult the timetable from the official website link:

Kanoa presents the different subway lines:

Red line: joins the downtown areas in Cambridge, this line passes especially for Downtown Crossing, Harvard, South Station, Park Street.

Blue line: convenient to visit in particular the waterfront and the New England Aquarium, useful stops: Aquarium, State Street.

Green Line: joins the center to the Back Bay and Fenway Park area. Useful stops: Park Street, Prudential, Fenway.

Orange line: it passes through the Italian district of North End and Chinatown.

Silver Line (CITY CENTER AIRPORT): the service is done by bus (BRT, Bus Rapid Transit) and is particularly useful as it is directly connected to the airport (the ride is free of charge).

You can get off at South Station and from there take the red line and move further towards the central areas of Boston, useful stops: South Station and airport.


Charlie Card: multi-stroke rechargeable plastic card.

Cost: 2,10 $ per ride
Charlie Ticket: paper ticket also this rechargeable.

Cost: $ 2.65 per ride

LinkPass: subscription that allows you to go up without limits on all means of the metro.
Monthly: $ 75 per month
Daily: $ 12 per month
Weekly: 19 $ per month
Children under 12 years: free.

As we have seen, Boston has a transport network worthy of a city of this level.

Kanoa does not recommend the car in Boston, because the car parks are expensive and few and the traffic is not respite, but there are 2 alternatives.

The possibility of buying a ticket for the tram which includes the ascent from a point and the descent from the other, or you can consider the Taxi which is however a fairly fast medium although it may have higher costs.

Kanoa presents things to do absolutely during your vacation in Boston.

The Freedom Trail

freedom trail boston

The Freedom Trail It is a route of about 2,5 miles that allows you to touch the most important attractions of the old area of ​​Boston, this route is unmissable, it starts from Boston Common Park and you reach up to Bunker Hill Monument of Charlestown.

The path is marked by red bricks, follow them and you will not get lost.

The things to see are many, but we think it's worth visiting the following:

Boston Common, where you find the visitor center.

Massachusetts State House, the 1798 building which is still the seat of the state government

Park Street Church, where in the 1829 William Lloyd Garrison delivered his first speech against slavery

Old Granary Burying Ground, an impressive cemetery that houses the great figures of the revolution

King's Chapel, where the remains of a Mayflower pilgrim are preserved,

Statue of Benjamin Franklin, which stands on the site where the first school of the United States of America was founded

Old South Meeting House, from where the Boston Tea Party broke out in the 1773

Old State House, the seat of the colonial government, where the declaration of independence was read in public on 18 July 1776, with a beautiful museum inside.

Mini Whale Watching Cruise

whale watching boston

In Boston there is the possibility to admire the marine sanctuary of Stellwagen Bank for an exciting whale watching tour.
There are lots of catamarans that will take you along the Atlantic coast to admire these impressive mammals.

In Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary live whales, dolphins, seabirds and many other animals live.

These fascinating sea creatures often perform in acrobatics such as slaps on the water with the caudal fin (lobtailing), head emerges (spyhopping) or diving into the air (breaching) marine life off the coast of Boston is among the largest and most appreciated in the world.

Place of departure
Cruises start at Long Wharf in Boston.

Boston Public Garden

boston public garden

The Boston Public Garden located along the Charles Street, behind the Boston Common, it is an almost enchanted place where you can not do a healthy walk, among other things is the oldest botanical garden in the nation.

The famous Swan Boats (boats with giant fake swans) travel the Boston Public Gardens every spring, since they were invented in the 1877 by Robert Paget.

One of the most fascinating shows is when in winter the landscape is whitened by snow and the pond gives way to ice skaters.

Quincy Market

quincy market

Leaving aside for a moment the thing to see ... let's dive into the "thing to eat", it is impossible to lose the Quincy Market in Boston.

If you are a gourmet, take a trip to the Quincy Mart (Faneuil Hall Marketplace), this lively indoor and outdoor market is a good place to choose some good restaurant, some stalls to buy takeaway food, buy a few souvenirs and admire the many street performers intent on entertaining locals and tourists.

Waterfront Boston

Boston waterfront

Surely you will see this spectacular Boston skyline, we of Kanoa we recommend it absolutely, maybe treat yourself at sunset, a walk along the neighborhood Waterfront, you can also rent a small boat and enjoy the show from the sea, Boston is a wonderful city that offers many panoramic views.

Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox)

fenway-park boston

Fenway Park is the historic home of the Boston Red Sox, Major League baseball team, the American National sport, Kanoa we recommend a visit at least to the outside to admire the giant structure and its particularity, although we strongly recommend that you observe live performances of these great athletes and notice their avid fans who are fervent for the deeds of their heroes.

