Krakow, How to get there by plane, train, car and bus. Info and links


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The most beautiful city in Poland!

Krakow is today the capital of the country, in effect, the Polish cultural capital. A city of incredible charm, it is one of the most appreciated in the whole country, with a splendid historical center, almost intact. The city has been enriched with numerous monuments over the centuries, and has not suffered any consequence from the world war. Therefore, today you can admire its ancient beauties.

Stare Miasto, the historical center with the beautiful Piazza del Mercato and extraordinary historical buildings that frame. The district of Kazimierz. The Wavel hill, with the splendid Church and the Castle. Cathedral.

Krakow is also a place of great and deep tradition and folklore. The Christmas and the markets are among the most beautiful, and evocative of the whole country. Dances, songs and popular music. And, again, a lot of shopping on the streets of the city center and the symbols of the city like Sukiennice.




The best way to reach the Polish city is by plane. The international airport is about 10 km from the center, and is well connected to the main European destinations. This is the second airport of the country, due to its importance and passenger traffic.

From the airport, you can get to the city by bus, car and taxi. More info through our official page.

Katowice Airport is a viable alternative if you find a good deal. Or, if you fly direct from your city, leave exclusively from Katowice. The latter is about 100 from Krakow.


It is preferable to reach Krakow by train, coming from Polish or Eastern European destinations. In fact, from Warsaw, connections are quite frequent for Krakow. From 06: 00 to 20: 00, every hour there are daily connections in Express InterCity (EIC) and Express InterCity Premium (EIP). The journey takes just over two hours and the ticket costs 120PLN per person. Often, on the official website of the Polish railways, limited tickets are available, with discounts of 60%. By booking in advance, you may be able to win them.

From Europe, there are connections to the cities of Budapest, Lviv, Prague, and Vienna, with fares starting from 15 €.

Dworzec Główny it is the central railway station, located in a rather central area, not far from the historic center.


Krakow is crossed by the A4 highway that connects Germany to Poland, continuing to Ukraine. Berlin is located at 600 kilometers, almost entirely viable on the motorway section, passing through Wroklaw and Katowice. Exactly opposite the route is Kiev, about 860 km from the Polish city. The car should be considered coming from these areas. Otherwise, a car trip may take several hours.

From the north of Poland, and from the Baltic countries, connections are less rapid. To travel the 300 kilometers from Warsaw, in fact, it takes almost 4 hours, due to the lack of a motorway; in this case you have to cross the 7 / E77 road. It is not better coming from the South. From Budapest, for example, you cross the same road in the opposite direction, with travel times of almost 6 hours, despite the approximately 400km.


Eurolines and other private companies offer numerous connections from the main European destinations. France, Italy, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, are some of the busiest routes to get on the bus.

Less fast than an airplane, the bus is the ideal solution for those who want to save a little. The bus could be the ideal solution in the case of a reservation close to departure.

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