Copenhagen is a city of small size, but with a lot to offer; thanks to its efficient transport system and the peculiarity of being a city bike-friendly, it offers the possibility to visitors to touch the main points of interest, discovering Copenhagen in 48h. Kanoa will help you to plan everything better, and, as always, with the collaboration of those who have been there. Word of kanoa!

1 days

You are ready? Kanoa recommends renting a bike; in Copenhagen the bike is sacred! You can find rent a bike at every corner; costs vary from the daily rental from 40 dkk (5.50 Euro) for a daily rental, to 200 dkk for the weekly rental.

A walk along the picturesque Nyhavn canal: there is nothing better to start the Copenhagen tour in 48h; from here it is possible to admire sailing ships and galleons moored to the quay.

port nyhavn

Vor Frelsers Kirke, Church of Our Redeemer is a must see. Once you reach the top you can enjoy a unique show; your visual will be able to space 360 ° on all this wonderful city! The climb is quite challenging; you'll have to climb up well 400 steps, some of which positioned along extremely steep levels. The climb, however, is really worth it. The Campanile is really impressive and the view is breathtaking. It will seem to you to touch the sky with a finger!

seen from the church of our redeemer Prices: 35.00 DKK (4.70 Euro) - 45.00 DKK (6 Euro)
Timetable: Spring / Summer 9.30-19.00 Winter 10.30-15.30
In December the baroque church and its bell tower are open only 1-6-8-12-15 (instead closed in January and February). Vor Frelsers Kirke is located in Christianshavn, one of the fifteen districts of the city. Here is also the homonymous underground station.


As soon as you leave the church, you will be very close to the district of Christiania, also known as the Free City (Fristaden). Christiania has obtained a sort of free community status, despite the Danish executive's pressing for his removal for years. Inside you will find a bit of everything: your nursery, the cinema, bakery, sauna and more.

Above all, you will find the Pusher Street, the main and most famous way of the community; here, hashish is sold inside small kiosks. Entry is free; remember to respect the laws and the rules of the community: it is recommended, above all, NOT TO RUN AND DO PHOTOGRAPHS! Kanoa recommends a quick visit.

round tower

The Round Tower

Now it's time for a nice ride up to Kongens Nytrov where the stoget begins, the longest shopping street in Europe. Walking, you will cross the round tower (Rundetaarn); Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a wonderful view from the top, and you can see the Oresund bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. Prices are 25 dkk- 3.60 euro; times: 10.00 / 18.00.

Maybe you could feel a bit hungry: Kanoa recommends stopping at a bistro along the stroget: just choose from one of the many in the area. We advise them smorrebrod, national dish for which the Danes are admirers; it is slices of bread stuffed with anything you prefer. At Kanoa we tried them with salmon: absolutely delicious.

Kanoa recommends to warm up, a nice coffee or cappuccino from "Baresso"; it is an Italian / Danish chain present in various parts of the city. At the end of stroget, you can admire the town hall square.

Now it's time to take a trip to the Tivoli park. This is a park that has been operating for over 150 years, and inside it there is a fairytale atmosphere between rides and roller coasters; the kiosks where you can taste Danish delicacies are not to be missed. Late afternoon is preferable, to appreciate the lights and its atmosphere.

gardens tivoli
The park will delight both adults and children. If you were in the company of your family, we are sure that your children will not be disappointed!


Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-23.00

Friday-Saturday: 11.00-24.00


110Dkk Adult Ticket (Friday-Sunday)

Children under the 8 years enter free.

Kanoa recommends that you visit the official website for detailed info.

2 day Copenhagen in 48h

Take your bike and head to the coffee collective, a must in Copenhagen for coffee and delicious cakes, then once you get out of this coffee head to Rosenborg Castle. The Rosenborg Castle is now home to the Danish Crown Jewels. From here, a short walk will take you to the National Gallery of Denmark, where you can admire a fascinating and ever new selection of Danish art and international art.
Rosenborg Castle Prices: 90 dkk-12 euro closed on: 22-23-24-25-26-31 December, 1 January. times: 10.00-16.00; closed on Mondays.
Rosenborg Castle

Just some pedaling, and you can reach the beautiful Botanisk Have, that is, the botanical garden whose visit is recommended (open every day from 08: 30 to 18, in winter to 16, free admission). The park is fantastic, and the amount of plants and flowers is truly impressive. There are five greenhouses that exhibit all sorts of exotic and non-exotic plants.

Botanical Garden

Now it's time to head for the Kastellet and Little Mermaid area. Kastellett it is a well-preserved citadel, complete with bastions and moat, dating back to more than 300 years ago. Walking, you arrive at the famous mermaid, one of the symbols of Copenhagen, whose figure is inspired by Andersen's fable.

Andersen's little mermaid

Kanoa now advises you to take one of the water-taxis for 35 dkk; let us take you to the "Copenhagen Street Food" next to the Experimentarium City. The structure is a former factory transformed into an unprecedented culinary experience, able to satisfy all tastes: Danish, Swedish, American, Brazilian, Turkish, Chinese, Italian and Indian cuisine. Everything is well prepared, with fair prices, and above all, with the possibility of enjoying excellent beers made in Copenhagen. We recommend it because it is still far from the large tourist flows and, above all, for the goodness of the kitchen.

street food copenhagen

And if you still have enough time available to you, do not worry: you could always go to the Kronborg Castle; it is about thethe house of Hamlet, unmissable destination, but hardly practicable, given the distance. It could take a whole day (it can be reached by train on the DBS line for Helsingor, 45 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station).
If you are interested, you can buy the tour package Castle Combo Tour - Kronborg and Frederiksborg. For all the info, click on this link. The package allows you to visit both Castles on the same day.

The alternatives, in any case, are not lacking. Especially if you have time available. Legoland, not far from here, is a true icon of Denmark. Could you miss a trip to the amusement park dedicated to the most famous bricks in the world?

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