For info we recommend the site:

Boston Public Library

Boston public library

Founded in the 1848 the Boston Public Library was the first to open its doors to the public in America (1898) and the first ever to lend books and other materials.

You can not not enter this place symbol of knowledge ... the Boston Public Library it contains 8.9 millions of books and approximately 22 millions of items in total, making it the largest public library in the United States.

The entrance with steps and the victorian frescoes on the mezzanine floor in a room above a large fireplace, the architecture of the neoclassical and Art Nouveau style is very beautiful.

The inside room is incredible, really fascinating, for sure you remember it in the millions of American movies, this room is frequented by students who want to consult volumes inside a huge hall full of comfortable tables with classic green lamps.

You can connect to the internet with your smartphone or tablet for free at an excellent speed.

Silence in the library and respect is guarded.

Info directly to the official website:

Among the things to do in Boston do not miss the opportunity to take a walk in the typical neighborhoods of North End and Beacon Hill District (pictured below), also perfect for sleeping and finding a good accommodation.

beacon hill Boston

Boston is a city that although not as big as New York or San Francisco has so much to offer visitors, lots of activities, including excursions to nearby islands to admire the lighthouses, parks surrounded by greenery, neighborhoods with the typical red bricks, aquariums and above all many shops and breweries, our tour is recommended for a stay of 3 nights, but if you choose Boston as the predominant destination of your holidays on this side of the Atlantic we are sure you will not regret.

Now Kanoa advises you to leave the city of Boston for a dive at Cape Cod.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is the summer destination of New England just a little more than 1 now by car from Boston this peninsula overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is largely belonging to the CPlymouth ontea.

Barnstable, Provincetown and Truro, are among the most important centers that are in this area, to visit strictly by car, you can rent it from Boston or on site.

Get ready to travel miles of coastline between ancient lighthouses and fishermen's houses, mills, small fish resale markets(clam Shack) and many paths in close contact with the pristine nature of this little paradise on the sea.

Cape Cod in English literally means "Cape Cod" and later we will explain why.

You will be able to enter this peninsula, along one of the 2 bridges that have been erected for navigation needs Bourne on the Hwy-28 and the Sagamore on Hwy-6 that run on the unique 2 roads that can be traveled to reach the island from the mainland.

The itinerary to Cape Cod can also be concluded in one day, according to us by Kanoa the ideal is to dedicate at least a couple of days to relax and calmly see the different villages.


Boardwalk Sandwich Cape Cod

Quiet it's not time to eat a sandwich ... at least for now, Sandwich is the name of an ancient town that is located in Cape Cod, one of the oldest in this area. the photo above is taken from the Boardwalk of Sandwich, about 400 meters immersed in uncontaminated nature, so green and lots of ponds, you can also rent a bike and enjoy the show on board the two wheels.

Kanoa advises not to lose the visit to:

The Heritage Museums & Gardens it is a refined park of 100 acres rich in trees, shrubs, gardens and colorful flowers.

Dexter Grist Mill (Water Street) is an old mill of the 1654 still working, we can assert that it is a bit 'the symbol of the city, Kanoa recommends at least one photo.

Masthead is the ship-shaped house of the East Sandwich, very special, you can not go there, you will do so many bizarre photos!


lighthouse chatham

Picturesque houses in lime, resting in the open sea, Chatham it's a really relaxing place, a lot of green between the noise of the sea and many species of birds, plants and flowers really amazing, take a trip to the Lighthouse (photo above) panoramic to enjoy a view that hardly forget, if you're lucky at the pier in front of you can spot the fun seals.

At the marina you can admire the fishing boats that come back and see the fish put on display on the dock, afterwards, make a sweet stop at the Marion's Pie Shop, to taste absolutely the famous berry cake that is a must in these parts!

Do you have more time? the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge it is a nature reserve of 3100 acres that will please those who love the birdwatching Canoe trips are also available!

National Seashore Cape Cod

National seashore cape cod

The Cape Code National Seashore is a protected natural area of ​​over 50km, strongly desired by President Kennedy, to preserve the natural authenticity of this part of the coast of the Massachusetts.

Stroll along the pristine paths, listen to the wind and the sea at sunset, these places offer incredible pastel colors ... we Kanoa we are sure that this experience will remain forever in your heart!

In this protected area there are many kilometers of coastline, but in our opinion 2 are the beaches that you can not miss visiting.

Nauset Light Beach: a beautiful beach surmounted by a picturesque white and red lighthouse.

