United States East Coast South
united states east coast south

United States East Coast South, that is, a fantastic itinerary to discover an authentic part of America; unlikely, but surprising; cheerful and melancholic; natural and artificial ... passing through the places that have marked the changes of the most powerful country on earth!

An incredible tour of at least 15 days of "Fly & Drive"

You will discover picturesque and fascinating places; you will pass from Philadelphia to Virginia Beach, passing through Wilmington, Atlantic City, Washington DC, Richmond, returning to Washington DC.

Kanoa advises to leave from Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania.



Philadelphia or Philadelphia (for Americans) was founded in 1682 William Penn. The name derives from the ancient Greek, where philos means love, and brother adelphòs; in fact, Philadelphia is the city of love in an absolute sense, without distinction of sex, color and race. A city of great religious and moral tolerance, and at the same time extremely romantic!

Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the United States. Born as an English colony, the city was the focus of the rebellion and subsequent American Independence. Until 1790 was named the nation's first capital; appointment, which was then assigned to Washington DC until today.

Practical Info


The Philadelphia International Airport is a major international airport, located about 11 km from the city center.

US Airways its base is this airport; from here, the company operates many internal routes, in addition to the Caribbean, Canada, Costa Rica, Europe, Israel and Mexico.

The Terminals are 6. A train service operated by the South East Pennsylvania Transportation Authority connects the airport to the center of Philadelphia.

There are also shuttle buses, limousines and taxis to the center of the airport.

If you choose to fly to Newark (New Jersey), you can drive around 1h30 by car, or alternatively, around 1 h by train to get to 30 Street Station.

Amtrak is one of the companies that manages train connections throughout the United States.

We recommend renting a car for the East Coast South Tour, as it will be your traveling companion for your next vacation!

Kanoa remembers that it is not advisable to drive in the city, because of the very few parking lots and a code of the road that in these parts apply very strictly. In any case, just a little 'attention and common sense to avoid problems!

SEPTA manages municipal buses and trams in the city. Although not being excessively large, Philadelphia owns 2 metro lines.

The bus network, although expensive, is fairly reliable, and only a little complicated to decipher; in any case, we recommend for info on rates and timetables, the official website:

Kanoa recommends the Phlash shuttles (215-474-5274) as they circle the center, passing from Center City and South St.

Areas and places of interest

This is the city that, perhaps most of all, has marked American history; in fact, here, the 4 of July 1776, was signed the declaration of independence of the United States of America!

We can say that most of Philadelphia's cultural and historical sites are concentrated inside of the Independence National Historic Park; you can also reach them on foot, making beautiful walks through a lot of green in the city center.

Kanoa recommends to visit il Liberty Bell Center; is a large building, whose characteristic is the presence of a large bronze bell commissioned to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Charter of Privileges, the "Charter of Privileges" better known as the Pennsylvania constitution.

Some have called it, the richest square mile in all of America.

Independence Hall

indipendence hall

The Independence Hall is a building fomdamentale for the fate of the country; it was the birthplace of the first American government. The lines of the building are in Georgian style.

Independence Square, a beautiful and well-kept square full of greenery, just in front of the independence hall, represents the place where, for the first time in public, the Declaration of Independence was read.

Still in the same area, a few meters away from each other are the National Constitution Center, with the aim of divulging the Constitution; the Old Congress City Hall, which housed the US Supreme Court headquarters up to 1800; there Christ Church, that is, the church in which they took refuge in prayer George Washington and Benjamin Franklin; la National Portrait Gallery, an extraordinary art gallery that we recommend to visit.

In Philadelphia you can not fail to visit, Old City and Germantown; these are areas rich in culture and national history. Center City is teeming with art galleries and cultural centers; south of the city you will cross a little of Italy with the Italian market; in University City, located on the opposite bank of the Schuylkill River, you will have the impression of being in a "city in the city", with its particular identity.

Although it is more distant from the center, Manayunk it is a neighborhood to visit because it has a truly incredible vitality; it's full of shops, restaurants and clubs.

After filling up with American history, Kanoa recommends taking a leap into the new, technological and recent area of ​​Philadelphia.

John F. Kennedy Plaza


John Franklin Kennedy Plaza is now also known as the square of love, thanks to the "Love Sculpture" placed at the center of the imposing square.

