Getting around Cologne by public transport. Info, tickets, timetables

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The best way to get around and travel around Cologne by public transport is by metro. The bike is more than just an alternative. And it could not be otherwise: as in all of Germany, the two wheels are particularly widespread.

Of course, public transport is quite reliable and efficient.


The term refers to the urban railway. This is the old tramway, which has become a real subway, in the central points of the city.

Many stations have been buried in an attempt to decongest traffic in the city center. The result is a sort of particularly effective metro-tramway line.

The Stadtbahn is, without a doubt, the most effective and quick way to get around Cologne, especially in the city center. Twelve lines, for a total of 233 stations and just under 200 kilometers of extension.

Thanks to the efficient Stadtbahn, you can move around Cologne, even during the night. The lines, in fact, are active 24 hours on 24, without interruption, from Monday to Sunday. In addition, from the morning, up to about 20, the frequencies are between 6 and 10 minutes. Only during the night, waiting between one train and the next could last an hour.

The 16 and 18 lines, the most extensive of the entire stretch, allow you to reach Bonn, sharing the same route with the Stadtbahn of this other city.

You can bring a bike with you. Keep in mind, however, that during peak times, during fairs and in-house races in Cologne, you may not have space in the trains!


Of lines, they are circulating enough. The buses are also quite modern. However, we do not recommend its use, especially during peak times. You will have to take over the Cologne traffic. Furthermore, many lines follow a similar route to the Stadtbahn. To get around Cologne, the metro is much better.


Cologne, like many German cities, is perfectly adapted to be turned on two wheels. In addition to being an eco-friendly solution, cycling can be really enjoyable. Especially in spring and summer. Furthermore, you will not be subject to schedules, traffic and traffic. In Cologne you will find many kilometers of cycle paths and, above all, numerous rental agencies and bike sharing.


Getting around in Cologne

Cologne adopts a tariff system divided by zones. The fare, therefore, varies depending on the journey. To move to the downtown areas, simply buy a ticket for the 1b area. Here are the main types of tickets available to move to Cologne by public transport

  • Einzelfahrschein, is the ticket for a single trip. Costa 2.90 € (reduced, 1.60 €) for the 1b area. To reach Bonn, you must purchase a ticket to the 4 area (Regioticket) for € 7.90.
  • Tagesticket It is a ticket valid for 24 hours. Costs 8.60 € for 1b and 2b zones. For Bonn, it costs 18.70 €. Very interesting, the Tagesticket in the version for 5 people. With this ticket, particularly convenient, you can travel up to 5 people in the space of 24 hours, paying just 13.10 € for the 1b zone.
  • Wochenticket It is a valid ticket for 7 days from validation. Costa 25.40 € for the 1b area.

Tickets can be purchased at the many automatic machines in the city. You will find so many, a bit 'everywhere. Generally red, they accept coins, banknotes and credit cards.

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