Head of the Meadow Beach: a vast expanse bordered by sandy dunes, do not miss the moments of low tide where semi-submerged wrecks emerge, taken many souvenir photos.

Parking in the whole area costs 15 Dollars per day and allows you to park your car on all the beaches.

The US East Coast North Tour continues, it's time to get back in your car and reach Provincetown to spot Whales!



Within the Barnstable County It rises Provincetown, a town of little more than 3.000 inhabitants that turns out to be the most animated and renowned holiday destination of Cape Cod, Located at the far north of the peninsula, Provincetown is also a very tolerant place for gays.

In the community of this town, there are many artists and writers, who have chosen to move here for a relaxing atmosphere and a healthy lifestyle.

Kanoa advises to take a long walk Commercial Street, It is easy to meet children who eat the soft candies typical of this area, very curious motorcyclists with the classic leather seal, young half-naked on skates or pairs of walking women holding hands, this, but not only, you will notice in this beautiful town , where, we of Kanoa we recommend stopping for at least a couple of days.

Provincetown also known as P-Town, between June and September almost explosions, in some summers 40.000 presences have been registered, for this reason we suggest to arrive, already with a reservation, although the receptive structures are many, often it's all Sold Out!

Pilgrim Monument Provincetown

The village is dominated by the Pilgrim Monument (photo above).

A granite tower that will remind you of the tower of Piazza del Campo of Siena, built between the 1907 and the 1910 to celebrate the first landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, although 116 steps await you that lead to the summit, Kanoa advises absolutely reach the top, as you will be rewarded by an unforgettable view!

The highlight of your stay in Provincetown is the meeting with the queen of the seas ... the whale!

From the end of April to October board a boat for the whale watching (whale watching) in Massachusetts means meeting many whales of different species; they can skirt the boat or leave the water slowly.

An excursion on large ships with on-board scientific observers typically lasts at least three hours.

Whale Watching it is carried on board large boats of about thirty meters, equipped with sonar, scientific observer on board and snack bar.

The WWF has awarded Massachusetts as one of the world's top whale watching destinations.

Kanoa advises to consult directly on the official website where you will find prices and times of excursions:

United States East Coast North tour continues with our valuable tips!

Now is the time to leave this fascinating peninsula and to return to Boston, if you have not rented a car, we suggest you do it to be free and appreciate the landscapes in total freedom.



Salem is a US city, in the county of Essex, just 40 minutes drive from Boston, this town is famous especially for the witch process of the 1691.

Salem is the second oldest city in New England, its Historic Center is very collected and easily visited on foot, according to us of Kanoa a visit to the port is a must: it is one of the "National Historic Site of America" due to its historical importance, and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean also guarantees an excellent starting point for nautical tours.

Salem Witch House

The "Salem Witch Museum" (pictured above), for fans of the esoteric kind it is a place that you can not miss during your visit to Salem, in fact it allows you to have all the information available on the famous witch trials in the 1692, making visitors jump in time, thanks to the faithful installation (there have been reconstructed processes with wax statues).

For info visit the official website:

Now it's time to continue on the United States East Cost North Tour.

From Salem, taking the Interstate 95 into 40 in just a few minutes outside the center of Boston is the town of Concord.



Concord is a small town in Massachusetts just 30 km from Boston, according to us at Kanoa, one of the stops not to be missed for a tour in New England.

Concord it has had a remarkable historical importance, here in fact there were fundamental events for the evolution of the American War of Independence, the British troops, returning from a police operation in the city, were ambushed on the North Bridge (bridge over the Concord river) and they had to retreat and suffer heavy losses.

As well as historical relevance for the country, Concord was the cradle of the birth of a new philosophical current, probably among the most important in America, transcendentalism.

Concord is a place where you can even spend a day if you are just curious, but if you are fond of literature and history, 2 nights could be fine.

Among the historical sites that witness the War of Independence are:

Old North Bridge

old north bridge concord

On this bridge they decided the fate of the United States, in fact this was the most important theater of battle, between the militia of volunteers in support of the revolution, and the British army.

Right on the Old North Bridge, the Americans succeeded in repelling the best organized enemy troops and marking a fundamental point for the cause of the War of Independence.

Do not miss the visit of: Sleepy Follow Cemetery(the cemetery where Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the leading figures of the War of Independence) is buried, Concord Museum(which preserves memorabilia like the famous lantern that was placed on the bridge), Wright Tavern.

As we said before, Concord gave Christmas to transcendentalism, a very important philosophical current for the country, if you are passionate, you can not miss the visit of the house where it lived, the one who was the greatest exponent of this current.

Orchard House: the house where he lived Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, visiting this house you can come into contact with the philosophical history of the United States, going back in time.