From here begins a pleasant walk to the Benjamin Franklin Parkaway, the beautiful avenue, where the flags of various countries of the world are fixed on the roadside.

This long and very famous road will take you to discover some of the most interesting cultural sites: the Rodin Museum and the Barnes Foundation (reservations are strongly recommended).

Should you choose, we recommend the Barnes Foundation; here, some of the most important collections in the world are preserved, works of absolute value!

Many, made between the 800 and the 900. The works of: Van Gogh, Cezanne, De Chirico, Manet, Monet, Matisse, Gauguin, Picasso are exhibited; we point out, even, many works by Renoir.

For info and tickets we recommend the official website:

Kanoa remembers that every first Sunday of the month, you can enter the Barnes Gallery for free.

Now, running like Rocky Balboa (Adrianaaa !!!) on the steps leading to the famous Philadelphia Museum Art. Right here, the blockbuster movie was shot, which marked an era for many of us!

Philadelphia Museum of Art


In our opinion, this museum, for its architectural grandeur and collection, is the most important in Philadelphia.

Inside there are preserved and exhibited works from various historical periods, from today up to over 2000 years ago. The majority are purely from Europe, the Americas and Asia.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is also a great cultural center out of the classical schemes or museums; in fact, it offers activities for adults and children, concerts, films, as well as themed conferences.

Kanoa recommends the official website for info:

Before leaving the beautiful city of Philadelphia, you can not, do not take a romantic walk along the Schuylkill River; here, you can take some pictures of the curious wooden houses on the river (Boathouse Row).

With CityPass Philadelphia, you have the opportunity to visit the main attractions at discounted prices. Just click on this link: Save up to45% on Philadelphia's 5 best attractions with CityPASS - Shop Now!

Kanoa recommends that you plan your stay for at least an extra night, so spend a day in Atlantic City (New Jersey), just 1 hours away by car from Philadelphia.

Atlantic City


Atlantic city is the East Coast's response to Las Vegas; if you are passing through Philadelphia, you can not miss a day in this incredible place.

By renting a car, in little more than 1 you will now reach your destination; if you had to opt for the train calculate 1h 30, with trains departing from Philadelphia station every 30 minutes.

If you arrive by train or bus, do not worry: in the area you can move very well on foot. Furthermore, connections to the different attractions are simple and efficient.

A stretch of coastline along 5km, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean; the Boardwalk of Atlantic City is a sparkling and artifacting place, which every day attracts hordes of tourists in search of unbridled entertainment!

Miles of golden sand overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, restaurants, luxury hotels, casinos, neon lights and handsome young ladies, will do everything to get you a few dollars.

In our opinion of Kanoa, it is worth letting go for a few hours, in this entertainment paradise. Obviously, without exceeding: it is easy to be distracted by everything that revolves around you.

Try your luck at the famous Caesar Palace; have a break at the Hard Rock Café; rent a rickshaw, and then, again, a punt to the Tropicana Casino, before setting sail with (CAPE MAY WHALE WATCHER) from the Atlantic City Pier, for whales, keep your camera ready!

Kanoa recommend not to lose the magic of the sunset from Absecon Lighthouse; it is the largest lighthouse in New Jersey and the third most of the United States! Whether you are lovers or not, do not lose either the Atlantic City Aquarium, among the most beautiful on the east coast. It is located at the end of the boardwalk.

Not far from the Caesars Palace casino, you will cross the Walk; is an area full of outlets with clothing made in the USA, where you will certainly make purchases!

We recommend visiting it between spring and summer. Given the position, it enjoys a warm but acceptable climate; on the other hand, the winter is hard with frosts due to the winds that blow from the north, which make the visit unpleasant.

A curiosity: the original edition of Monopoly is based on the streets of Atlantic City.

Our United States East Coast South Tour continues. Before reaching Washington DC, Kanoa recommends a stop in the city of Wilmington, in the state of Delaware.



Halfway between Philadelphia and Washington DC, Wilmington is part of New Hanover County, in the State of Delaware, not particularly known for tourism. However, what makes Wilmington and Delaware worthy of a visit is the role they played in the country's fate.

Kanoa advises taking a room in Mid-Tow. In the area there are many attractions, restaurants and shops; in addition, you will have a wide choice and you can go around the most interesting places on foot.

