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Getting around Lyon

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Modernity and efficiency characterize the Lyon transport network. 4 metropolitan lines, 5 tram lines, 2 funiculars and over 130 bus lines, combined into a single integrated tariff system: TCL (Transports en commun lyonnais). Here, then, the reasons why, moving to Lyon, is really simple and intuitive.


Lyon - Metro network map.jpg

Photo, 2013 Maximilian Dörrbecker (Chumwa)

More than 700.000, passengers who use the underground network every day to travel around Lyon. Inaugurated in the 1978, the metro, today, consists of four lines (identified by the letters A, B, C and D), 42 stations and an extension of about 30 kilometers.

The meter is highly efficient, modern, with excellent frequencies. During peak hours, the races are made every 2 minutes on lines A and D, every 3 minutes on line B and every 5 minutes on line C. Numbers that, little or nothing, have to envy the big Capitals. The metro is active from 04: 30 approximately in the morning, until midnight.

Like all public transport, it is managed by Keolis Lyon, under the TCL brand. A characteristic of the Lyonese metro is that of circulating on the left. Here, below, the four lines in operation:

  • LINE A: Perrache - Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie.
  • LINE B: Charpennes - Gare d'Oullins.
  • LINE C: Hôtel de Ville - Cuire.
  • LINE D: Gare de Vaise - Gare de Vénissieux.


The Lyonese tram network is quite extensive and represents an excellent complement to the metropolitan line. It is a rather ancient means; just think that the first line was inaugurated in the distant 1879.

After the modernization works, in the 2001, the network, today, consists of a total of 6 lines, which extend for 64 kilometers. Of these, the T5 and Rhonexpress lines represent two special lines. The T5, in fact, follows the same path of the T2, up to Les Alizés; it is no coincidence that, originally, it should have been called T2 +. Rhonexpressinstead, it is the special line connecting the city with Lyon Saint-Exupery International Airport. Only on the latter, there is a special tariff. More info, from this link.

Lines are generally active every day from 04: 40 at about midnight. On Sundays and holidays, the first race is around 05: 30 in the morning. On weekdays, the frequencies of the races, from the 06: 30 to the 18: 15, stand between the 5 and the 8 minutes.


The road network is an excellent alternative to move around Lyon and reach the most outlying areas.

They are well 114, the ordinary lines in service in the city, active from morning until late evening. To these, the so-called are added lignes de bus au service renforcé. The latter are identified by the letter C, followed by a sequential number from 1 to 26. These are special lines, always active during the year, with fast and fast routes.

Le LIGNES PLEIN LUNES they are nocturnal lines with which it is possible to move for alione during the night. The PL1, PL2 and PL3 lines circulate on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, from 01: 00 to 04: 00, with an hour frequency. The PL4 line is active on Friday and Saturday nights, with only two races, at 01: 00 and at 03: 00.

The 4 night lines all leave from the center of Lyon.

Getting around Lyon


Thanks to its shape, the funicular is an excellent way to move around Lyon and quickly reach the hills of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse.

F1 e F2 they are the two funiculars active in the city. The first, serves Saint-Jeana Saint-Just and, second, from Saint-Jean to Fourvière. In these parts, the Lyonese call them String.

The F1 funicular runs daily, from 05: 23 to midnight, with frequencies from 7 to 12 minutes. The F2 Funicular, however, is active every day, from the 06: 00 to the 22: 00, with the frequency of the races from a minimum of 4 'to a maximum of 10'.

On funiculars, you travel with a special ticket (read later).


Thanks to the unified tariff system, you can choose to use any vehicle using the same TCL tickets. Tickets are valid for all metro, bus, and tram lines, with the exception of the Rhonexpres and the Funicolari.

Il TICKET À L'UNITÉ, is ideal for those who want to move around Lyon occasionally. It is a valid ticket for an hour-long journey, from the moment of the endorsement. It costs 1,80 € in the single version, and 16,60 € in the Carnet version from 10. You can buy it on board the bus, for € 2,00 per person. For longer trips, you can buy the TICKET 2 HEURES, at the cost of 3,00 €, which allows you to make a trip for a duration of 2 hours from the endorsement.

I daily ticketsinstead, they are excellent solution for those wishing to move to Lyon, by public transport, in complete tranquility. They are available in denominations from 24, 48 and 72 hours, at the price, respectively, of 5,60 €, 11,00 € and 15,00 € per person. By purchasing the daily ticket, you can make unlimited transfers on all vehicles, for the duration chosen. Remember that the validity time is effective and starts when the first use is canceled. This means that if you buy a ticket from 24 hours, making the first trip to 18: 00, the ticket will be valid until 17: 59 of the next day!

Il FUNICULAIRE TICKET it is a ticket valid only for funiculars. Allows you to make a round trip on the same day. Costa 2,80 € per person.

MCL80 n ° 207-208 TCL Cuire

Photo, 2011 Florian Fèvre

As a couple, family, with or without children, to save money you can buy the economy FAMILLE CARDS ET TICKET PLUS. Thanks to it, ALL THE FAMILY CORE travels with just one ticket for a full day of your choice between Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, on all means. Costa 5,60 €. Saving is obvious. It must be purchased exclusively from local TCL agencies.

During special days, such as the renowned ones Fête des Lumiéres and de la Musique, so-called are available TICKET EN FÊTE. These are special coupons, sold at the cost of 3,00 €, which allow you to make unlimited journeys one day, after 16: 00 hours, until the end of the exercise. The TICKET SOIRÉE has the same characteristics and costs as the previous one; allows you to make transfers in any period, for a single day, after 19: 00 hours until the end of the exercise. So you can go out, have dinner, spend an evening at the cinema or on the disc, using the same ticket from 3,00 €.

Tickets, unless otherwise indicated, can be purchased in all automatic machines and at sales points and agencies that display the TCL brand. Remember to validate the ticket every time you change lines, with the sole exception of the metro lines. With the CITY CARD, instead, you will have the comfort of a single card to visit the city, and to have unlimited access to transport. Available in cuts from 1 to 4 days, with prices starting from 25.00 €. More info through this link.

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