For info on the visit we recommend to consult the official website:

We at Kanoa also recommend:

Walden Pond, where he lived Thoreau, one of the leading exponents of the transcendentalism.

He wanted to live in close contact with nature, abandoned the comforts of the city and moved to a hut in between the woods of Walden Pond, a beautiful natural area, with a lake that deserves to be visited even if you are not interested in the visit of where the poet lived.

Now before continuing to the coast, Kanoa recommends an unmissable stop if you have come here, make a stop in Bennington in Vermont, from Concord it takes 2h 30 minutes by car.


Portsmouth new Hampshire

Portsmouth is an American city lying on the Piscataqua River, it is just over 1 by car from Boston and belongs to the County of Rockingham in the state of New Hampshire.

Portsmouth is a charming town on the coast of New Hampshire, very elegant, many citizens of the inner regions, choose Portsmouth as a holiday destination in the summer months or for a long Weekend, the center is represented by streets with red bricks, tree-lined avenues and colonial buildings 18 century.

The main vocation of the city, although tourism has increased in recent years, is the maritime trade, in fact this city was born as a fishing village, witness the massive presence of fishing boats that crowd the dock of the marina, with an ancient tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.

Take a stroll in the lively Market Square, buy the classic Portsmouth Sandwiches in some shops, get fresh 2 beers in one of the many local breweries and bring in Prescott Park for a relaxing lunch lying on the lawn.

The United States East Cost North Tour it does not end, it's time to move on with your car and enter the state of Maine to get to Portland.


Portland (Maine)

From Boston you have to go 1h and 30 minutes, in what could be one of the most interesting car routes of our tour, a jagged coastline that slopes incredibly and suddenly kilometer after kilometer, during your car journey you have the your camera so as not to miss the fascinating views that this stretch of coast offers and the many fishing villages that you will cross.

Portland is the cultural and economic capital of Maine, while Augusta is the capital but it is totally anonymous and we will not even name it.

Portland is a maritime city with an important commercial port, its history is quite famous, with a culture that attracts many visitors, Kanoa advises not to lose its rich nightlife with the many local port and city center.

This city but in general all the Maine and New England offers the possibility to taste the very famous Crawfish (Lobster) from these parts they cook them sublime, always fresh thanks to the intense activity of the fishing boats of the region, stop by the many kiosks (shack) in the city or along the harbor.

In these parts the Lobsters they are a very common dish and therefore you will also find them in style fast food, served in picturesque baskets, in this case you can also pay 15 Dollars, while if you opt for a lobster in a restaurant the price rises significantly, we at Kanoa leave you the choice but we assure you that you will eat excellent everywhere!

Long Western Promenade you can admire the many Victorian style buildings, do not miss the Portland Observatory (PHOTO BELOW) at Congress St. 138, it is said to be, the only historic signal tower left in the United States, from here you can admire a splendid view of the coast.

Portland Observatory

Info at the official website:

Portland Museum of Art

museum of portland (maine)

For those who love art, a visit to the museum is obligatory The Art Museum Portland Maine offering collections of world artists: Winslow Homer, Marsden Hartley, Rockwell Kent, Louise Nevelson, Andrew and NC Wyeth.

These important painters bear witness to the great artistic tradition of Maine, and the Museum also houses important collections of European artists such as Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir and Pablo Picasso.

Info and prices:

Saturday to Wednesday: 11: 00-18: 00
Thursday and Friday: 11: 00-20: 00

$ 15 adults

$ 10 students with document

$ 13 senior

Children 0-12 years free.


Congress Square 7.

Kanoa recommends the official website for up-to-date and detailed info:

Portland Lighthouse (Cape Elizabeth)

Portland Lighthouse

The United States East Coast North Tour concludes with one of the symbolic visits to Maine, the Lighthouse of Cape Elizabeth located in the homonymous area about 20 minutes drive from Portland, is the oldest Lighthouse (Lighthouse) of the state, was wanted by George Washington in the distant 1791, at the foot there is a very characteristic Victorian style caretaker house, today it houses a museum.

We definitely recommend getting on this piece of American History and enjoying the show with the wind in your hair, listening to the sound of the Ocean.

For info we recommend the official website:

Kanoa advises just a stone's throw, if your stomach starts to grumble, the top in this area:

The Bobster shack Two Lights, to enjoy a great Aragosto with a view of the Ocean ... it will be the snack that you will hardly remember ... we are sure!

Official Website:

The United States East Coast North Tour runs out just in Maine, as always we hope that you will first follow your tastes and travel rhythms, if you want to follow our precious advice we are sure you will not regret!

Good Journey from Kanoa