Delaware is very important from a historical point of view, as has just been mentioned. In fact, it was the first of the thirteen colonies to sign the Federal Constitution, thus becoming the first state of the Union, the capital of this state is Dover.

Wilmington, although not particularly popular with travelers on a tour of the east coast, we think it is really advisable. Above all, from the point of view logistically, it is halfway between Philadelphia and Washington DC, and is steeped in history.

Delaware is a small state with a lively character and a rough past, made up of struggles and changes. All around, beautiful hills and classic mansions of the Brandywine Valley; we are sure that you will appreciate the visit of this city.

Do not miss:

The Delaware Art Museum (works by local artists are exhibited) and the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (housed in an Art Deco building, near the riverfront, a booming area).

Brandywine Valley


Dupont, a family of French origin, established in this region, has transformed the Brandywine Valley into an American version of the French Loire; today, this area has remained the exclusive territory of wealth and ostentation, much appreciated by tourists who visit the city and the region. Stop and enjoy excellent wine; take photos with the locals; devote yourself to shopping for typical products, and relax in one of the most beautiful places in the region.

How to get:

Reach Kennet Square outside Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania.

Brandywine Valley Tourist Information Center provides very useful information about castles and gardens; among these, we report Winterthur, Longwood Gardens and Nemours.

At this point, we recommend continuing the tour; take the car, setting the navigator in Washington DC waiting for you less than 2 hours drive.

Washington DC


"Washington is a city of southern efficiency and northern charm." Cited Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The city of Washington DC (the abbreviation DC stands for District of Columbia) is the capital of the United States of America; it is 50 Km from the sea and is located south of the state of Maryland and north of the state of Virginia.

This city, architecturally, is oriented towards the neoclassical, Georgian, Gothic. Styles that characterize modern government buildings and important buildings of the city.

The principal US government institutions (President, Congress, Supreme Court), many ministries and federal agencies, and some international organizations are based in Washington; among these, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Organization of American States.

Washington DC, since it was declared capital, was the city that changed forever the political life of the most powerful nation on earth.

How to move


The Washington DC Metro (, recently completed, is the best urban transport system. The inhabitants and commuters use it frequently. Unlike others, it is quite recent, with large stations and new trains. This makes the service really enjoyable.

The meter consists of 6 lines, divided by color (see map above); it covers the urban center in a capillary way, up to the suburbs from north to south.

Kanoa remembers that it is always possible to buy the ticket from the automatic devices present at the entrance to each station.

For info on costs and schedules Kanoa recommends visiting the official website:

Kanoa recommends that you sleep at least 3 nights in the capital, given the infinity of attractions and museums to visit; as always, the choice is merely subjective. Let yourself be inspired by what suits you best.

National Mall


The Mall or National Mall, it is a huge and long avenue, relaxing and majestic. In this area, all the major monuments of Washington Dc are located. Part from Lincoln memorial , extending for about 3 km up to Capitol Hill (Capitol Hill). A difference of the big American cities, the spaces are huge; you can walk and admire picturesque views, thanks to the lack of skyscrapers.

We at Kanoa advise you to follow it all. Consider half a day if you want to visit all the monuments you will encounter along the way.

The most amazing thing is FREE ACCESS to all the museums! Furthermore, hospitality and friendliness are at home in all facilities.

The idea of ​​creating a monumental boulevard in the city came to the French architect Pierre Charles l'Enfant in the 1791; however, it was only after the McMillan commission in the twentieth century, that it gave a positive opinion to the concrete realization of the National Mall.

Kanoa advises to start the visit starting from Capitol Hill (Campidoglio) and then continue all the National Mall with a certain order. You can reach it by metro with the gray / blue line in about 20 minutes, getting off at Capitol South station; as soon as you leave, you will be in front of the Capitol.

Capitol Hill (Campidoglio)


Located on a hill at the eastern end of the National Mall, the Capitol Hill it is a building that surprises visitors; the huge white dome of 86 meters in diameter, represents one of the American icons, absolutely inevitable in your itineraries!

Built in the Neoclassical style, the large white dome (86 meters) divides the Campidoglio into two. In the north wing the Senate of the United States is installed while in the South the House of Representatives; on the top of the dome there is a bronze Statue of Liberty.

