Getting around Krakow by bus, tram, taxi, bike or on foot. Info and tickets

Move to Krakow

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On foot, by bike, and with convenient public transportation. Getting around in Krakow is quite simple and intuitive. Even if you decide to move by taxi.


The historic center can easily be reached on foot. There are also several routes and paths that lead to the center from the neighboring areas. They do not require particular physical efforts but a minimum of training and predisposition to walking.


An eco-friendly vehicle particularly popular for moving around Krakow and surrounding areas. Starting from the 2008 a particularly effective public system has been developed: Wavelo.
Easy, fast and above all economic. Thanks to Wavelo, you can take a bike in one of the over 160 points scattered around the city. After use, you can leave it at any Wavelo station in the city.

You simply have to register on the official website and choose the tariff plan that best suits your needs. The user code and Pin obtained must be inserted on the back of the bike, where a keypad is located; will serve to take the bike, unlocking it from the stall.
The plan from 12h in a day, costs 29PLN. By choosing the plan according to consumption, you will pay 0.16PLN per minute. The monthly plan from 60 minutes a day, costs 19PLN; with the latter, you can use, for a whole month, two bikes for a maximum of 60 minutes a day.

Obviously, alternatively you can always opt for the "classic" rental. In the city you will find numerous agencies.


The ideal solution for moving around in Krakow, for those who are allergic to public transport and to healthy ... alternatives.
Taxis are easily identifiable by the appropriate, clearly visible writing. On the back you will find the appropriate sticker that also indicates the price. Generally, the initial fee is around the 7PLN; to these, the cost is added for each kilometer.


Move to Krakow

An efficient integrated bus and tram system allows you to move around Krakow in complete tranquility.
Buses and trams run all day long, from Monday to Sunday, and cross the city center, the suburbs and the surrounding areas.
The daytime means, generally, are already in operation from 05: 00 in the morning, up to 23: 00 approx.

In the center, by day, operate 18 tram lines and over 60 buses. In the conurbation of Krakow, instead, there are 66 bus and 3 tram. At night, 20 bus lines are active throughout the area, and 2 trams.
Thanks to the night service, you can move to Krakow even after the 23, and up to the 04: 00 in the morning. The service is guaranteed every day.

The numbers from 1 to 199, identify the daytime vehicles circulating in the center. The numbers from 200 to 297, identify the vehicles that cross the agglomeration, for which the ticket is needed from 2 zone. Vehicles whose first digit starts with 6 or 9, are those in night service.


Generally, to move to Krakow, in the downtown area, it will be enough to buy a ticket for each zone. Prices are the same for all vehicles, including those at night.
The ticket for a single travel trip costs 3.80PLN. Timetable tickets are available for short / medium-term travel. Here are the prices and types:
- 20 minutes, 2.80PLN.
- 40 minutes, 3.80PLN.
- 60 minutes, 5.00PLN.
- 90 minutes, 6.00PLN.
- 24h, 15.00PLN.
- 48h, 24.00PLN.
- 72h, 36.00PLN.
- 7 days, 48.00PLN.

To move around Krakow in two areas, you will have to use the specific tickets, even if, in some cases, the price does not differ from the others. Here, below, prices and types for 2 zones:
- A trip, 4.00PLN.
- 60 minutes, 5.00PLN.
- 90 minutes, 6.00PLN.
- 24h, 20.00PLN.
- 7 days, 60.00PLN.

Tickets for one or more days allow unlimited access, by day and by night, on means of transport, for the duration chosen. The usage time starts from the first validation.

Krakow City Pass is the ideal solution that combines transport and attractions. With this card you can visit the main museums and attractions of the city, and access unlimited transport. All with a simple card, convenient and particularly advantageous. More info from here.

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