Porto Moniz

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Porto Moniz

Madeira it is a splendid archipelago of volcanic islands, located in the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. A group of islands, distant over 500 km from Portugal, of great naturalistic and landscape impact. Madeira, is also the main island, considered the real pearl of the archipelago.

A mountain paradise, with peaks that can even reach the 1860 meters above sea level. Thanks to a mild climate, influenced by the Atlantic currents, Madeira is an ideal travel destination throughout the year. Funchal, its picturesque capital, with its splendid port, is an invitation to long walks, with the sound of the sea in the background.

Extraordinary views and panoramas. Excellent cuisine, with fish always fresh and, above all, the extraordinary show of Porto Moniz.

Located to the northwest of the island, Porto Moniz is famous worldwide for its natural pools, formed in the volcanic cliffs. A truly enchanting place, which should be visited at least once in the course of one's existence.

Much appreciated by tourists coming from all over Europe, especially in the summer, these basins are unique, because they have a natural water change based on the rhythm of the tides.

These incredible pools extend into concrete terraces where you can lie down and relax even with mats or towels. Porto Moniz is ideal to be visited even out of season, thanks to the climate and the extremely favorable position. Also, do not forget to visit its spectacular rocky coastline, perfect for enjoying beautiful views and taking pictures to envy your friends!

Porto Moniz, Madeira - Aug 2012 - 09

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The best way to get to Madeira is by plane, landing atCristiano Ronaldo International Airport. The airport, especially in high season, is connected with direct flights to the main destinations in Europe. From the airport, with a convenient shuttle, or with numerous buses, you can reach the capital of Funchal. From here, the 139 bus allows you to get to Porto Moniz.

In all likelihood, natural pools are just one stop on your vacation. Renting a car is, without a doubt, the best way to get around and experience Madeira Island at its best. Through this link, you can rent your car at a special price.

At the port of Funchal, moreover, stop the main cruise ships coming from the Mediterranean Sea. Many cruises depart from the Spanish ports of Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Vigo, La Coruña and the Balearic Islands.

Porto Moniz

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