Kanoa advises to be accredited, for the visit, at the visitor center, located a stone's throw from Capitol Hill; here, you will find maps and lots of information. Please note that access is free.

We highly recommend that you visit it on weekdays. The area is full of characters from political life; in this way, you can live the scenes of everyday life live.

Kanoa recommends the official website for info:

Do not miss:

The Library of Congress or Library of Congress is a large, ancient and prestigious bookshop; it is located south-east of the Capitol in Washington. In addition, a subway connects the latter to the Capitol.

Info at the official website:

After this first taste, Kanoa We suggest you to continue the tour. Start by walking along the Mall, and after about 10 minutes, on your left, you will find the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.

National Gallery of Art


The National Gallery of Art is magnificent, very rich and perfectly organized; it has nothing to envy to City Galleries like New York or Boston.

It is one of the largest and most authoritative art museums in the world. The collections present, cover almost seven hundred years of art history.

The Gallery of the National Gallery is the largest and most complete in the United States; the works start from the Byzantine art, up to the twentieth century.

The gallery was formed thanks to the donations of the magnates, Americans and others. Inside, beyond the classical exhibitions of French and Flemish / Dutch artists, there is a vast Italian representation.

In particular: Giotto, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Vincenzo Bellini, the Perugino, Andrea Mantegna and many others of no lesser value. The portrait on the table by Ginevrà de 'Benci by Leonardo da Vinci, a young woman, the daughter of a Florentine banker, stands out above all.

The gallery is too big to be visited throughout. The advice is to organize in advance as regards the works to be seen; furthermore, inside, there are some refreshment points, in particular a self service in the large space used. Take advantage of it, as the National Mall is lacking in this respect.

The Gallery is free, if you need practical info like timetables, Kanoa recommends to visit the official website:

Leaving the National Gallery, continuing to your right, you will begin to see the long obelisk of the Washington Memorial.

Although all the monuments are worth a visit, in our opinion you can not miss the climb on the wonderful obelisk of the Washington Memorial.


From the top of the memorial you have a spectacular view of the city of Washington DC and all the monuments around, including the White House. We are sure that it will be an unforgettable visual experience.

As it is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to Washington DC, we recommend booking your visit and the climb if you do not want to miss your day waiting.

For info and reservations, Kanoa recommends the Government website:

Once you get off, take a walk along the Reflecting Pool, so called because once arrived, on the other side, you can admire the obelisk reflected in the huge pool.

You probably think of the film Forrest Gump when, on returning from Vietnam, he speaks to the pacifists right where you are now; the States are great for this too ... feeling like in a movie!

Lincoln memorial


Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, clearly the most loved, as he fought and died for the union of the country; the memorial and dedicated, is the goal of anyone who wants to understand and feel the sense of belonging Americano.

The structure is really impressive. The project was by Henry Bacon while the statue of Lincoln was entrusted to the sculptor Daniel Chester French; the great temple is in Doric style in white marble.

Among the columns, repaired, there is the sixteenth president of the United States of America with a proud look, sitting on his inevitable seat. Lincoln was the symbol of American democracy, inciting an entire country to values ​​like freedom and equality!

"I have a dream" quoted Martin Luther King, in his speech before the Lincoln Memorial. It was the 28 of 1963 August, at the end of a protest march for civil rights. It was one of the most famous speeches in American history and in general of all those who fought or who fought for civil rights.

From the imposing staircase you can admire a different perspective, and perhaps more beautiful, than what you have had from the Capitol (the Capitol).

The Lincoln Memorial is managed by the National Park Service, open H24 every day except Christmas Day and admission is absolutely free like all the National Mall museums.

How to get:

By bus to the NW Constitution Av & NW 22ND St ​​stop; while the metro is not very close, as the Foggy Bottom station is about 15 minutes on foot.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum


Are you a fan of planes and spaceships? Are you on holiday with your children? So, you can not miss a visit to this extraordinary museum. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, is one of the best and most fascinating in the United States.

We are sure that you will live your journey in the stars ... at least with your imagination!

It is a museum dedicated to flight and space. You will find many aircraft, of all sizes and types and numerous rooms dedicated to specific topics; one for children, with many interactive activities; one for the first flights (with the Wright brothers' plane); one dedicated to the moon; one that is "transported" inside an aircraft carrier; one dedicated to the space shuttle. It's really an experience to try!

