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You are worshipers of Peppa Pig, and your most hidden desire is to roll you in the mud?
Would you like to be the living protagonist of your funeral? Or, to attend a typical Irish wedding, among the most beautiful damsel in the village and ... a goat?

Is your partner betraying you? Do not get down, be proud, and try to win the best horned prize in the world.

And, again, huge male members, carried on their shoulders by adepts and worshipers. Ghost town in the middle of the desert, ready to come alive for just one week. Babies lying in the streets, with absurd characters testing their skills in high jump. People ready to pierce their body, with the first thing that happens to shoot.

All this, and much more, you can discover it with the most curious festivals in the world. Events that, though absurd and strange, may appear, represent a culture and a tradition that has been handed down for centuries.

To travel. Know. To discover. To explore. Only in this way, it is possible to rediscover the most authentic and genuine traditions of each country.

Here you are, therefore, the Top 10 of Kanoa, the most curious festivals in the world. A list that has caused many difficulties, and sleepless nights (!!), for the amount of data held.


Kanamara Matsuri, literally "Iron Penis Festival". This is an incredible ritual that takes place every spring on the first Sunday in April.
The Japanese city of Kawasaki, is invaded by fouls of all sizes, carried over the streets of the city. His majesty the penis, is revered in all forms: illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations and, of course, a large parade. Guaranteed show for one of the most incredible and curious parties in the world.
More info from here.


In Castrillo de Murcia, a small Spanish village not far from Burgos, the inhabitants are waiting impatiently for the week of Corpus Domini.
The climax is reached on Sunday, with El Salto del Colacho (Salto del Diavolo). The locals decorate their homes. Men in red and yellow overalls, following the path of the procession, jump over children lying on the street on mats. In his hand, a ponytail with which whips the ordinary spectators who cover them with insults! Really incredible! Without a doubt among the most curious and incredible festivals in the world.
More info from here.


Black Rock City is a kind of ghost town, located in the expanse of the Black Rock Desert in the State of Nevada. Every year, for only eight days, it is populated by thousands of individuals; a sort of temporary metropolis dedicated to the community, art, self-expression and self-confidence; a place of creativity where everyone is welcome.
Freedom is the keyword.

Only recommendation: bring everything you need from home. Inside, you can not buy anything, but only trade. You can use material goods, or your art. Use a little imagination ...
Info from this page.


The most crazy and incredible event in Korea, where you can roll in mountains of mud. You get dirty, always with a smile on your face!
The Mud Boryeong Festival, this is it, it's much more. It's fun in a carefree way with thousands of people and friends from all over the world. No difference in nationality, sex, age, culture: in the mud, we are all the same!
Many are the activities and initiatives. More info from here.


It always comes from Japan, one of the most curious festivals in the world.
The Nude Man Festival takes place in different places of the Rising Sun. The most important, is based in the Saidaji Temple in the city of Okayama. At the event, around 9.000 men who wear minimal clothes participate. In general, only the traditional Japanese loincloth (fundoshi); in some cases, it is not uncommon to find individuals completely naked !! You will witness an authentic race that will bring each contender to challenge pains, abrasions, bruises to be the chosen one. You will see the contenders trying to grab a branch that hangs from the ceiling to take the typical Mochi (traditional sweets).
Info from here.


2017 Horned Party

Horned all over the world: unite. Alla Rocca, welcome you, great horned!

Has your wife betrayed you? Maybe, more than once? You surprised her, intent on getting assaulted by her spinning instructor. Do not despair.
And if he still has not betrayed you, insist that he do it before November. He could fuck your neighbor, your best friend, the first that can happen ...
Wear a nice pair of horns and, in November, leave for the Horned party. You could be, just you, to parade on the throne, with the hand of the new wine.

La Horned party it is one of the most curious Festivals you can attend.


The event takes place during the ninth Chinese lunar month (October) and is believed that all those who attend the various rites of the Festival, get lucky. During the approximately 9 days of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, hundreds of thousands of devotees gather along the streets of the island.
The ultimate goal of each is to achieve purification. There are truly incredible rituals, many of which provide self-torture to move evil from other individuals to themselves, providing fortune to the whole community. In this way, you will be able to see the faithful in a sort of real trance, walk on the hot coals, climb up stairs full of blades or even bathe in boiling oil!
Read more.


One of the most ancient pilgrimages (La romeria de los ataúdes), and incredible, which takes place in Galicia, magical land, linked to its traditions.
The procession of the procession is the funeral procession in which, to parade, are coffins with people living inside. No desire to anticipate the times ... .. Those who parade inside the coffins, usually, are people who have had illness or suffered suffering.
Unique event of its kind, not to be missed. It takes place in the village of As Neves, in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, on the border with Portugal. More info from here.


Are you ready to join thousands of diners to witness the most incredible wedding of the year? If you were to be in Ireland, from 10 to 12 August, you are invited, too, to the royal wedding. Do not expect, however, to witness the union of two bold, beautiful young people.
No sovereign future and, above all, no nation to govern. You will not attend a Royal parade; you will not hear a trumpet; you will not see any prince on horseback
At the Puck Fair, the one who will take the hand of the beautiful young woman of the country will be King Capra!
It is a popular, colorful and lively celebration that has always characterized the Irish town of Killorglin.
If you are looking for the most curious festivals in the world, you are in the right place. More info from here.


One of those parties you would like to attend, at least once in your life. One of the most curious festivals, where you challenge yourself with tomato shots!
On the streets of Buñol, 5 trucks will unleash the craved red bullets, and the contenders will be able to throw tomatoes for a challenge to the last .... sauce! From the balconies, on the other hand, buckets of water will rain.
More info from here.

Have a good trip, and have fun with the most curious festivals in the world.

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