When to go to the United Arab Emirates
Guide and tips on the best time when to go to the United Arab Emirates


The Emirates


United Arab Emirates: a wonderful land where the sun shines all year long! With some rare exception.

In winter, the climate is very mild and pleasant. The sun shines for most of the day is not felt hot or hot. Temperatures stand between 23 and 26 degrees, with the minimums falling to 15. In the evening, it can get cold and it is advisable to pack a sweater or jacket.

Summer is probably not the ideal time to go to the United Arab Emirates. The temperatures are really high, and the heat is sometimes unbearable. In water it does not go much better, with sea temperatures above 30 degrees. For those who choose to visit the country in July and August, we recommend wearing light clothes and drinking lots of water. Avoid the hottest hours of the day; even sunbathers may have trouble lying in the sun!

Far from the coast, where there is an increase in altitude, winter is slightly colder than the coast.
Rainfall across the country, on the other hand, is not substantial. They mainly concentrate in the winter with sudden, and short, afternoon showers.

Through our κ index, we provide an evaluation for every single month. In this way, you can evaluate the best time when to go to the United Arab Emirates according to the type of holiday. In addition to the climate, in fact, other factors are affected, such as events, festivals ....

January κκκκκ
February κκκκκ
MARCH κκκκκ
April κκκκκ
May κκκκ
June κκ
July κκ
September kk
October κκκκ
December κκκκκ


When to go to the United Arab Emirates

The best time to spend a holiday is between November and April. In these months, you can avoid the torrid temperatures that are recorded in the summer.
Probably, the top month when going to the United Arab Emirates is March. Prices are cheaper than December. The climate is really pleasant, whether you want to visit the big cities, or whether you want to swim. With the right offer, even February could be a really excellent solution.


June, July and August are the worst times when going to the United Arab Emirates. That said, some considerations are to be taken into account. Resort and Club, all have air conditioning. In the morning, and late in the afternoon, you can spend all your time on the beach and at sea. So, months flop but ... up to a certain point!

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