Kanoa recommends wearing a sweatshirt, because, in the museum, the air conditioning is very strong.

The museum can be found along the Mall, on the opposite side of the National Gallery of Art.

Official Website:

National Museum of Natural History


This is the classic place that puts everyone together, young and old, with over 120 million pieces on display (mostly owned by the Smithsonian Institute). The National Museum of Natural History is considered one of the largest natural history museums in the world, housed in an immense 1910 building.

Located along the National Mall from which you will access the ground, you have another entrance to Constitution Avenue.

In the museum you will visit and see different aspects of natural history in the world. It's free like most museums in the National Mall, except for the Imax 3D room on the second floor.

The exhibition is divided into three floors


It is the smallest of the floors, almost entirely dedicated to services such as toilets, restaurants, gift shops, etc. From the point of view of tourism, only the large room dedicated to birds and ecosystems is worthy of note.

Ground floor
At the center of the entrance hall is shown a huge stuffed African elephant (as shown in the picture above).

Currently considered the largest specimen ever captured; this, confirming the great importance of this museum.

The collection in the Dinosaur Hall (or Dinosaur Hall) is very rich. Some full-scale representations (such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex) move in a more or less realistic way.
Also interesting are the collections that tell the different cultures of the man of the entire planet and the room dedicated to mammals.

First floor
This is the hall of gems, with precious stones from all over the world; here is guarded the very famous, Hope Diamond, that with its 45 carats is the biggest blue diamond in the world.

Kanoa recommends the official website for detailed info:

National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery is an art gallery of global importance. Part of the Smithsonian Institution, like the vast majority of Washington DC museums, is free.

The collection of the National Portrait Gallery is composed of various forms of portraiture: paintings, graphics, sculptures and new media, representing US presidents, scientists, actors, political activists, artists, criminals and heroes, to present a complete vision of history American.

Do not miss the room where the portraits of all the Presidents of the United States of America are exposed.

The Portrait Gallery is located in the DownTown area, not far from the National Mall; the metro stop is Judiciary Square Metro Station (red line).

In our opinion, it is absolutely worth visiting, as it is a place of immense artistic value. It is a museum of absolute value, with a fantastic display of paintings, sculptures and American works

Official Site:

Well, now is the time that maybe all of you, waiting since you boarded this tour ... Kanoa takes you to the President of the United States of America!

The Withe House


At the Pennsylvania Avenue 1600, there is the famous White House, where the President of the United States resides. Who knows how many times you have witnessed, from home, the images of what is the safest place in the States.

The White House is in a very central position. It is located just north of the National Mall: exactly, south of Dupont Circle, west of Downtown & Capitol Hill and East of Georgetown.

Initially, the project had been assigned to the French Pierre L'Enfant; later, it was entrusted to the architect of Irish descent, James Hoban.

The building, from the outside is very simple, in full neoclassical style. It is certainly less impressive and opulent than the European government residences; presents two inputs: the North and the South.

Visiting the White House, for those who were not American, is practically impossible; although everyone has dreamed of visiting the rooms of power, and despite the filmmaking about the famous room of the President of the United States.

Kanoa recommends the official website for detailed info:

How to get:

The ideal is to get there on foot. Alternatively, take the Blue, Orange or Silver metro and get off at Farragut West Metro Station, or at McPherson Sq Metro Station. There are also many buses that stop near the White House.

Although there is so much to see, we recommend preparing your visit on time by organizing everything. Maybe, you could spend the whole morning visiting, relegating in the afternoon a little 'relaxation between shopping and the many curiosities that Washington DC offers.

To escape from the crowds of the city and museums, from the queues of many tourists, we suggest you spend half a day in Georgetown.



Kanoa recommends visiting one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in the United States. It is the place where you will admire a piece of America completely different from the stereotype of Western metropolis.

Georgetown, located on the Potomac River, is the oldest district in Washington DC; founded in 1751, it has maintained that atmosphere of a time. Here, you can enter, along narrow streets built with old stones, typical houses and well proportioned over the hills; all cured in an incredible way.

This is the town where you will find more confectioners than in all other areas of America; furthermore, it is said that the first Cup Cake were created here.

M Street is the street where you will find many bars and clubs; remember that Georgetown is a university city and that it is not difficult to meet guys who entertain until late in the pastry shops.

