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The islet of Tsougkria at Skiathos. How to get there and visit Beach and Eklissia

To the south-east of the beautiful Skiathos, the smallest of the sporadic islands, rises Tsougkria, also known as Tsoungria or Tsougra

It is a beautiful islet, from the completely uninhabited 2011. Except for the summer months, during the year Tsougkria is animated by the presence of only goats! A wild, uncontaminated place, with really beautiful and suggestive beaches and inlets. Not even the presence of so many tourists, in August, can scratch the magic and charm of the small island. In any case, here, even in the height of summer, you will never find the crowd that is recorded in the most famous beaches of Skiathos.


The boats dock on the western side of the small island. Here you will find two stretches separated by the small promontory where another beautiful church stands.

Beautiful golden sand and a crystalline sea of ​​a thousand colors and shades, characterize Tsougria Beach. Quiet beach, equipped with a few sunbeds and umbrellas. You will find a small taverna bar for an incredible sea-view lunch at affordable prices.

In a beautiful location, less than 5 minutes walk, stands the Eklissia Agios Floros. A small path, from the beach, leads to this beautiful church that enjoys a truly fantastic view. From here, beautiful views and photographs.

Eklissia Agios Floros Tsougria Skiathos


From the port of Skiathos, from the end of May to the beginning of October, taxi boats reach Tsougkria every day. The journey takes about 20 minutes. The ticket, which can be purchased at the desks of the companies located at the port, is about € 11 per round trip.

Generally, 3 runs from 10 to 12 from the port. At 18: 00 about, last useful departure to return to Skiathos. Our advice is to take the first taxi boat to make the most of the time available.

If you just want a simple "taste" of the island, you can opt for a tour. In this way, you will have the opportunity to visit three or more beaches, including that of Tsougria, during the same day. The excursions always leave from the port of Skiathos. You can inquire about rates and itinerary directly on the spot.

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