Destinations in Italy. Big cities, small villages, villages, places of interest

Destinations in Italy

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Here is the list of the main destinations in Italy. Fantastic places of art, history and culture. The charming, elegant Venice. Naples, beautiful and evocative. Matera, San Gimignano and many others.

Go to the discovery of magical places, and truly unique. Of each, so much practical information on how to get there, how to get around and what to do and see.

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Map of the country


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Stuttgart Wine Festival, from August 28 to 08 September 2019

Brussels Airport is the most important airport in Belgium, established at about 10 km from the capital. Hub of the airline company Brussels Airlines, it is structured in a single large Terminal that is developed on several levels. The Arrivals and Departures rooms are located, respectively, at the 2 level, and at the 3 level.

Brussels Airport is modern, practical and efficient, equipped with all the necessary services. You will find shopping areas, bars, restaurants and even places for meditation and worship for all religions. Some areas are located in the departure hall, but the majority are found after passing the controls, and are TAX FREE. Free Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere.

Numerous areas and services for children are available at Brussels Airport.


Throughout the building you will find special areas dedicated to children. Specially marked, these areas have facilities and games suitable for children. They are located near the A / T68 gate and near the B40 gate.
Always remember to keep an eye on your puppies.


Many restaurants in Brussels Airport have microwave ovens available to visitors. You can heat food and all food for your children.
You will always find friendly staff ready to offer you all the assistance.

Many toilets have separate areas dedicated to children, with the possibility of changing babies' diapers. Also in this case, the areas are numerous and well marked throughout the building.


In all parking lots in front of the terminal, and in the baggage hall, you will find LUGGAGE TROLLEYS available for free.

During the school holiday period, to make Gate procedures easier, you will find appropriate FAMILY LINE. These are special lanes dedicated to families with children, to make airport procedures easier. Especially when you have strollers and baby food.

From Brussels Airport you can easily reach the center, by public transport, or alternatively by taxi, or by renting a car.


The railway station is located at the −1 level; bus and taxi station are at 0 level.

Quick and comfortable, the train allows you to reach the center in about 20 minutes. Every hour, there are up to 6 connections between downtown and Brussels Airport.
There are numerous connections with the rest of the country. Bruges, for example, can be reached in around 90 minutes; Ghent, in 54 '.
The price for a trip to Brussels, in 2a class, is 9.00 € per adult. For each paying person, they can travel FOR FREE up to 4 children under the age of 4 years!
If you travel with at least 3 children, you can take advantage of the discounted rate LARGE FAMILY. In this case, the over 12 will pay 7.70 € per ticket while the under 12 will always travel for FREE.
The rate for Bruges is, instead, of 21.60 € from 12 years upwards. The discounted LARGE FAMILY ticket costs 14.00 €.
For Antwerp, the ticket costs 11.80 € full rate and 9.60 €, reduced LARGE Family.

The bus is the cheapest solution to reach Antwerp, the center of Brussels and the surrounding areas.
The stop is located under the arrivals hall; it can be easily reached, using the escalators or the elevators, following the appropriate indications.
The bus AIRPORT LINE of the MVIB-STIB, connects in 30 minutes the Brussels national airport with the city center. From Monday to Friday, until 20: 00, it is the 12 line that makes only the main stops. Every day after the 20: 00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the 21 line is active which carries out all the stops instead. The ticket, if purchased outside (automatic machines, and at the airport) costs 4,50 €. On board, instead, it costs 6.00 € per person. There are no reductions by age on this line.

AIRPORT EXPRESS ANTWERP-BRUSSELLS, it is, instead, the rapid line that connects the airport with Antwerp (Koningin Astridplein).


Outside the Arrivals Hall, you will find numerous taxis ready to take you wherever you want. Official taxis always have a yellow and blue license in evidence. Choose only official taxis.
Generally, a ride to the center should cost around 45 €. Make sure, in advance, of the rate.

Through this link, you can instead rent your car directly at Brussels Airport. You can compare the different agencies and get the best price. It is advisable to book in advance. From this link, info, company and direct flight connections to / from Brussels National.

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Map of Viareggio

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