In addition, the district is home to the campus of Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic University in the United States and also includes the oldest building in the city, the Old Stone House.

How to get:

The only means is the bus or private car; in any case, from the center of Washington DC, from Farragut square, take the 38B Bus and in less than 20 minutes you will be in the center of Georgetown.

Now it's time to get in the car and continue the tour to the south; it's time to move to Virginia, in the beautiful city of Richmond.

Richmond (Virginia)


Richmond is one of the cities that has most influenced the history of the United States. Clittle more than 200.000 inhabitants, it owes its fame to the fact that there are so many historical sites. Another point in favor, is certainly the proximity to the Atlantic coast, stormed by Americans and not; in fact, Richmond is an unmissable destination during your trip to this part of America!

Richmond was the capital of the confederation; moreover, it played a fundamental role, since it was the theater of clash of the war of secession between north and south. When the war ended, Richmond was devastated; in particular, tobacco plantations, which still today, represent the primary resource.

The famous James River runs through the city, dividing it into two parts. Richmond is not particularly extensive; in fact, it is possible to turn it on foot, since the most interesting part starts from some blocks, from where the James river starts, up to the two sides of Broad Street.

The most important attraction is represented by the Virginia State Capitol, the oldest US government building, built on a project by Thomas Jefferson.

The Campidoglio is active continuously from the 1788 as a governmental seat of the state of Virginia, and for a short time the Confederation. The central roundabout, surmounted by a dome visible only from the inside, houses the only marble statue for which George Washington personally placed and the busts of Jefferson and the other seven American presidents born in Virginia.

On Capitol Square overlooks the Governor's Mansion; it is a federal style building that from the 1813 is the residence of the governor of Virginia. On the other side of the square stands the imposing Victorian building of the Old City Hall, built in Gothic style 1894. Really fascinating. We are sure that the visit of these buildings that have influenced the history of the most powerful country in history will enter your memory.

The Canal Walk is a nice walk that runs for about 2 kilometers between the center and the Schockoe Bottom; represents an excellent example of urban renewal.

Kanoa recommends:

Along the promenade you will meet numerous historical sites, which date back to the Confederate era; start the visit from the American Civil War Center, which includes multimedia exhibits on the history of war. Do not miss the Tredegar Iron Works, a restored weapons factory that produces tons of confederate material; Moreover, Tredegar is also the main visitor center of the Richmond National Battlefield Park, which commemorates dozens of sites of the Civil War battles of secession.

Practical Info:

Richmond is distant 2 hours of travel from Washington along the I-95; regional Amtrak trains linking Newport News in Virginia to Washington and Boston stop at 1500 E Main St. station

The Greyhound coach station is located quite far from the city center, near the I-64 in 2910 N Blvd.

Now is the time to continue our tour and go to beautiful Virginia Beach!

Virginia Beach


After stopping off at Richmond, you can not miss a couple of days at Virginia Beach, letting yourself be lulled by the sound of the Atlantic Ocean. Treat yourself to a bit of relaxation after a long and tiring tour ...

This is the classic summer tourist resort, with hotels, motels, restaurants, disco clubs and many attractions that will make you lose track of time. Admire the long sandy beaches that run for miles, in what is the favorite destination for thousands of Americans. Many, have invested here, to enjoy the holidays, and escape from the chaos of the city.

Kanoa advises to take the animated promenade, Atlantic Avenue, full of people both day and night. Virginia Beach is also very popular for surfing, with several shops where you can rent boards and body-surfs.

If you are in these parts at the end of August, remember that Virginia Beach is home to the East Coast Surfing Championships. This is an important event in which many professional surfers compete; definitely an event not to be missed.

Kanoa recommends:

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, where you can admire a rich exhibition of marine fauna including tanks of sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, incredible jellyfish.

In addition, you can attend technological exhibitions in an IMAX cinema, a birdhouse with dozens of endemic species and a short, pleasant nature trail through the salt flats of Owis Creek.

The center also organizes boat trips to watch dolphins and whales. Definitely an appointment not to be missed!

In Virginia Beach you can move very well on foot. We recommend hiring a bike to relax along the Boardwalk.

Now after spending your relaxing but fun stay in Virginia Beach, it's time to take the car and come back to Washington where this fantastic United States East Coast South Tour will end.


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