Enchanted city

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Enchanted city

La Enchanted city, or Enchanted City, is an incredible and spectacular natural site located in the heart of the Natural Park of Cuenca, a few kilometers north of the village of Valdecabras, and about 30 from the city of Cuenca.

Declared National Interest site from the 1929, is an absolutely incredible and unique place, with incredible rocks, which thanks to the erosion over the centuries of water and wind, have taken particular forms, each one different from the other and with its own characteristics.
So, walking along the path of this evocative park, you will come across "Los amantes de Teruel"Or the lovers of Teruel, or"El Tormo Alto " (The high rock), probably the most famous conformations of the Ciudad Encantada. There is also room for La Tartaruga, Mushrooms, Il Convent, La Sled, La Foca and many other figures.
A geological phenomenon able to involve both the biggest and the smallest.

Obviously, suitable clothing is recommended depending on the period, and sneakers: you walk enough. In winter it is preferable to bring along the umbrella, or a more comfortable waterproof jacket, considering the rains; in summer, do not ever miss a bottle of water.


Open every day from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 10: 00 to 20: 00. From the 24 June, to the 03 September 2017, the closure is postponed to 21: 00.
Admission allowed within one hour of Park closure.

The visit of the park takes about 90 minutes to cover the approximately 3 kilometers of the route. Admission costs € 5,00 for adults, € 4,00 reduced (children between 8 and 12 years and families). Free for children up to 7 years.

Ciudad Encantada Cuenca


Ciudad Encantada is located only 30 kilometers from the town of Cuenca, which can be reached by car in about half an hour, crossing the CM2105 and the CM2104.
In addition, it is located almost in the center between Madrid and Valencia, about 200 kilometers away from the first, and slightly more than 230 from the second. The Enchanted City might be a good idea for a one-day stop if you're on vacation in one of the two cities.

For all updates, please visit the official website from this link. Good adventure

Enchanted city

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